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Audiovisual for the world of Event Planning John Ocampo, CGMP, GVEP 1.

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1 Audiovisual for the world of Event Planning John Ocampo, CGMP, GVEP 1

2 Audiovisual (AV) technology is one of the most challenging areas for meeting planners. In this age of utilizing the latest and greatest technology, meeting planners must be on top of their game or at least know who to call. 2

3 What, Where, When, How many We Need? 3

4 This may include: A review of a facilities floor plan for optimum sight lines for video displays What equipment is needed Determining how all of that equipment will interconnect to each other and how it will be controlled 4 Programming/Needs Assessment

5 The layout of the function space will have to accommodate your program's : specific needs for audio visual equipment setup and production. including rigging of lights if needed. The function space should be: without obstacles low ceilings reflecting mirrors or windows 5 Function Space

6 A microphone and sound system should be required for attendance of 50 people or more, or if it is to be held in an area where acoustics are questionable. Lighting Projection Screens Sound Riser 6 Most Common Types of Audiovisual Enhancements

7 What: How many people Rooms General session Breakouts Registration Area Small Suite for Emergency Management Team Board Room(s) Speaker Ready Room(s) Secure Space (Office) Secure Storage Room Exhibit Area Internet Connection Fee - WiFi 7

8 500 sq ft Reception: 50 people Theatre: 55 people Rounds 60: 40 people 1000 sq ft Reception: 105 people Theatre: 111 people Rounds 60: 80 people 1500 sq ft Reception: 158 people Theatre: 166 people Rounds 60: 120 people 2000 sq ft Reception: 211 people Theatre: 222 people Rounds 60: 160people 3000 sq ft Reception: 316 people Theatre: 333 people Rounds 60: 248 people 4000 sq ft Reception: 421 people Theatre: 444 people Rounds 60: 328 people Meeting / Banquet Space Calculator Room Size: 8

9 Basic Small Meeting Flip chart, Easel, Whiteboard, Podium Ask speaker about audiovisual requirements and get written confirmation From speaker - From venue Lighting Speaker Podium with light to see notes Test light before meeting – Have an extra bulb in case it burns out Audience Enough light to read notes, handouts Lower lighting makes presentation more visible – avoid wash out Check lighting at least 1 hour before meeting to adjust 9

10 Basic Small Meeting cont. Sound Plug computer into sound system in meeting room at least 1 hour before meeting Use external speakers to ensure all attendees can hear Projection PowerPoint most widely used Screen Make certain bottom of screen is at least 2 feet off bottom of the floor. Ensure audience can see the entire screen Screen height should be the distance from the screen to the back wall divided by eight (8). Chairs No closer to the screen than 1.5 times the screens height. Ceilings Ceilings should be at least 10 feet high 10

11 Is the audiovisual in house or contract out? Is there a Union? Is the audiovisual tech in house? Are there charges for setup and move-out days? What is the cost for electrical hook-up? What is normally provided by the facility as part of the room? a. Microphones b. House sound system c. Flipcharts d. Easels e. Lecterns f. Other items Questions Planers Should Ask? 11

12 AV Requirements for Speaker Presentations Microphones 1.Does speaker prefer handheld or lavalier (lapel) microphone? 2.Does speaker prefer wireless or wired microphone? 3.Is a mixer required? a.If have more than one source of audio, need one i.Microphone, Mp3 player, DVD, Computer Demo audio 4.Is sound technician needed? 5.Can we use the house sound system? 6.Will other input devices be used? a.Demos, Ipads, MP3 players, computers, DVDs 12

13 Projectors and Screens 1.Is the slide show in standard or widescreen? 2.Is standard tripod or fast-fold screen preferred? 3.Is the presentation to be front or rear projection? 4.Is wireless remote control needed? 5.Does the presenter have notes or need teleprompter? 6.What is the screen size? Largest screen in room: Height of ceiling minus 4 feet Ceiling 13 feet minus 4 feet = 9x12 screen AV Requirements for Speaker Presentations cont. 13

14 AV Requirements for Speaker Presentations cont. Video 1.What size? What format? 2.Computer interface? 3.What make and model computer will be used? a.Macs need special adaptors to hook into the projector 4.What is the presentation resolution? a.Any wide screen presentations b.Any HD presentations 5.How many computers and playback devices? a.Determines the switcher you need i.More inputs, larger switcher required 6.Does the speaker need an Internet connection? a.Sometimes speaker has remote presenter or demo to present 14

15 Recording What is the purpose of the recording? a.For reference? For training? For sale? For a client? i.Helps AV company provide solution to best suit your needs for recording AV Requirements for Speaker Presentations cont. 15

16 Some last notes Have equipment set and running one hour prior to meeting If speaker wants equipment setup the night before the meeting, for rehearsal, make sure you arrange with the venue to have personnel available to operate equipment If technical specialists is required, allow for 4 hour minimum and overtime rate after 5 p.m. and on weekends AV Requirements for Speaker Presentations cont. 16

17 Developing the AV Budget Audio visual services and equipment must be a high priority when budgeting for a meeting or event. Options span a wide spectrum of equipment and technology ranging from a basic flip chart to a highly technical videoconference. 17

18 18

19 COMPANY NAME: ______________________________________ Offer Valid Until: _______________________________________ Audio Visual Equipment & Technical ServicesQuantity# of daysUnit PriceTotal Price General Session XGA LCD Projector $0.00 Front or Rear Projection Screen $0.00 Velour Dress Kit $0.00 30 or larger Flat Panel Monitor with appropriate stand $0.00 Wireless Remote Computer Control System $0.00 Pentium 4 laptop personal computer w /DVD player $0.00 Small Sound System $0.00 Seamless Graphics Switcher $0.00 Push-To-Talk microphones $0.00 Microphone Mixer $0.00 UHF Wireless Microphone System - Lavaliere $0.00 UHF Wireless Microphone Systems $0.00 Microphone Floor Stands $0.00 Dynamic Hand Held Microphone w/Lectern Stand or gooseneck holder $0.00 Dynamic Hand Held Microphone w/Table Stand – Panel $0.00 Audio Record System-CD or DVD deck $0.00 Outside POTS $0.00 Flipchart Packages $0.00 Cable & Distribution Package $0.00 20 feet to 30 feet grey velour pipe & drape package $0.00 Audio-Visual Technician $0.00 General Session Total $0.00 Breakout Rooms LCD Projectors – minimum 2000 lumens $0.00 Front Projection Tripod Screen - w/skirt $0.00 Pentium Laptop Personal Computer $0.00 Wireless Remote Computer Control System $0.00 Flipchart Packages $0.00 Polycom (or equal) telephone conference interface $0.00 Outside POTS (analogue telephone) line $0.00 Breakout Rooms Total $0.00 Office Support Area $0.00 Conference Signage $0.00 Security Services $0.00 Labor $0.00 Travel $0.00 Hotel Venue Charges NSP$0.00 19

20 20

21 21 Questions?

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