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A a 9/03/2007 DoDs Common Test Interface (CTI) David Droste DRS Test and Energy Management Mike Stora System Interconnect Technologies.

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1 a a 9/03/2007 DoDs Common Test Interface (CTI) David Droste DRS Test and Energy Management Mike Stora System Interconnect Technologies

2 a a 9/03/2007 2 Background CIWG Report was Published 9/30/96 CIWG was a Government-Funded IPT Identified ATS Mass Termination Interface as a Critical Interface in Need of a Solution Indication an Open-Architecture, Multi-Vendor, Standards Based Interface was Needed See SCC-20/HIWG Web Site: / / IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 and TC5 of the IEEE IMS Co-Sponsored the Receiver-Fixture Interface (RFI) Effort Has Become a Family of Standards Efforts

3 a a 9/03/2007 3 DoD Challenge to Define: Common Test Interface - USAF 1980s NAVY CASS IFTE AF ATS TETS 1990s USMC ARMY Interoperability Low Cost COTS Availability Performance Repeatability Minimum Maint/Support Standardized Packaging Spiral Development Commercial and Military Applicability Challenge General Purpose, Large, Dedicated ATE

4 a a 9/03/2007 4 IEEE-Std-1505 RFI – Step One Defines Framework Achieves Compatibility/Interoperability Between Manufacturers Defines All Requirements/Qualifications/Dimensions/Electrical Parameters Supports Scalability Bench-Top to Multi-bay Test System Applicability Defines Segmented vs Non-Segmented Defines a Multitude of Connector Module Types Applicable to the RFI System

5 a a 9/03/2007 5 IEEE-Std-1505 RFI Scalable Architecture

6 a a 9/03/2007 6 IEEE-Std-1505 RFI Segmentation Segmented Framework Section Continuous (Non-Segmented) Framework Section

7 a a 9/03/2007 7 Connector Modules RFI Specification - Sections (Clauses) 7-12 Give Connector Module Details Clause 7 – 200 pin, Single Slot Signal Module Clause 8 – Power Module Size 8 & 16 Contacts Mixed 8/16 – 45ea. 23Amp & 4ea. 45Amp Size 16 59 Contact Single Slot 152 Contact Two Slot Clause 9 – Coax Module (3 or 5 GHz) Size 16 Contacts 59 Contact Single Slot 152 Contact Two Slot Clause 10 – Mixed Power Connector Module 28 each 10A Contact 16 each 20A Contact Clause 11 –Universal 24 each Size 8 Contacts 40GHz Coax 45Amp Contacts Pneumatic Contacts Fiber Optic Contacts Clause 12 – High-Speed Signal 300 Contact Single Slot

8 a a 9/03/2007 8 Example Connector Modules IEEE-Std-1505 RFI Example Connector Modules Signal Power (Single Slot) Mixed Power Multi-slot Coax

9 a a 9/03/2007 9 IEEE-Std-1505 RFI Status Standard Released/Published April 2007 May Be Purchased From IEEE Xplore User Base Already Includes Demonstration and Deployed Systems IEEE-Std-1505 Compliant Interfaces DRS Large Depot Applic - SCATE DRS Benchtop Subset ATE

10 a a 9/03/2007 10 Additional 1505 RFI - System Applications DRS DCCT BSTF V6 (NGATS)

11 a a 9/03/2007 IEEE-P1505.1 CTI Information Shown Subject to Change Until Standard is Balloted

12 a a 9/03/2007 12 IEEE-P1505.1 CTI Need Transportability/Rehost Capability of Test Program Sets Requires a Standard Pin Map of Signals/Capability Specific Implementation of: Connector Modules Types per Slot Segmentation Scalability Physical Mating Compatibility Keying

13 a a 9/03/2007 13 IEEE-P1505.1 CTI - Overview Transportability of TPSs Between ATE Systems New ATE That are Legacy Upgrades Desires for New ATE to be Able to Test Legacy Weapons Systems PLUS the New Systems Factory to Field Test Compatibility Required Study of Existing Legacy ATE Systems CASS TETS IFTE Etc., Etc., Etc. Total of 3860 Signals are Mapped in Latest Version

14 a a 9/03/2007 14 CTI Segmentation/Scalability

15 a a 9/03/2007 15 P1505.1 CTI Functional Type Map

16 a a 9/03/2007 16 P1505.1 CTI Pin Map Overview

17 a a 9/03/2007 17 P1505.1 CTI Connector Blocks CTI Does not Utilize all the Connector Types Defined in the IEEE-Std-1505 RFI Standard Signal pins for 3 Amp service up to 750 MHz Coax Pins for 3 or 5 GHz performance (In either 59 single-wide and 152 Pin, double-wide Module Blocks) Power Pins 23 Amp service or Pins (In either 59 single-wide or 152 Pin, double-wide Module Blocks)

18 a a 9/03/2007 18 P1505.1 Levels of Compliance Standard Allows Levels of Compliance Mechanical – Each Slot has a Compliant (Correct) Connector Module Full – For Populated Slots, Signals Match the Pin Map Categories are Defined for Scalability and Compliance Category 1 = Slots 6 thru 9 Category 2 = Slots 1 thru 9 Category 3 = Slots 6 thru 24 Category 4 = Slots 1 thru 24 Category 5 = Slots 1 thru 29 (All/Full Compliance)

19 a a 9/03/2007 19 P1505.1 Compliant Keying Categories That are Fully Compliant MUST Implement the Keying Shown Below Non-Compliant Systems MUST Implement a DIFFERENT Keying

20 a a 9/03/2007 20 P1505.1 Status Some Systems Have Implemented Draft Standard Very Near Initiating Ballot Latest Information From SCC-20 HIWG Meeting Held 9/15 & 9/16 is:.....

21 a a 9/03/2007 IEEE-P1505.2 Two-Tier CTI

22 a a 9/03/2007 22 IEEE-P1505.2 Two-Tier Interface Not all Identified Requirements Included in P1505.1 Multi-Tier Support B-1B F-15 C-17 IAIS LMStar Around 1000 Unassigned Pins From 1505.1 Effort More Research Known to be Required Two Tier Electro- Mechanical RFI

23 a a 9/03/2007 23 Two-Tier P1505.2 Demonstrates Vertical as Well as Horizontal Scalability Horizontal Scalability Vertical Scalability

24 a a 9/03/2007 24 Summary Hardware Interfaces Working Group Is Creating A Series Of Standards To Provide The Following Benefits Standards-based, Open-architecture Interface Providing Multi- vendor Availability For Lowest-cost To The User Improved TPS Rehost/Transportability Though A Defined Pin- map And Segmentation Scheme Scalability For A Range Of ATE/ATS Capability And Sizes Standards Group is Continuing Effort to Provide Benefits to the System Integrator and the User Everyone is Invited to Join the Group by Attending Meetings and Completing a Bluesheet at: Learn More at the SCC-20 Web Site:

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