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Marsha Sturdevant, MD The Adolescent Health Center Childrens of Alabama.

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1 Marsha Sturdevant, MD The Adolescent Health Center Childrens of Alabama

2 What is Resilience?? Have you heard this word before? Resilient people do well in life, even when life is hard. Can young people LEARN to be resilient, or do you have to be born that way???

3 Resilient Teenagers Get out into the community Have at least one adult they can talk to Have at least one thing about themselves that they are proud of

4 Getting out in the Community Volunteer Work Clubs Church, synagogue, faith-based organizations Sports Friendships

5 Trusted Adults Parent, Teacher, Pastor, Counselor, Others…. Communicate!!! Tell the important people in your life what is important to you!! Listen!!! Find out what is important to the important people in your life

6 What is Great about ME?? Skills Personality Features Stories

7 Questions? Comments?

8 What is a healthy lifestyle? Physical activity to work up a sweat 6 days per week. Eight to ten hours of sleep every night. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day Eating 5 fruits or vegetables every day Eating 4 servings of dairy (or substitute if lactose intolerant) every day

9 What can I do when people treat me younger than I am? Make sure these people know how old you are. Tell them exactly what they are doing. Tell them what you CAN do. Ask for help when you need it, so that others dont have to guess what you need.

10 I get teased a lot. How can I deal with this? People tease for 2 reasons: Fear and Power Possible approaches need to be discussed with a Trusted Adult. Ignorethis is hard, and may make you feel helpless Direct I refuse to be treated like this. with eye contact Indirect- leave the situation If you think a bully is going to hit you, consider yelling Fire, it gets a faster response than Help

11 How do I get the most out of doctors visits? Consider asking to speak with your doctor by yourself Make a list of questions to ask Be okay with your parents also talking with your doctor by themselves If you need to talk with a specific member of your medical team (like the lead doctor, or the social worker, or the nutritionist), ask!

12 Questions? Comments?

13 What are risk taking behaviors?

14 How often should people shower or bathe?

15 Where do I get information about sex?

16 What is puberty? The time in every human beings life when the body changes from a childs body to an adult body. For some, this takes 2-3 years, for others in takes longer Every part of the body is affected by puberty. All parts of the body get larger.

17 What are the first signs of Puberty? For girls, breast development is the first sign of puberty. First menstrual period usually happens 1.5-2yrs after breast development begins and about 6 months after the growth spurt. For boys, increased size of the testicles is the first sign of puberty. The growth spurt starts later and lasts longer. Thats why, on average, adult men are taller than women, but 6 th grade girls are taller than boys.

18 Questions? Comments?


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