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COMPASS Orientation National Park Community College The Testing Center Room 217, Campus Center 501.760.4376.

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1 COMPASS Orientation National Park Community College The Testing Center Room 217, Campus Center 501.760.4376

2 What is the COMPASS? COMPASS (Computer-adaptive Placement Assessment and Support Systems) is a computerized testing program from ACT, designed to find out your skill levels and place you into the best courses that can help you reach your academic goals.

3 Before I Test… O Know Testing Center Hours O The Testing Center 501.760.4376 O Second Floor, Room 217, Gerald Fisher Campus Center O Brush-up on Skills O Online and face-to-face tutoring are available O Contact NPCC Career Services at 501.760.4243 O Bring valid photo ID to take your test and know your social security number.

4 Check-in Process O Greet the Testing Center staff person at the front desk who will instruct you on the check-in process O Have your photo ID available and make sure your cell phone is completely turned off. O Scratch paper, pencil, and calculator will be provided O You will be escorted to a testing computer

5 Important to Note! O The COMPASS test is available every day the Testing Center is open. O No appointment is necessary. O You may take the entire exam at one time or you may take one section at a time. For example, you may take the Math on one day, the Reading on another day, and the Writing at another time. O The test is untimed, so you may take breaks at any time you need, in between each exam or even during the exam.

6 Starting the Test

7 COMPASS Introduction

8 Demographics

9 Things to Know: O COMPASS testing is on the computer O The mouse is used to answer the questions O Be sure to read the BLUE, on-screen directions carefully O Use the HELP button on the top right, at any time during the test, for additional assistance

10 Testing Accommodations: O Test is self-paced, work at your own speed O Scratch paper and pencil provided O Multiple choice questions only O Calculator available on the computer

11 Review Practice or Begin Testing

12 What will be on the Test? 1) Reading 2) Writing 3) Math

13 Reading Placement O Answer multiple-choice questions about a passage O One side of the screen has the passage and the other side has the question with the answer choices O Targets the areas of reading comprehension and vocabulary

14 Reading Tutorial

15 Reading Sample

16 Writing Placement O Find and correct errors in essays O Answer questions about essay after editing O Apply knowledge of punctuation, basic grammar, and sentence structure O Apply skills in organization, style, and strategy

17 Writing Message

18 Writing Tutorial

19 Writing Reminder

20 Writing Sample

21 Math Placement O Work problems in areas from basic operations and pre-algebra to college algebra and geometry O Answer multiple-choice questions O A calculator is available on the computer

22 Math Tutorial

23 Math Sample

24 How Many Questions? The number of possible questions is unlimited. The COMPASS test is a progressive computer- adaptive test. The computer program will automatically adjust the level of difficulty of the next question based upon the answers given on the current question until it is able to determine a placement score.

25 How Much Time Is Allowed? The COMPASS is not timed. Each test section usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Most people finish within 2 ½ to 3 hours. If you need to stop testing before finishing, your test can be saved to be finished at a later time.

26 Test Scores A copy of your score report will print automatically as soon as you finish. A Testing Center Staff member will review these scores with you.

27 Academic Advisors O Once you have completed your COMPASS exam, you will need to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor. O The Advising office is located on the 2 nd floor of the Fisher Campus Center Building down the hall from the Testing Center.

28 Understanding the Scores O This is not a pass/fail test; however minimum scores are required. O Depending on your score, you may be required to attend tutoring to brush up on your reading/writing/math skills before retaking the COMPASS test. O Depending on your score, it may also be necessary to take some Basic Studies courses before you can enroll in college-level courses.

29 Basic Studies Courses Foundations of Reading and Writing Composition1 + EE = Accelerated Learning Program Speed Reading Foundations of College Math Foundations of Technical Math

30 Scoring Minimums COMPASS Scores Courses Required Writing: 48 or BelowAlternative Placement 49-66Foundations of Reading and Writing 67-77Composition 1 + EE = Accelerated Learning Program 78-100Composition 1 Reading: 69 or BelowAlternative Placement 70-76Foundations of Reading and Writing 77-82Speed Reading 83-100No Reading Required

31 Scoring Minimums COMPASS Scores Courses Required Math: Pre-Algebra: 28 or Below And up Fundamentals of College Math 1A Algebra: 20 or BelowFoundations of Technical Math 21 upTechnical Math 42 - 100College Algebra or Math for General Education College Algebra: 0-100College Algebra

32 Retaking the COMPASS You may retake all sections or just one particular section to improve your scores after tutoring. NPCC will always use the highest test score of each section to determine your course placement.

33 Want to Brush Up ? and are great for math! is good to review writing skills! has lots of reading, math, and writing practice problems! To see more test samples:

34 Dont Forget…! O Your photo ID! O Know your social security number! O Get plenty of rest! O Read all the directions and each question carefully! O Concentrate so you can do your best!

35 Questions? If you have any questions, ask our staff or please call The Testing Center at 501.760.4376. Thank you and Welcome to National Park Community College!

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