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USA the nations have come to America! the nations have come to America!

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4 the nations have come to America! the nations have come to America!

5 In the 2000 USA census, 98 million people ( 25 % of U.S. population) claimed African, Hispanic, Asian or Native American ancestry. This includes over 28 million people born outside the USA. More than 10% of US population now foreign-born!

6 What an opportunity!! An open door for the gospel… What an opportunity!! An open door door for the gospel… Many of these individuals come from nations closed to missionaries. Yet God has brought them here, where we are free to reach out to them in friendship and to share … our faith !!

7 local-global. Mission is now local-global. When you touch one person with the gospel, you impact the world. Arthur F. Glasser Professor of Biblical Theology Fuller Theological Seminary -- Dr. Charles Van Engen

8 Different, today … 1990s: US population grew by 6%: –Asians grew by 107% –Hispanics grew by 53% –Native Americans up 38% Pre-1940 : 70% of immigrants from Europe. In the 90s: 15% came from Asia, 44 % from Latin America.

9 Mega-cities effect: A most dramatic population shift is occurring in North America. Ethnics are the majority in twenty-five of the largest US cities: 61% of Chicago, 73% of New York 78% of Los Angeles...

10 the American dream the American dream Immigrants are educated and prosperous. Asian-Americans have the highest median income in the United States. Entrepreneurial and industrious, new arrivals are reinvigorating America. Many start businesses and create jobs for native-born Americans.

11 Changes … We are caught up in a powerful culture adjustment, the dawning of the Ethnic Millennium. Reflected in our all-American diet, salsa now outsells catsup by $40 million … every year!!

12 Most profitable Most profitable US market today: African-American, Asian, and Hispanic purchasing power has been estimated at $500 billion +

13 Youth ful majority Youth ful majority Ethnics are growing at 6 times the rate of the US as a whole. Largest number of first graders in the southwest are Hispanic. Multi-ethnic students represent the majority at all grade levels.

14 When nearly 800,000 When nearly 800,000 visiting international students and scholars return to their nations, they will become academic, political and business leaders of the future.

15 International Students from more than 180 countries, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and others may arrive unaware of, or unreceptive to, the gospel, but many become open to Christ while away from home.

16 Ethnic Evangelism Operation World indicates that church growth among ethnic minorities is the growing edge of US evangelicalism today. An urban phenomenon, ethnic minorities comprise a majority in more than 50 US cities.

17 Traditionally resistant to evangelism, especially from outsiders, key to reaching native Americans are native pastors and leaders. Native American nations…

18 Hispanic people (Latinos) Largest and fastest growing ethnic group in the US, training for pastors and leaders is a great need. Encouraging Hispanic congregations in outreach to their nations is an ongoing challenge.

19 MuslimsMuslims With 2,100+ US mosques (2010 est.), between 2 and 7 million (no one knows for sure ) muslims increase through immigration and a large number are converted primarily in prisons. Growing disillusionment with Islam causes more and more to follow Christ. Many students are open to the gospel. Muslims around the world seeMuslims around the world see dreams and visions, drawing dreams and visions, drawing them to Christ! They need them to Christ! They need to be discipled and encouraged. to be discipled and encouraged.

20 Jewish People The USA has the largest concentration of jews in the world. Gospel receptivity and response is growing. More jews are being won to Christ here than anywhere, since new testament times.

21 Our prison population … Our prison population … is nearly half African-American. Many convert to Islam. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ continues to transform inmates the most thoroughly.

22 immigrants are usually highly trained technical professionals and are among the wealthiest ethnic communities in the USA. Majority from India are Hindu, Muslim or Sikhs, from parts of Indian society least exposed to the gospel … a tiny number are Christian. South Asian

23 Mission field USA Hispanic, Asian and African missionaries now come to the US to pastor ethnic churches. Some lack formal training. Let us encourage and help.

24 How ought Christians respond to ethnic changes in our society? We can enthusiastically seize the opportunity to serve in the transplanted missions fields. If God is doing a new thing, we must do it with Him. God is not surprised by these changes. He is globally sovereign and in control. - Dr. T. V. Thomas Director Centre for Evangelism and World Mission

25 Ambassadors for Christ I nternational Our passion and mission: Impact the church – Preach Christ! Teach the Word of God! Assist the church in training… Wallace Francis National Director USA

26 We seek and enlist evangelists and Bible teachers with a burden for all people, to impact the US and the world through evangelism and training…

27 AFCI-USA ministers… AFCI-USA ministers… have trained native American pastors on the reservation. Training for the church…

28 - students and dignitaries from all over the world attend evangelistic and discipleship Bible studies led by an AFCI-USA minister in our nations capitol.InternationalsInternationals Revival in the church…

29 AFCI-USA prison ministry, church planting, discipleship and evangelism is growing in the Hispanic community Hispanic and Latinos… Training for the church…

30 US prisons – AFCI-USA brings the hope of new life through Gods Word in prisons College students and youth Ministry to students on college campuses is vital in discipling Godly leadership for tomorrow. Evangelism through the church…

31 African-AmericansAfrican-Americans AFCI-USA ministers challenge the African-American church to reach out through missions conferences, evangelism training and youth conferences. Revival in the church…

32 Calling Gods people Calling Gods people to return to authentic faith… Revival in the church… AFCI-USAs ministers and Bible teachers preach and teach the unadulterated Word of God.

33 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is spiritual and social transformation. This requires Gods people to make a commitment to stand in the gap for a place and a people, despite the cost. - Rev. Luis Bush Former International Director AD2000 & Beyond Movement

34 Ask of me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance… Psalm 2:8 Ask of me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance… Psalm 2:8

35 The church needs to have the same wisdom as businesses in addressing these important groups. Just like successful businesses, we need to research the demo- graphics, lifestyles and interests of the groups we want to reach. We need to go among the people, to make our message culturally relevant. More important … - Rev Russell Begaye

36 … we must raise up, equip, and empower leaders from the ethnic harvest. Pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders must play the role of mentors. - Rev Russell Begaye, a Navajo, served 15 years as Director of North American Missions Board

37 We ask GodWe ask God for the nations, which He promises in Christ. As co-laborers, would you PRAY for and identify with us to proclaim the Word and equip saints – by committing to invest financially in the work of God through AFCI-USA? Wallace Francis National Director

38 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

39 Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.

40 And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Jesus, Matthew 28:19-20 (new living translation)

41 Now then, we are…

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