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What is tobacco?. The leaves are picked. Dried.

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1 What is tobacco?


3 The leaves are picked.

4 Dried.

5 And rolled


7 and packaged as cigarettes

8 As chew or dip

9 Or snuff.

10 Snuff was popular in ancient cultures.

11 So, tobacco can be smoked (inhaled).

12 Chewed

13 Or snuffed.

14 And now a new way: Each tin contains 15 small sachets which look a bit like small tea bags, each containing flavored tobacco. When placed under the top lip for about 30 minutes the snus releases nicotine which is absorbed into the blood stream.

15 Still, cigarettes remain the most popular form of tobacco.

16 Whats the drug in tobacco? Nicotine

17 What is a drug? A drug is a substance that causes an effect in the body either by mimicking a natural substance or by interfering with a natural process. Check out this video clip that demonstrates tobaccos interference with the brains function…

18 Whats in a cigarette? Remember these 3 things: 1. Nicotene 2. Tar 3. Gases/Chemicals

19 Over 4,000 different gases/chemicals, such as…


21 Tar The yellow-brown sticky substance that stains our ceilings. It contains a mix of chemicals, including arsenic, cyanide and formaldehyde. When we inhale smoke from a cigarette, about 70% of the tar stays in our lungs and reduces our lungs capacity to hold the air we need as well as contributing to a number of serious diseases.

22 Benzene Did you know that a brand of mineral water was taken off the market in 1990 when some bottles were found to contain 4.7 micrograms of benzene, a cancer-causing solvent. There are 190 micrograms of benzene in one cigarette!

23 Carbon Monoxide When we smoke, poisonous carbon monoxide has a much greater ability to stick to our red blood cells than oxygen. This means that our red blood cells have to multiply to carry enough oxygen around our body. This makes our blood stickier. Our breathing gets more difficult and our heart has to work harder. This leads to circulation problems and heart disease.

24 What are the main dangers of smoking?

25 Lung Cancer: Smoking causes 87% of all lung cancer cases.

26 And other cancers.


28 Stroke

29 In summary, the main physical dangers are: Lung and other cancers Respiratory (lung) diseases, like emphysema (a breakdown of lung tissue) Heart disease Stroke

30 Other side effects: Yellow Teeth

31 Yellow skin & wrinkles

32 Premature aging

33 If smoking is so dangerous, why do people smoke? Some think its cool or sexy…






39 Yes, even cigars are marketed as sexy!

40 Some think smoking makes them seem more grown-up

41 Others smoke because their friends do


43 Still others think its no big deal…they can stop any time.

44 But most cant…

45 Cigarette companies WANT you to smoke.

46 Efforts to reduce smoking: 1. Increase taxes to make cigarettes even more expensive

47 2. Increase the size and type of warning labels








55 3. Pass stricter laws



58 cco/smoking.html# cco/smoking.html#

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