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200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Pre-Civil War People Pre-civil War Events Geographic.

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1 Pre-Civil War People Pre-civil War Events Geographic Implications Potpourri North vs. South

2 He supported the spread of slavery into new territories such as Kansas and Nebraska

3 Who is Stephen Douglas?

4 This South Carolinian was a big supporter of States rights and the Doctrine of Nullification

5 Who is John Calhoun?

6 Preston Brooks violently beat this man following a stirring anti-slavery speech in Congress

7 Who is Charles Sumner?

8 This violent abolitionist was responsible for the Pottawattomie Massacre and the Raid on Harpers Ferry.

9 Who is John Brown?

10 This influential anti-slave authors writings were the most widespread in America with nearly 2 million copies

11 Who is Harriet Beecher Stowe?

12 This led to the Civil War because popular sovereignty contributed to violence between pro and anti- slavery groups.

13 What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

14 This officially labeled slaves as property.

15 What is the Dred Scott Decision?

16 This was the main reason why Lincoln became a nationally recognizable figure in 1858.

17 What are the Lincoln-Douglas debates?

18 This was the final event that forced the southern states to secede from the union.

19 What is the election of 1860 (Lincoln)?

20 Other than slavery, this was a main cause of the civil war.

21 What is States Rights?

22 This was the invisible geographic boundary between the North and the South.

23 What is the Mason-Dixon Line?

24 This is why the north liked protective tariffs.

25 Why did the tariff protect their northern/domestic manufacturing?

26 This maintained the careful balance between slave and free states.

27 What is the Missouri compromise?

28 This tipped the balance of power in Congress in favor of the Northern states.

29 What is the compromise of 1850?

30 Daily Double- Make your wager!!! These four territories in the west would decide for themselves whether or not they wanted to slave or free using the idea of Popular Sovereignty

31 What are Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Utah Territories?

32 His abolitionist newspaper the Liberator, warned many people of the evils of slavery.

33 Who is William Lloyd Garrison?

34 This specific group of abolitionists displayed a sense of individual civic participation in America by helping slaves runaway to freedom in the north or Canada

35 Who are members of the underground RR?

36 This slave preacher urged his followers to rise up and kill their masters

37 Who is Nat Turner?

38 Daily Double- make your wager!!! He stated: The fourth of July is yours, not mine, you must rejoice, I must mourn.

39 Who is Frederick Douglass?

40 He was responsible for putting down the Abolitionist raid on Harpers Ferry.

41 Who is Col. Robert E. Lee

42 This was the major economic difference between the north and south.

43 What is manufacturing in the North and agriculture in the South?

44 These were the physical characteristics of the American south that most contributed to slavery

45 What is fertile soil and warm climate?

46 This was how congress restricted the rights of individuals.

47 What is the Fugitive Slave law?

48 This was an example of institutionalized racism and discrimination in the U.S. supreme court

49 What is the Dred Scott Decision?

50 This was the main southern justification of slavery

51 What is the bible states that slaves should obey your masters?

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