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C List.

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1 C List

2 cajole (v)-flatter, wheedle, inveigle; beguile, blandish; coax
The experienced business man was able to cajole others into funding his plans for the new beach casino.

3 calumny (n)-slander High school can be a tough time for some because they can become a victim of slander.

4 chameleon (n)-turncoat, renegade, changeable
Lilly can sometimes be described as a chameleon because her moods can change like the wind.

5 charlatan (n)-quack, pretender, fraud, mountebank
I would never take advice on how to make a salad from this woman because she looks like a charlatan to me!

6 chastise (v)-chasten, castigate, discipline, punish
Little Billy was chastised so much by the other children that he literally broke down and started crying.

7 chivalrous (adj)-knightly, gallant, noble, courteous, brave, honor
Knights were expected to display chivalrous behavior at all times which includes a moral system which went beyond rules of combat.

8 chronological - (adj) dated, sequential, in sequence.
Please line up in chronological order using your birthday. The youngest person should be in front.

9 clandestine (adj)-secret, furtive, sly, undercover, veiled, illicit, fraudulent
Jenny’s clandestine personality kept her mother guessing most of the time.

10 cliché (n)- stereotype, truism, commonplace, platitude, banality
Saying “God bless you” is a common cliché that people use often after one sneezes.

11 cryptic (adj)-hidden, secret, occult
There is a cryptic entrance to the old palace in the middle of nowhere.

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