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2 Understand the roles and responsibilities of test administrators Understand how to use valid test administration practices Learn where to find test administration resources and tools Be aware of whats new this year in the statewide assessment system 2 Test Administrators Big Picture Objectives

3 Training will cover the following topics : TA Training Overview Accommodations Test Security OAKS Online* ELPA* Writing* *Only required for TAs administering this assessment Test Administrators Training Overview

4 Before testing: Provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with the test format and procedures Review student IEPs or education plans to identify appropriate test formats and accommodations Make arrangements for students who are not testing Review Test Administration Manual 4 Test Administrators TA Roles and Responsibilities During testing: Ensure that students receive the appropriate test (includes settings such as language and print size) Enforce test environment requirements

5 Supervision at all times by a trained TA Quiet environment void of distractions Only allowable resources made available to students upon request Limited interaction with students Read student directions Administer accommodations appropriately No coaching 5 Test Administrators Test Environment Requirements

6 Dos TAs must read the Test Administration Manual, receive annual test administration and security training, and sign an Assurance of Test Security form before administering state tests. If youre administering OAKS through the Braille Interface, you must also receive ODE-provided Braille Interface training If youre administering the Kindergarten Assessment, you must also receive ODE-provided Kindergarten Assessment training If youre administering the Extended Assessment, you must also receive ODE-provided Qualified Trainer or Qualified Assessor training 6 Test Administrators Dos and Donts

7 7 Test Administrators Dos and Donts, contd Dos TAs may only provide students with allowable resources listed by content area in the Test Administration Manual. TAs may only provide the restricted resource of printed test items to students for whom the district has identified individual student need. TAs must read verbatim the student directions provided in the Test Administration Manual.

8 Donts TAs may not allow untrained aides, interpreters, volunteers, or substitutes to assist with test administration. TAs may not coach students (including requiring students to show their work). Students may not access non-allowable resources such as textbooks, class notes, or cell phones during testing. Students may not talk to or help other students during testing. 8 Test Administrators Dos and Donts, contd

9 TA reviews the Test Administration Manual before testing, focusing on test security and content- specific allowable resources and accommodations. TA seeks clarification from STC on any rules that are unclear before administering tests TA spaces students appropriately or provides visual barriers to prevent students from seeing others tests. TA reads student directions verbatim and circulates through test environment to ensure proper testing conditions. TA makes available but does not require students to use allowable resources. 9 Test Administrators Promising Practices

10 TAs must receive training each year Special training requirements for Braille Interface, Extended, and Kindergarten Assessments TAs enforce valid test environment for students When in doubt about a particular testing practice, before testing begins: Check the Manual Check your training notes Ask your School Test Coordinator If all else fails, assume the answer is no 10 Test Administrators In a Nutshell

11 Test Administration Manual Accommodations Manual Best Practices Guide Promising Testing Practices 11 Test Administrators Test Administration Resources

12 What 3 things must a test administrator do before administering a state test? What are some examples of assistance to students that are not allowed? What are some methods we can use to reduce test improprieties? 12 Test Administrators Acorns for Storage


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