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Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

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1 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Logos Courtesy of

2 Mission Central Focus is the Family and Family Life Mission Statement:
To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through: character development creative and critical thinking interpersonal communication practical knowledge career preparation. Central Focus is the Family and Family Life

3 FCCLA FACTS Colors: Red is symbol for Strength
White is symbol for Sincerity Flower: Red Rose Motto: “Toward New Horizons” Red rose – represents the organization b/c it gives joy through its beauty and fragrance. It symbolizes a desire for beauty in everyday living.

4 FCCLA History Future Homemakers of America (FHA)
Founded in June 11, 1945 in Chicago Co-sponsored by: American Home Economics Association & US Department Of Education

5 FHA History Future Homemakers of America
Georgia second state to affiliate Georgia first to have full-time state adviser, Mrs. Janet McGarity-Barber Georgia’s first state President was Pat Randolph She was also Georgia’s first National Officer Randolph Cabin in honor of her at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center in Covington

6 Georgia NHA History New Homemakers of America
Organization in the African American schools First GA State Adviser, Miss Daisy Lewis Cabin named in her honor at Camp John Hope in Perry 1965 – NHA and FHA merged

7 FHA changes to fccla 1983: National Headquarters Opened in
Reston, Virginia 1995: Home Economics Became Family and Consumer Sciences 1999: Name changed from FHA to FCCLA 1999: New Emblem Introduced

8 FCCLA facts Original 1945 Emblem Octagon – Represents
the 8 FCCLA Purposes Hands in the middle supporting a home Rays extending out represents members reaching out into the community

9 National Programs

10 National Programs

11 National Programs

12 National Programs

13 National FCCLA National Website - 10 National Officers
10 National Officers Plan National Conferences: Cluster Meetings in November National Leadership Conference in July Georgia has had two national officers in the past two years: Jennifer Ross from Walnut Grove High School & Jessica Pope from Berrien High School

14 State Leadership Meeting
March 14 – 16, 2013 Classic Center Athens, Georgia Includes: Keynote Speaker Regional Awards Foundation Event Gala Dance State Officer Elections Honor Roll Awards Membership Awards & Chapter of the Year!

15 National Leadership Conference
National Meetings National Cluster Meetings November Reno, Nevada November Indianapolis, IN and Oklahoma City, OK National Leadership Conference July 7-11, 2013 Nashville, TN

16 Benefits of Joining a student organization:
Leadership Development Personal Growth Community Service Scholarship and College Opportunities Travel Opportunities

17 Publications Georgia News : The State Newspaper
Each chapter receives 20 copies of Georgia News twice a year Teen Times: The National Magazine Each chapter receives a classroom set 3 times a year

18 Georgia FCCLA Two Camps: Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center in Covington
Camp John Hope in Fort Valley/Perry

19 Leadership Obstacle Course
B.A.S.I.C. training Chapter Planning Team Building Leadership Obstacle Course Low and High Ropes Helps to… Increase chapter involvement Develop unity Build trust Improve communication Develop confidence and leadership skills

20 Georgia FCCLA State Office
Executive Director Vickie Rundbaken Georgia FCCLA State Office 283 Swanson Drive Suite 204 Lawrenceville, GA (678)

21 Georgia FCCLA State President Gift Baanen, Redan High School

22 Georgia FCCLA State Officers Region Officers

23 Fall Leadership Conference
Sept. 20 – 21, 2012 Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center Covington, GA Includes: Keynote Speaker Leadership Breakout Sessions Chapter Planning Time National STAR Event Winners Mini BASIC Training Foundation Dance Membership Recruitment T-shirt Design Competition State Lapel Pin Competition Slip ‘n Slide, Putt Putt and More!

24 Georgia National Fairgrounds
Fall Leadership Rally October 9-10, 2012 Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, Georgia Includes: Fall Motivational Rally Culinary Competition Chili Cook-Off Knowledge Bowl Brochure Event Food Demonstrations Fair Rides and much more!

25 FCCLA Day at the Capitol
February 4-7, 2013 Georgia State Capitol Visit Local Legislators Capitol Scavenger Hunt Region Photos

26 STAR Events Competition
Region STAR Events Competition February 15 and February 16 TOP Two move to State Competition

27 Check-out These Websites:
For More Information: Check-out These Websites:


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