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Recovery Ministries Leadership Community Group 4Meeting 3 October 22 – 24, 2008.

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1 Recovery Ministries Leadership Community Group 4Meeting 3 October 22 – 24, 2008

2 Participants Big Valley Grace Community Church Christ's Church of the Valley Christian Assembly Duncanville Church of Christ Irving Bible Church Living Free Recovery Services Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Quest Community Church The Grove Community Church Thomas Road Baptist Church Watermark Community Church

3 Agenda DAY ONE Registration Welcome Perception Fighting Temptations Video ClipFighting Temptations Video Clip Fast Fire Updates Don Simmons: Why do people volunteer?Don Simmons: Why do people volunteer? Corkology Video What did you hear?What did you hear? Dinner DAY TWO Good Morning Devotional Current Volunteer ModelsCurrent Volunteer Models Don Simmons: 7 Essentials Elements for Leading PeopleDon Simmons: 7 Essentials Elements for Leading People I.T.A.F.E.R.R. Group WorkI.T.A.F.E.R.R. Group Work Models of the FutureModels of the Future Church Work DAY THREE Devotional Church Work Speed Dating

4 Welcome

5 What we do here?

6 Perception What do you see?

7 Fighting Temptations The group watched a clip from the movie "The Fighting Temptations" and discussed how it applies to their ministries. Scenes 9 – 10 and Scene 13 What roles did you see? Prisoners, Choir Members, Radio Announcer, Recruiter, Pastor with authority, Pastors sister It takes all kinds to accomplish a big task; to see things a little differently; step out of comfort zones. What about the radio announcer? He became more and more desperate for recruits towards the end, almost willing to take anybody…even atheists. In recruiting, we look for an ideal candidate, but sometimes we get people that don't immediately obviously fit.. how does this sometimes happen in volunteerism? Some things we need to overlook, some blinders we need to take off; on the flip side of that, there are some things we can't compromise, some standards we hold on to..

8 Fast Fire Updates

9 Big Valley Grace Community Church Christ's Church of the Valley

10 Christian Assembly Foursquare Church Duncanville Church of Christ

11 Irving Bible Church Living Word Christian Center

12 Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Quest Community Church

13 The Grove Community Church Thomas Road Baptist Church

14 Watermark Community Church

15 Don Simmons, PhD Don is President of Creative Potential Consulting and Training, a firm that specializes in nonprofit organizational management and church leadership development. Don teaches Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management at California State University, Fresno, he is also on faculty in business at Christian ministries at Fresno Pacific University. A writer for Christianity Today, Outreach and Group Publishing, Dons background in volunteer leadership, community outreach and collaboration provides a unique voice in the faith and nonprofit sectors. An ordained minister and former seminary professor, Don lives in downtown Fresno, California, where he chairs the Historic Preservation Commission and serves on several nonprofit boards. For more information see:

16 Why Do People Volunteer? 93% of all adults in this country do not have the personality type to be self initiators 7% hear the need and step up to the plate.. in that 7%, there is that flakes and freaks factor; and 3% of them want to do everything, but they're really busy and tired.. somehow we affirm showing up more than being effective Reasons Why People Volunteer: – #1 Reason that people serve is because somebody that they respect or care for asked them to serve –It will serve a real need … attracted to making a difference –It's an experience they've had … they know what it's like to be in recovery, so they want to help other people … twice as likely to serve because of personal connection.. people are more likely to respond as a volunteer to someone who is unpaid than someone who is paid –They sense God wants them to … people are more likely to write you a check than to give you an hour Click the Icon to Listen to the Audio Recording of this Section

17 3 Lies About Volunteering: – Anybody can do it – It wont take any time – We will teach you everything you need to know to do this Four I's To Remember: – I dentify – I nform – I nvite – I nvest

18 What did you hear? Group 1Group 2Group 3 Scott MillerSuzi MillerScott Stubbert Ralph DelgadoRon HallJoey Delgado Connie DavisCarlos MartinezStek Steck Sue YoungChris CallisonLori VanOverbeke Joanie TankersleyJulie ScalesLucy Letton Scott RayTodd BurrisNate Graybill Shoni TuckerLindsey NelsonWendi Jennings Ruby CochranMelissa MastersMegan Cornwell Merritt Olsen Group 4Group 5Group 6 Susan LeonardGordon Agrella Tammy Bertolini Jim CosbyJaime ZavalaNan Dhuet Mary NaultyJohn BowersSusie Russell Roy RonveauxTreena HaaseKarl Miller Joan LongHelen MusickJulie Henderson Tracy LauAleks StewartMike Mahon Amy WattsCindy PhillipsDaryl Pitts Travis MastersLauri LanierMarilyn Murray

19 Group 1 Group 2

20 Group 3 Group 4

21 Group 5 Group 6

22 Day 2 - Devotional Helen Musick

23 Current Volunteer Models



26 7 Essential Elements of Leading People Time Givers Needs Each of These TrainingAffirmationFeedbackEvaluationRecognitionReflectionInvite

27 Click the Icon to Listen to the Audio Recording of this Section


29 I T A F E RR Invite: Invite: Identify – Inform – Invite - Invest Training: Training: Tell, Show, Do; by example and experience Affirmation : Affirmation : affirming them for who they are, not for what they do; this is not appreciation - which is to say thank you; Feedback : Feedback : Invite Feedback; Get permission for Giving Feedback; timing important, not right after the task/ event; throughout is the most valuable Compliments Compliments – Bubbles, we like them; but they wont grow you or be useful Criticism Criticism - Hurts like a thrown Baseball; can bruise Critique Critique - Like a Beach Ball ; critique helps people get to the next point. It must include THE NEXT TIME … Evaluation : Evaluation : We don't evaluate people, we evaluate programs and process; evaluation is something you can fix; feedback is behavior you can change; remove roadblocks. Ask, what should we : Stop? Start? Continue? Make sure to write down and do something with it. Recognition : Recognition : Should be individual & personal, the way they like to be recognized. Good recognition shows appreciation, it says that they have been noticed and gratitude. Mass productions of thank you DO NOT work. Honor them individually. Reflection Reflection : What did this experience mean? Good reflection should asks two questions: (1) so what? (2) now what?

30 Group Exercise Participants were assigned to 7 groups to discuss how ITAFERR can be applied to recovery ministries. Each group was asked to developed a model for this element of the volunteer experience.

31 nvite raining I T

32 ffirmation eedback A F

33 valuation ecognition E R

34 eflection R

35 What could be … VOLUNTEER MODEL OF THE FUTURE Your team has been hired by a church to create a dream volunteer model. The budget is unlimited, people are ready and willing to give their time and you have all the time you need as well…there are no limitations! Take into account what you have learned from Don Simmons and the articles you read. Really try and stretch yourself and dream what your volunteer model COULD be. Resist the urge to be objective. Have some fun with this and think way beyond your wildest dreams. DRAW your model on the small white board. You have about 90 minutes to complete this. You are free to use as many people as you want to share your model with the group…3 minutes total.




39 Y.M.C.A.

40 Fortune Cookies

41 Action Plans
























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