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Test Taking By Andrew Kampel.

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1 Test Taking By Andrew Kampel

2 IQ Tests Scoring: 0-200 Questions involved with test:
Find the next number in a sequence Shapes Rearranging words/numbers Matching problems

3 Test Subjects

4 Test Taking Abilities Does being well rested really make a difference in test taking?

5 The Experiment Well rested students will do better on average than sleep deprived students taking tests. Prediction: Students with sleep will see an increase or maintain IQ scores while sleep deprived will see a decline.

6 Day 1 Scores With sleep: High score: 154 Low score: 105 Average: 125.1

7 Day 2 Scores With Sleep: High: 166 Low: 112 Average:132.4

8 Day 1 Scores Sleep Deprived: High Score: 149 Low Score: 95
Average: 119.1

9 Day 2 Scores Without Sleep: High: 132 Low: 100 Average: 113.1

10 Analyzing Scores % change from first day to second day:
With sleep: 5.8% increase! Without sleep: 5.1% decrease! On average, people scored better with sleep the second day than people without sleep

11 Questions? Links to the IQ tests:

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