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Earths History in Geologic Time By Dan Cyre, Robert Daub, and Beth Lang.

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1 Earths History in Geologic Time By Dan Cyre, Robert Daub, and Beth Lang

2 Enduring Understandings Geologic time is not uniform. Earths history is preserved in rock.

3 Essential Question How is the Earth different today than in the past?

4 Standards Addressed: GR5-7 4.2.1 understands that earth processes observed today (including movement of lithospheric plates and changes in atmospheric conditions) are similar to those that occurred in the past; earth history is also influenced by occasional catastrophes, such as the impact of a comet or asteroid GR8-12 4.2.1 understands geological time is used to understand the earths past

5 Sequence Pre-test Essential Question Whiteboard Discussion Geologic Time Scale Activity Fossils Activity Fossils Worksheet Introduction to Relative and Absolute Dating

6 Sequence Cont. Relative Dating Worksheet Review Post-test

7 Time Line (50 min. class) Day 1: Pre-test, Bell Work (Whiteboard Essential Question, Geologic Time Scale Activity Research Day 2: Construct Geologic Time Scale, Whiteboard Discussion, Earth Year Calendar Day 3: Fossil Inquiry: samples, Interactive Fossil Museum, Fossils WS

8 Time Line (cont.) Day 4: Fossils Whiteboard Discussion, Introduce Relative and Absolute Dating, Relative Dating Worksheet Day 5: Relative Dating Whiteboard Discussion, Test Review Day 6: Post-test

9 Bell Work Introduce students to Essential Question Have students whiteboard answers Share with class Check for background knowledge

10 Geologic Time Scale Activity Students research Web sites to find characteristics specific to geologic time periods. Scale is discussed with students relationship with million Students will construct a time scale on adding machine tape.

11 Geologic Time Scale Activity (cont.) Students will whiteboard findings from activityrefer back to bell work whiteboard discussion Extension Activity: Students will relate findings from geologic time scale to project the timeline to an earth calendar year. (Jan. 1Earth formed, Dec. 31 11:59:58.47-Establishment of US)

12 Fossils Activity Students examine fossil samplesdiscuss the type of organisms the fossils represent and conditions of formation Further inquiry with Interactive Fossil Museum

13 Fossils Worksheet Students read through material to discover formation of fossils, specific fossil types, and fossil record Lab groups will each take a section of questions and whiteboard answers Class discussion using whiteboard answers

14 Introduction to Relative and Absolute Dating Read through How Old is that Rock? Check for understandingask students to give examples of relative and absolute age; know term half-life

15 Relative Dating Worksheet Students will read through Relative Dating selection; class discussion for key science concepts (law of superposition, extrusion, intrusion, unconformity, etc.) Students will work on questions in lab groups; whiteboard response Class discussion with whiteboard answers

16 Test Review Crossword for vocabulary terms Classroom Performance System quiz format for other questions

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