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Internal Audit Bookkeeper Training February 13, 2014February 13, 2014.

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1 Internal Audit Bookkeeper Training February 13, 2014February 13, 2014


3 FUNDRAISING All fundraisers must be preapproved using the MIS 582 form.MIS 582 The school should use a separate fundraiser account for larger fundraisers or fundraisers that take place over several months. Monies Collected forms for fundraisers must list source names or use the Report of Tickets Sold form. All funds collected must be deposited into Internal Funds (Board Policy 2.10).Board Policy 2.10

4 FUNDRAISING Prohibited Fundraisers Games of chance Food sales in competition with Food Services When a fundraiser is completed, the sponsor of the fundraiser must complete the Financial Report of Fundraising form MIS 583. MIS 583 Bookkeeper can use a Fundraiser Control Sheet to keep track of fundraisers.


6 Transfers and Adjustments

7 Transfers What are Transfers? Transfers are for the movement of funds between Internal Funds accounts. Example: To move profits from a fundraiser to the clubs general account. Transfers are not used to correct cash receipt or disbursement errors.

8 Transfers Transfers always cross columns, the balance in the To column must match the balance in the From column. Transfers must be approved by your Principal. Transfers with activity in a Trust account must also be approved by the Audit Department.

9 Transfers Transferring Fundraiser Profits

10 Adjustments Three Main Reasons for Adjustments: To Record Investment Income To Record NSF Activity -NSF Checks -NSF Check Redeposit To Record Posting Errors

11 Adjustments All activity should be in either the Receipt column or the Disbursement column. Adjustments always stay in the same column, they should never cross columns. Most adjustments are in the Receipt column only, very rarely will you do an adjustment in the Disbursement column.

12 Adjustments How NOT to do an Adjustment

13 Adjustments How to Record Investment Interest

14 Adjustments How to Record NSF Check

15 Adjustments How to Record an NSF Redeposit

16 Adjustments Make Sure Your Bank Date is Correct If the adjustment involves the $992 checking account, the Bank Date has to be the same as your Bank Statement. Bank Dates do not print on Adjustment Vouchers. Check the Bank Date of your adjustment in Manatee, before doing additional adjustments.

17 Adjustments How to Check a Bank Date

18 Adjustments Final Steps





23 Adjustments Final Steps


25 How do I do that? Check out our new How To page at


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