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Device for controllable administration of drug dosage

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1 Device for controllable administration of drug dosage
Graduation Project I Device for controllable administration of drug dosage Prepared By: - Mona Ibrahim - Azza Al Hassani - Asma Ahmed - Hamda Al Ketbi - Moza Al Shamsi Adviser’s name: - Dr. Yousef Haik

2 Presentation Layout Motivation Objectives Design Process
Testing Device Dispensing Device Communication Device Conclusion

3 Motivation

4 Project Description Dispensing Device Testing Device Physician Patient

5 Blood Clotting A natural process in which blood cells and fibrin strands clump together to stop bleeding

6 Blood Coagulation Mechanism

7 Prothrombin Time (PT) The time it takes plasma to clot.
PT is reported in seconds

8 International Normalization Ratio (inr)
The ratio of the patient's clotting time to the mean reference value.

9 Anticoagulants Medications that delay the coagulation of blood
Some of these are: Heparin Argatroban Hirudin Warfarin

10 Warfarin the most widely used oral anticoagulant.
It is a non-habit forming medication. to prevent formation of new blood clots in high-risk patients

11 Motivation Frequent Monitoring Dose adjustment Reduce patient error
Time saving Availability of a patient medical history Reduce visitation to clinic.

12 Objectives Design a blood testing mechanism
Design a drug dispensing mechanism Design and construct a working prototype of the system Dispensing Device Testing Device Physician Patient

13 Design Process Gantt Chart

14 The Harmony INR Monitoring System
Market Analysis The ProTime System-PT- INR Testing The Harmony INR Monitoring System Coaguchek System INRatio®PT Monitoring System

15 Function Structure Global device function Overall function structure
Drug dose Blood sample System Blood Sample Testing Device Dispenser Communicator INR value Dose Drug Dosage Hold Sample Overall function structure

16 Specifications Measuring Device Dispensing Device

17 Measuring Device Touch button operation Small sample volume: 20 µL
Portable and easy to use Large, easy to read reporting screen Durable Repeatable Cost effective meter and test strip Dimension 5"×3" Small sample volume: 20 µL Perform measurement automatically as soon as the sample is applied Measuring time is less than one minute Sensitive: can measure less than 1 mg/mL of Prothrombin Made of biocompatible materials Disposable sample holder Meet the International Biomedical Instrumentation standards

18 Dispensing Device Store medicine Cost effective
Dispense one tablet at the time Time for dispensing to be less than 2 minutes Patient interference to the device is negligible Cost effective Durable Dimension 5”×2.5” Safe, no sharp corner

19 Communication Device Cost effective
Dimension 5”×3” Communication between the medical doctor and the device within one day The whole device dimension should not exceed 26.5"×12"

20 Developing concepts

21 Testing Morphological Chart
Hold Sample Testing methods 1.RLC 2. Protein separation 3. Contact angle 4. Plasma profile 5. Viscosity 6. Light intensity 7. Shear stress 8.Charged Particle 9.Elisa 10.Cantilever beam 11.Piezoelectric 12. Blood layer thickness Display INR Digital display Printer LED monitor LCD

22 Testing Methods 1. RLC Testing Method

23 Experiments Measuring the capacitance across the copper plates with time

24 experiments Measuring the capacitance across the copper plates with time for different INR values (adding tissue factor)

25 Contact angle Method

26 Contact angle measurements
Result θ is too small to measure Syringe camera sample stage light source Measure surface area Captive Bubble Contact Angle apparatus

27 Surface Area method

28 Protein Separation Method

29 viscosity Method Resistance measurements Charged particle Method

30 Shear stress Measuring the distance moved

31 Light intensity Blood layer thickness

32 Cantilever beam Method Plasma profile Method

33 viscosity Method

34 Charged particle Method
+ - Function Generator

35 piezoelectric Method Flow in pipes

36 Drug dispensing device

37 dispenser Morphological Chart
Tablet Holder Mover Belt Shaft Gear Pulleys Manual Rollers Piston

38 dispenser Morphological Chart
Actuator Dc motor pneumatic hydraulic Step motor count IR sensor Laser Sensor Distance Sensor Lock solenoid Worm gear Spring damping Spring solenoid arm locking (hook)

39 dispenser Morphological Chart
Cutter cutter Scissors (Sharp) Paper cutter Utility Knife Ejector

40 Dispensing concept 1

41 Dispensing concept 2

42 Dispensing concept 3

43 Dispensing concept 4

44 Dispensing concept 5

45 Communication device

46 communication Morphological Chart
Sending signals Wire modem Sound Fiber optic Laser transmitter

47 Cost estimation

48 The budget

49 Testing device

50 Dispensing device

51 Communication part

52 Experimental part


54 FUTURE WORK Resuming investigating the testing methods
Evaluating testing methods to select the proper one Analyzing the design of testing, dispensing, and communication Building a prototype for the whole device Experiments

55 Tasks


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