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2 Understanding the Speed problem? Every network suffers from latency Latency, a synonym for delay, is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. Network latency is measured by sending a packet and receiving an acknowledgement. This round-trip time (RTT) is the latency. Visualize the flow of packets like water running through a hose. With FTP, there is a kink in the hose restricting the waters flow. With FileCatalyst, the kink is removed and water can rush through unrestricted. Source File Destination File Acknowledgments Data Packet FTP is a very serial process. Each packet of data must be received before a new packet is sent = Decreased Transfer Speed Source File Destination File Acknowledgments FileCatalyst completely saturates the pipe by Sending multiple blocks of data = Increased Transfer Speed

3 Throughput Bandwidth RecoveredTransfer Scenario FTP Actual Throughput 44.3 Mbps 1 Mbps RTT 300 ms / 320 ms 44.3 Mbps 700 Kbps Results based on a T3 (45 Mbps) connection FTP vs. FileCatalyst Want to try your own values? LAUNCH CALCULATOR RTT 40 ms / 60 ms 6 Mbps Europe RTT 200 ms / 220 ms NA NANA AsiaNA *NA = North America

4 FTP vs. FileCatalyst Time Savings LA to Hong Kong RTT 250ms / Loss 1.5% LA to Hong Kong RTT 250ms / Loss 1.5% FTP 20 minutes 44 hours LA to Auckland RTT 200ms / Loss 2% LA to Auckland RTT 200ms / Loss 2% 20 minutes 35 hours LA to London RTT 110ms / Loss 1% LA to London RTT 110ms / Loss 1% 20 minutes 16 hours 6GB File over a T3 (45 Mbps) connection

5 FileCatalyst Solutions FileCatalyst Provides a full suite of File Transfer Solutions FileCatalyst is a pure software solution and is designed to optimize your link speed. Our unique UDP-based approach, multiple TCP streaming, on-the-fly compression and rsync delta transfers provides a superior alternative to existing file transfer processes. FileCatalyst Direct is an Enterprise solution that is comprised of a Client / Server architecture. The FileCatalyst Client Suite provides the necessary tools for you to completely manage and control your file transfers. FileCatalyst Webmail allows users to send files of any size to anywhere in the world, using only the recipient's email address. With online storage, tracking of files and group functionality, FileCatalyst Webmail is far more than just a large attachment solution. An integrated Outlook plugin now provides you with far more flexibility when sending large files right within the Outlook environment. FileCatalyst Workflow is designed for file transfers from many to one. It leverages the FileCatalyst Server in order to create a centrally-managed portal for users to send content to your organization, collaborate with other users, and track assets as they are processed through a workflow Point to Point Transfers One to Many Transfers Many to One Transfers

6 FileCatalyst Summary FileCatalyst is a pure software solution that provides Speed, Security and Reliability regardless of the network conditions All FileCatalyst Solutions have been developed in-house, are modular and may all be integrated Flexible and scalable licensing model The FileCatalyst team is dedicated to providing superior support

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