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My Wish List I wish I wish I wish….. To make my Home Smart.

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1 My Wish List I wish I wish I wish….. To make my Home Smart

2 When I approach My Home and Press the remote, I like the gate to open and drive way to light up I like the garage to automatically open without the need to have another remote. I Wish for so many things ………. Lets start from the Start… hmmm………….. hmmmm ….. yeahhh

3 I also like to park in my spot exactly with ease. When I leave the garage, I like the Garage door to automatically close securing my car, and protecting it from dust.

4 As soon as I enter and open the family entrance I like the Entrance to light up for me. Also I like the stairs to automatically light up as I climb the stairs, or walk the corridor. During me being undressed into casual dress after work, I like those lights to dim down to save my home energy, and like the drive way lights to switch off with the garage lights.

5 I like to come back to a cool bedroom and family room, hence I like the A/C to run as scheduled daily except week ends. As I am being undressed, I like to enjoy nice music throughout my bedroom and master Bathroom + dressing area. If I am sitting in my family room, I like to be able to enjoy music or any videos or satellite digital channels that I wish.

6 If I have visitors, I would like to answer them without running around, and would also desire to see them on my TV as I buzz them in. I like the walk way to light up for my guests, and the porch to illuminate as they approach the entrance. If we decide to sit on the Garden terrace, I like to be able to control my garden light scenes, and to stream music that I can select remotely where I am setting. If another Friend comes and is at the gate, I like to buzz him in while I am in the garden from my wireless phone, and open for him the way in.

7 As bed time comes, I would like to be able to press one button on my touch screen, or from my phone menu, or my interactive TV, and be able to switch all house lights and A/C thermostats + garden systems and lights Off, while switching on ACs for my and children rooms and automatically secure all home doors, windows and gates ++

8 When it is wake up time, and since my children wake up with mom ahead of me, all their A/C's switch off 10 minutes before wake up to school schedule automatically all curtains opens, and all home security is disarmed. A/C is switched on to cool breakfast area mildly too. A/C in my master bedroom is back to normal as my wife is ready with the children 10 minutes before my wake up time. AC will than switch off in my room as system announces the wake up tone through the speakers. After breakfast, and as we leave to work, the system automatically takes over to save energy.

9 I like my home to automatically irrigate my plants as needed. If my servant mistakenly switch any drive way, or any garden or any light on, I like my home to rectify and check on mistakes every 10 minutes when my servant is trying to switch on then off the A/C thermostat. I like the system not to accept, and wait the needed period as per manuals this will protect my equipment and decrease my need for repairs.

10 If I am away on vacation, I like the system to run A/Cs at every room for 1 hour every 2-3 weeks to make sure that coolant is actively moved and all pipes and system is ok. During my absence at any time, if humidity exceed certain level, or heat reaches the set point, I like the A/Cs to kick in automatically, to pump any humidity away from my furniture and paintings and keep them well kept.

11 When I have a party at home, I like all elevators to be parked, and all sprinkler systems to stay off not to ruin my party. I like also the home automation LCDs and Touch screen + thermostats to be locked not to allow visitors to play or mistakenly do things. I like to keep an eye on my children and their friends as they swim or play in garden In case they are not suppose to swim, or no guard is present, I like to be alarmed directly if any one fall in pool water.

12 Under my Gazebo, when it is summer time I like to have misters coolers. I like to have nice candle like lights floating on my pool surface. I fancy enjoying music, B.B.Q and grilled steak, while remotely monitoring the meat temperature. I like to also have a recliner that I can adjust its angle as I need setting on grass or any where on terrace.

13 If I am enjoying a typical get together, I believe that a smart gadget like the anti gravity photo frame, a cool looking watch or wine Ginei will impress my friend. I love to control fountains and different lights mood with my remote control.

14 If any one of my friends or family leave the patio door or balcony or room door or window open for more than 5 minutes, I like that room A/C thermostat to turn off automatically. I like to be warned about that forgotten hatch as I go to my room to sleep so I decide about it.

15 In case I am away, and any one try to jump into my premises, I like to have 3-4 lines of defense. First step lets say would be to trigger lights in garden as he moves at night around to stop him and let him know he is monitored, Also I like my cameras to start recording. If he continue and open my door or window or break my glass or move from an area I left open my self, I like all home lights inside and outside to trigger and light up. Also I like to give him few seconds before I use the third line of defense, triggering the Sirens and Flashers. If no proper code is entered I like my home to automatically call out for help to police or friends, and to start sending E-mail with intruder pictures. I would also Like to announce that Police on the way to him via all home speakers. ( I like My Home to Guard me, and my investment)

16 When I buzz my guest in, and after they come reaching my Formal Entrance, if I keep it that entrance open for 20 Seconds or more I like my home to understand that I am having some guests, I like it to close the curtains, Switch on the Lights and ACs. even run some Jazz music too. I simply want my home to understand my moves, and what I need with simplicity.

17 Most importantly I like to be able to manually do things and override any operation or schedule. I like to have very elegant switches, and sleek LCDs or touch screens, and fixtures. I also Like to be able to control by remote, by telephone, from internet, from Touch screen, via my TC, or home PC, or even by voice.

18 I do not want my house to look high tech, I like it to look like home and act like home but with comfort, and wisdom.

19 I love to impress my guests, spoil my self, and add value to any buyer or investor by other gadgets like Mirror defoggers in bathroom, and Bathroom Wall TV that broadcast the program I am watching in my room into bathroom. Wi Fi Wireless network, and all home data network with internet, every room to have full video and satellite distribution with distributed or streamed audio.

20 I like to give my Pet some comfort too by adding smart Pet door that opens for it only. I do not want my alarm to trigger if my cat or small pet is moving at home while I am sleeping, but I want it to protect me and alarm even if servant climbing my private stairs at night, or if there are strangers entering my home.

21 When I go Jogging I like not to carry any keys, and be able to enter my house keylessly. I like my home to know my schedules, and to adjust on week ends and holidays differently ( I Like it to be smart). When I am traveling, or away at work, I like to be able to keep an eye remotely on happenings, and to control remotely my systems

22 When my energy consumption is high, I like my home to tell me, to remind me when it is time to clean filters, to warn me if any pump has tripped or if any water leak is happening or if I have low water level in tank, if my AC drip tray is full, or if my sump pump has problem.If I do not react, I like it to announce to me, and even SMS me and e-mail me to take care. When it is Birthday, or anniversary.. I like to be reminded and greeted as I enter the Home or as I rise. (I want home to surprise my Family with happiness). I like to be at home, feel at home, and have complete comfort with style. I love to be able to customize certain scenes, and save those settings to use again when needed like: Go to Bed with Guest, Go to Work, Big Party, or Small Outdoor or Garden Party, Movie Time or Romanic Eve Casual Dining or Romantic Dining Home alone vacation Mode, away mode weekend mode and many more.

23 I like to have my Home theater Wiring and My Play station Plug and Play, or my PC to TV link ready. I do not like to see exposed wires. I like to have full ability to communicate between rooms by phone intercoms.

24 I like to be able to check my outdoor pool temperature, air temp, and humidity just to know. I like my home to switch on my building lights and fence according to time, and light conditions, and mode selected. I like my house to do more, as I live with it I like it to adjust accordingly… CAN your Home do the Same Mine is Smart Can your home pay back, and secure you and your investment Mine can Help a lot I live at home … Normal and smart

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