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HEART LAKE SECONDARY SCHOOL Course Selection 2014-2015 Grade 12 Students.

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1 HEART LAKE SECONDARY SCHOOL Course Selection 2014-2015 Grade 12 Students

2 COURSE SELECTION Tuesday, February 11 - Tuesday, February 18

3 30 credits 18 compulsory credits 12 optional credits 40 hours of Community Involvement Successful Completion of the Literacy Test Diploma Requirements

4 Learn, ask questions and make informed decisions! Visit Heart Lakes Website Under Student Service select STUDENT FRIENDLY COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Talk to your teachers Make an appointment with your counsellor Talk with parents and family members

5 All Grade 12 Students MUST log in to Myblueprint You can either choose courses Or notify us that you are not returning

6 Stop! If you are planning on returning in the fall – you are able to come back and earn up to a maximum of 34 credits. You can return for one semester. Please see your counsellor for further details.:

7 Go to Heart Lake Secondary School website Click on myBlueprint

8 Login to: Login: your student number@pdsb.orgyour student Password: Youve made your own

9 Stop! If you missed the Myblueprint training we have created a password for you. Login: Password: Your Student Number

10 Click on High School Planner to begin choosing your courses

11 This is where you see course requirements for graduation. This is where you see your post- secondary opportunities across Canada based on your course selection. This is where you view other graduation requirements and your progress.

12 This is where you can: compulsory courses completed courses and marks plan your courses for multiple grades and build your graduation and post-secondary plan in advance. submit your plan for the upcoming school year You will see:

13 Click on NOT RETURNING if you are not returning to HLSS next year You will then need to select your destination (i.e. workplace, college, university etc.) Once youve done this step youre done! You can log out! If you are NOT returning in September:

14 Add a course to your plan by clicking on + Course. Explore the subject specific courses available at your school. Select courses to meet your program, diploma, and post- secondary requirements. If you are returning in September

15 1. Click on a subject folder to review courses available. 2. Click on a course to read course prerequisites and description. 3. Click Add Course to Plan in the bottom right corner. Note: You can use the Grade dropdown or search filters to find a course.

16 1.Hover your cursor over the course box (do not click) and a red X will appear. Then click the X to remove the course. 2. Add a course to your plan by clicking on + Course. How to delete a course you have chosen

17 You will see the error message shown if you select a course for which you do not have the prerequisite. Please review your course prerequisites. Please do not select a course if you do not have the prerequisite. Error Message: Missing Prerequisite!!

18 1.A plan that meets all graduation requirements will result in the checkmark shown. 2.Submit your plan by clicking Submit Note: Only your next year grade courses will be submitted even if multiple years have been planned. Submitting Your Courses

19 1.Submit your courses by clicking Confirm and Print. 2.A pop-up window may appear, click OK to finalize the submission of your plan. Submitting Your Courses

20 Stop! Review your courses. Once you hit the submit button- you cannot make changes.

21 1.Please print the Course Verification Form. 2.Have your Parent/ Guardian sign the form and return the form to your homeroom teacher. Keep another for your records. Verification Report

22 Deadline for Course Selection Course selection website opens Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014. At this time you can go online. Select your courses. Print out your Verification and get it signed by a parent/guardian. Return the printed verification to your homeroom teacher. Course selection website will close Tuesday, February 18 th

23 FINAL TIPS Select courses online by February 18 th, 2014 Be realistic Research Ask questions! Print off your verification form, hand one into your homeroom teacher and keep one for your records

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