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Canterbury Tales Unit Test Review. According to “TWOB”, why is the knight condemned to die? He attacked a maiden.

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1 Canterbury Tales Unit Test Review

2 According to “TWOB”, why is the knight condemned to die? He attacked a maiden

3 What does the word REPROVE mean in this line: “With no one to reprove our faults.” scold

4 What is the main setting of the story about the knight in “TWOB”? England in the time of King Arthur

5 Which word is closest in meaning to DEFTLY? Skillfully

6 Complete this sentence: The old man’s beard was thick and ____. Hoary

7 What do we learn from The Pardoner’s Tale by reading these lines about death? And then Death went his way without a word He’s killed a thousand in the present plague, And, sir, it doesn’t do to be too vague If you should meet him; you had best be wary The plague poses a serious threat

8 Which words best describe the 3 rioters in “The Pardoner’s Tale”? Greedy and rough

9 What do these lines mean from “The Pardoner’s Tale”? About the earth, which is my mother’s gate Knock-knocking with my staff from night to noon And crying, ‘Mother, open to me soon! Look at me mother won’t you let me in? He is tired of wandering

10 According to TWOB in the story of Midas, his wife tells her secret to the water. What is the point of this story? Women cannot keep secrets to themselves

11 In TWOB the knight decides to return to the queen and meet his fate even before he meets the old woman. Why? He gave his word he would return

12 According to TWOB, why does the knight agree to marry the old woman? She promises him she knows the secret to what all women want

13 How do you know the old woman is a fairy? The Wife of Bath suggests the existence of fairies when she frames the story

14 Misalliance means A bad marriage

15 Why does the old woman suddenly leap up and claim her reward? The knight will not be able to back out on his promise

16 What are the 2 choices the old woman gives the knight? Old and faithful wife or a young unfaithful wife

17 Complete this sentence: The knight _____ every woman he met to tell him what women most desired. implored

18 What can you infer from the following lines from “The Pardoner’s Tale”? For my exclusive purpose is to win And not to castigate their sin Once dead what matter how their souls may fare? They can do blackberrying, for all I care! He wants his parishioners to give him plenty of money

19 What moral lesson does the pardoner convey through his use of allegory in “The Pardoner’s Tale”? Greed is the root of all evil

20 Why does the old man send the 3 rioters to the tree in TPT? So the 3 rioters will go to their own deaths

21 In TPT what do the 2 rioters decide to do after they have sent their friend for food and wine? To kill their friend when he returns

22 What does the rioter decide while on his way into town for food and wine in TPT? To poison his friends

23 Who is the old man in TPT? Death

24 In TPT, which character does the Pardoner most closely resemble? The 3 rioters

25 Who sold the poison to the young rioter? apothecary

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