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Attie Naude 14 May 2013 Windows Azure Mobile Services.

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1 Attie Naude 14 May 2013 Windows Azure Mobile Services

2 Azure Mobile Services Overview 1.Authentication OAuth integration to well-known identity providers o Microsoft o Facebook o Twitter o Google 2.Data Services Easily provision tables and expose data 3.Push Notifications Send notifications to mobile apps without polling

3 Capabilities Simple provisioning and management of tables for storing app data. Integration with notification services to deliver push notifications to your app. Integration with well-known identity providers for authentication. Granular control for authorizing access to tables. Supports scripts to inject business logic into data access operations. Integration with other cloud services. Supports the ability to scale a mobile service instance. Service monitoring and logging.


5 Azure Mobile Data Services Dynamic data schema Allows rapid application development Exposes RESTful API Completely Cross-platform APIs for Win RT, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Web All other platforms can use simple HTTP requests to manipulate data Allows for extension and customization via server-side JavaScript

6 Table Scripts JavaScript code executed on Insert, Update, Delete or Read Allows custom business logic to be added server-side Validation Data enrichment Authorization Auditing Push Notifications Email notifications via SendGrid Used in TechEd apps for Immediate Notifications

7 Validation

8 Authorization

9 Auditing

10 Data Enrichment

11 Scheduled Jobs Identical to table scripts, but runs periodically Used in TechEd apps for Future-dated announcements Upcoming session notifications (per user) Live tile updates (per user)


13 Push Notifications Overview

14 Push Notification Libraries push.wns Windows Store Apps push.mpns Windows Phone Apps push.gcm Android Apps push.apns iOS Apps

15 Demo Creation of Mobile Service Creation of Tables Using Data API via Windows Store app Sending Push Notifications via Table Scripts Adding support for Push Notifications to Windows Phone app Sending Push Notifications via Scheduled Jobs

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