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“Mentos Geyser Experiment”

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1 “Mentos Geyser Experiment”
Experimental Design “Mentos Geyser Experiment” By. Thomas and Kade Brown

2 Is Mentos the only candy that makes Diet Coke erupt?
My Question Is Mentos the only candy that makes Diet Coke erupt?

3 Research The reaction with the Mentos and Diet Coke is not a chemical reaction but a physical reaction. This means that nothing new is happening. The reaction occurs when the carbon dioxide gets trapped in nucleation sites(bumps on Mentos surface). This reaction multiplies and the geyser is formed.

4 My Hypothesis My hypothesis is that Mentos is not going to be the only one that works because it is a physical reaction, and other candies may have this same physical feature as the Mentos.

5 The Experiment I tested out five different candies in this experiment including the Mentos. I used a PowerAde bottle as a tube and I dropped all five candies into the diet coke and observed how high the geyser went on each. Materials Lemonheads Sweetarts Sweetart Shockers Sour Skittles Mentos Six 2-liter Diet Coke bottles PowerAde Bottle Space Controls and Variables Control=Diet Coke Independent Variable= Candy Dependent Variable= Size of Geyser

6 Analysis 4 tr Type of Candy Size of Geyser Lemonhead Sour Skittles
Sweetarts Sweetart Shockers Mentos Ok in size but not the largest Largest of the 4 tested candies Smallest of 4 tested candies Around the same size as the Lemonheads Went about 10 feet high I observed that Mentos is not the only candy that makes Diet Coke erupt, but it is by far the largest geyser.

7 My Conclusion My conclusion is that my hypothesis is somewhat correct. With their being a reaction with all of the candies, but with Mentos being a true eruption.

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