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MOTIVATING THE SALES TEAM Sales meeting & Sales contests.

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1 MOTIVATING THE SALES TEAM Sales meeting & Sales contests

2 What is motivation ? Motivation is derived from the Latin term Movere,meaning :to move, Motivation Stimulates the movement of an individual. On the basis of this definition, human motivation can be defined as a dynamic process set in motion by creating or arousing internal needs that activate goal –directed efforts & determine their intensity & persistence

3 Motivational Tools: Sales contests, Sales meeting are the two most frequently used motivational tools besides Promotion Opportunities & incentive Programs.

4 Sales contests As a motivational device, the sales contest has the potential for desirable results. It is important that sales manager understand the goals that can be accomplished through sales contests, the essential decision areas in planning contests,& the potential pitfalls associated with them

5 Contest Goals Contest Decision Areas Themes Rules Prizes Participation Duration Publicity Potential Pitfalls.

6 1.Contest Goals: Contests can be used to focus sales force attention on any particular goal area for short period of time They can motivate sales people to sell new products, to give attention to problem products, to provide more customer service, to sell new accounts or to make more demonstration. Some times contests simply encourage sales persons to sell more volume within a given period of time.

7 2.Contest decision areas: Contest themes,rules,prizes, participation,duration,& publicity are important specifics associated with the planning & implementation of this motivational tool..All planning must begin with specific purposes of the contest; then plans are developed in light of these goals

8 Themes: Sales managers should ensure that contests themes are creative,novel,timely,implementable,promotable,visibily measurable. Rules: It is very important that contest rules be carefully formulated to clarify goals & prevent abuses.

9 Prizes: Unless contest prizes include items that the majority of participants want, the desired motivational effects will not be created. Many corporations are tuning to productive travel as incentives-for e.g. inspirational training in exotic settings.

10 Participation: Sometimes only upper level sales person have the opportunity to compete for the chance to go to national sales contests. Junior sales person are most likely to have their own contest with awards & certificates by a top company officials. Duration: Contests usually last more than a month,sales people should have enough time in contest to make the most.

11 Publicity: Contests should be introduced in a surprise announcement followed by a publicity Potential pitfalls: while well devised contest can accomplish multiple organizational & individual sales person goals, the sales manager ought to recognize & avoid certain side effects Contest can be so routine that they are expected & the value of awards is thought as a part of yearly compensation..

12 Sales meeting One of the most popular means of enhancing motivation as well as continuous training of sales people is the sales meeting be it national, regional or local. National level meeting are held generally once a year, they may include entire sales force or only a select group of top Performers.

13 In planning Sales meeting there are several tasks: 1. Establish meeting goals from both the companys & the sales representatives perspective. 2.Select a theme that integrates goals & communicates the overall purpose of meeting. 3.Develop a tentative agenda or program for the meeting & work up a preliminary Budget.

14 4.Finalize the program, send copies of the program to all attendees. 5.Cordinate closely with all participants in the program to ensure they know their roles. 6. Provide handouts summarizing the main points of the meeting for sales people to take home for further view. 7.Evaluate the meeting in terms of goals achievement.

15 Videoconferences: An efficient way to link several different locations together for one sales meeting is by having a video conference. Rather than bringing the entire sales force of an organization together under one roof, everyone can be linked together via satellite.

16 Promotion Opportunities An attractive career path with" promotion decision" stages coming at regular intervals can make the individuals motivated throughout most of their careers.

17 Sales compensation: The sales compensation Plan is an essential part of the total Program for motivating sales personnel. A sales compensation plan, properly designed has three motivational Roles: 1.Provide a living wage 2.Adjust pay levels to performance, herby relating Job performance & rewards 3.Provide a mechanism for demonstrating the congruency between attaining company goals & individual goals.

18 Types of compensation Plan: Straight-salary Plan Straight –commission Plan Individual sales personnel should be paid according to productivity. Combination of salary & incentive Plan.

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