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How to hook up a Projector to a Laptop

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1 How to hook up a Projector to a Laptop
By: Bradley Scott

2 Getting Started Go over pre-check list
Laptop Battery charged Extension cords if needed Cables for projector Serial Port cables Video cables for use with VHS or DVD Check that power source is available

3 Laptop connections Connect power supply cable to laptop If using external power. 2 serial ports are available on back of laptop 1 Male 1 Female Connect projector blue serial cable to back of laptop in blue serial port. (This cable usually has blue ends on both ends to indicate male plugs).

4 Projector Connections
Connect projector power supply cord to projector. Connect other end of blue cable to appropriate port on back of projector (should have blue indicator on serial port also).

5 Turning on Equipment First turn on power to the Laptop.
Then turn on power to the projector. Check projection of projector. Adjust width and height of projection. Be sure to place projector in stand-by mode while not in use (this adds to the life of the bulb).

6 Checking Software Check to see that software will load up properly
Check PowerPoint or presentation is loaded properly Run through presentation making sure all slides are available.

7 Checking Projector Check height and with of projection to fit screen.
Check focus of actual presentation.

8 Few Reminders FN button stands for Function Button
(Allows use of keys on laptop which are indicated by blue lettering at top of keys. LCD – stands for Liquid Crystal Display (Computer screen) CRT – stands for Cathode Ray Tube (Projector screen display)

9 Display Holding the function key down while pressing the LCD/CRT key at top of keyboard will allow projection switch from laptop to projection display.

10 Video use of projector Most Projectors can be used with VHS/DVD players. Video cables are included: Red and White are used for audio. Yellow is used for video.

11 Warning!!! Moving and storing projectors without proper time to cool down can cause damage to the projector or can cause the bulb to blow out.

12 The End

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