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MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA 2011 Oration Speech Contest.

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1 MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA 2011 Oration Speech Contest

2 "An American Invention" is the topic for the 2011 School Speech Contest. The United States of America is the birthplace of many great inventions. Select ONE invention and discuss it in your speech. In organizing their speeches, students can consider these questions: What is the greatest invention in United States history and why? Who is the American citizen(s) who created this great invention? How did the invention positively impact American life? And how does it continue to improve the quality of life for people?

3 Speeches must be at least 3 minutes and no longer than five minutes long. Speeches must be in the students' own words. Judging criteria Contestants will be judged using the following 100-point system 40 points for material organization This accounts for theme and subject adherence, structure, content, logic and color. 40 points for delivery and presentation This includes voice, pronunciation, enunciation, gestures and poise. 20 points for overall effectiveness This scores impression and effect.

4 No costumes, visuals or props may be used at the contest. If used, 50 points will be deducted. Also, you will need to be able to hold a microphone or use the microphone stand. DUE DATES: Monday, December 13- Rough Draft due Friday, January 7-Final Draft due Tuesday, January 11- The 16 Best speeches presented Tuesday, February 1- The final 8 speeches presented

5 Requirements: Points Appropriate them/topic5 Maintain theme/topic 10 Content information 20 Organization/structure of content 10 Use of descriptive language 10 Voice level/ varies for emphasis 10 Clear pronunciation/annunciation 10 Gestures/poise 5 Overall impression and effect 20 TOTAL 100

6 While watching her daughter play with paper dolls, Ruth Handler decided to create a grown-up three-dimensional doll that girls could use to act out their dreams. Ruth named her new Barbie doll invention after the nickname of her daughter Barbara In 1959, Barbie became an instant sensation after premiering at a Toy Fair and she remains as one of Mattels best selling products today

7 Inventor Willis Carrier was an engineer from the east coast (not the deep south as one might expect), who started out working for a heating company. In 1902, Carrier was given the task of decreasing the humidity in a printing shop where the intense heat was causing the inks to run and bleed. Carrier continued to improve his invention and, in 1915, he founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation (still a major producer of cooling equipment).

8 In 1896, Carver devoted time to research projects that were aimed at helping farmers improve their economic situation He discovered three hundred uses for peanuts, as well as soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes Some of the peanut developments included: soap, milk, cheese, coffee, flour, ink and cosmetics

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