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2 SBAC FIELD TEST  Purpose  Ensure validity, reliability and fairness  Accuracy of test questions  Effectiveness of test questions  Set preliminary standards  Establish scoring and reporting scales  Provide students a practice opportunity BEFORE it is high-stakes  Test the online system  Test administration logistics  Work out the bugs BEFORE it is high-stakes

3 TEST ORGANIZATION  Two Content Areas  English Language Arts  Mathematics  Three Parts  Non-performance (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc.)  Computer Aided Technology adjusts question difficulty  Classroom Activity (teacher led – script provided by SBAC)  Performance (following classroom activity, students research and apply knowledge)  Administration  Delivered via SBAC secure browser  Untimed


5 SCHEDULING  Testing window  April 1 – May 16  School schedule  Your school information  School coordinator  Your school coordinator  Your school coordinator contact information

6 TEST ADMINISTRATORS  Complete Test Administrator Training  Today’s training  Test Administrator Videos  Test Administrator Checklist  Review student information prior to testing to ensure the right student is being given the right test and any specified accommodations  Administer the assessment  Report all potential test security incidents to the School Coordinator

7 PREPARING TO TEST  D91 Smarter Balanced Assessment Training Resources   Testing Administrators watch  TA Interface Video TA Interface Video  Student Interface Video Student Interface Video  Students watch  What is a Field Test? What is a Field Test?  Let’s Talk Universal Tools! Let’s Talk Universal Tools!  Students practice  Training tests Training tests

8 PREPARING TO ADMINISTER THE CLASSROOM ACTIVITY  Classroom Activity Administration Guidelines Classroom Activity Administration Guidelines  Link to D91 Classroom Activities Link to D91 Classroom Activities  School specific plan

9 RULES FOR TESTING  Test Security  Review Spring 2014 Security Agreement  Sign and return the agreement to the school coordinator.  Testing Environment  Quiet, free from distractions  No access to cell phones, iPods, cameras, etc.  Students will use headsets or ear buds.  Information on the walls must be covered  Arranged appropriately to discourage “copying”  Students are actively supervised.  Printing  Only to meet accommodations  Securing materials  Under lock and key  Scratch paper etc.- shredded  Computers – Secure Browser  Close external applications  No testing with dual monitors

10 THE SECURE BROWSER  Desktop application used to “take the test”  All other applications must be closed  Error messages  Secure Browser Not Detected  Unable to Establish a Connection with the Test Delivery System

11 STUDENT LOG-IN INFORMATION  Confirmation Code  Student’s first name  Student EDUID  ID- _ _ _ _ _  Session ID  Generated the morning of the testing session


13 TESTING IMPROPRIETIES, IRREGULARITIES & BREACHES  Impropriety – low risk of impacting student performance or test security  A student logs in with another student’s EDUID  The teacher answers a student’s question about a test item during the test  The teacher leaves the testing room or puts a student in charge  Irregularity – potentially affects student performance or test security  Failure to monitor student behavior – teacher is reading email or doing other “teacher” work  Failure to remove or cover classroom displays that provide information regarding the content being tested  Paraphrasing, omitting, revising or rewriting the script of directions contained in the test administrator’s manual

14 TESTING IMPROPRIETIES, IRREGULARITIES & BREACHES  Breach – poses a threat to the validity of the test  Test materials are stolen or missing  Improprieties and Irregularities must be reported to your school coordinator within 24 hours  Breaches must be reported to your school coordinator IMMEDIATELY


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