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Mobile Application Development with Windows Azure Technical Nick Harris.

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1 Mobile Application Development with Windows Azure Technical Nick Harris


3 BabelCam Windows Phone application leveraging Windows Azure demo

4 AuthenticateAccess Token Shared Access Signature Any pictures? Send ImageTranslated Text User Authentication Store Image in Windows Azure Blob Storage SAS Process ImageSend Notification Process Image Microsoft Push Notification Service Hawaii OCR & Bing Translator Windows Azure WAZ Storage

5 PaaS: you built it, Windows Azure runs it Automatic O/S patching Elasticity and scale Utility billing Higher-level services ACS, Caching, CDN, Traffic Manager


7 Allows new application scenarios The cloud levels the playing field The cloud provides a way to reach across device platforms and a larger pool of resources from which to pull 1 2 3

8 Storage

9 Benefits: Non-relational structured storage Massive scale-out Windows Azure Tables Benefits: Big files Windows Azure Blobs Benefits: Persistent Async Messaging Enqueue, Dequeue Windows Azure Queues Benefits: Relational database Highly available Managed for you as a service SQL Azure

10 Once you share your secret, its no longer secret

11 Proxy the requests Client sends data to web role Web role sends data to storage (1) (2) Web Role

12 Client makes request of Web Role for SAS Web Role sends client SAS Client makes request Client gets response (1) (3) Web Role (2) (4)

13 Client sends request to proxy Proxy makes SQL call against SQL Azure SQL Azure returns a response Proxy returns response to device (1) (3) Web Role (2) (4)

14 Client writes a message to a queue Worker role is polling the queue Worker role finds the message (1) (2) (3) Worker Role

15 Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices - Reusable Proxy Services demo

16 Identity


18 Using ACS from Windows Phone, Android & iOS demo

19 Communications


21 - Drivers T22:12:38Z T22:12:38Z Rob Tiffany T22:12:38Z Loke Uei Tan T22:12:38Z Dan Bouie T22:12:38Z John Dietz T22:12:38Z Derek Snyder T22:12:38Z Steve Hegenderfer T22:12:38Z Chip Vollers T22:12:38Z James Pratt The same list of 8 Customers using SOAP and a DataSet dropped us down to 3 kb but still too big for my taste. 1 1 Rob Tiffany 2 1 Loke Uei Tan 3 1 Dan Bouie 4 1 John Dietz 5 2 Derek Snyder 6 2 Steve Hegenderfer 7 2 Chip Vollers 8 2 James Pratt 1 1 Rob Tiffany 1 2 Loke Uei Tan 1 3 Dan Bouie 1 4 John Dietz 2 5 Derek Snyder 2 6 Steve Hegenderfer 2 7 Chip Vollers 2 8 James Pratt [{"DistributionCenterId":1,"DriverId":1,"FirstName":"Rob","LastName":"Tiffany"}, {"DistributionCenterId":1,"DriverId":2,"FirstName":"Loke Uei","LastName":"Tan"}, {"DistributionCenterId":1,"DriverId":3,"FirstName":"Dan","LastName":"Bouie"}, {"DistributionCenterId":1,"DriverId":4,"FirstName":"John","LastName":"Dietz"}, {"DistributionCenterId":2,"DriverId":5,"FirstName":"Derek","LastName":"Snyder"}, {"DistributionCenterId":2,"DriverId":6,"FirstName":"Steve","LastName":Harris"}, {"DistributionCenterId":2,"DriverId":7,"FirstName":"Chip","LastName":"Vollers"}, {"DistributionCenterId":2,"DriverId":8,"FirstName":"James","LastName":"Pratt"}] OData 8.5kb REST-XML 1.2kb JSON 639 bytes

22 Push Notifications !Raaawww

23 Web Role *NS (1)(2) (3) (4) (5)

24 Web Role *NS (3) (2) (4) (1)

25 Windows 8: Windows Phone: iOS: Android:

26 Demonstrate Push Notifications on - Windows Phone using NuGet demo

27 Platform Services


29 Summar y

30 Devices + Cloud Storage Identity Communications Platform Services

31 AndroidiOSWindows Phone

32 Windows 8

33 Get Started

34 Android Windows Phone atios Subscription Level3 Month Free Trial Compute 750 hours of a Small Compute Instance Storage 20GB with 50k Storage transactions SQL Azure1GB Web Edition SQL Azure database Access Control Transactions100k transactions Service Bus Free through March 31, 2012 Caching 128 MB cache Data Transfers (WW) 20GB outbound / Unlimited inbound data transfer

35 Android Windows Phone atios Subscription LevelVisual Studio Professional with MSDN Visual Studio Premium with MSDN BizSpark & Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Compute 375 hours of the Small Instance750 hours of the Small Instance1,500 hours of the Small Instance Storage 20 GB25 GB30 GB Storage Transactions250,0001,000,0002,000,000 SQL Azure1GB 5GB Access Control Transactions* 100k200k500k Service Bus Free through March 31, 2012 Caching 128 MB cache Data Transfers (WW) 25GB Out Free In 30GB Out Free In 35GB Out Free In Annual Savings**$1,300.00$2,100.00$3, * The Windows Azure Access Control service is provided at no charge for billing periods prior to Dec 1, ** Projected annual savings at Pay-As-You-Go rates in US dollars.

36 Your Feedback is Important Please fill out a session evaluation form drop it off at the conference registration desk. Thank you!

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