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1 Tips For Viewing Slide Show
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2 Introducing: “Northern Two Cayes”

3 Presentation Outline Intro to Northern Two Cayes and Atolls
Where Are Northern Two Cayes? Descriptions of Northern Two Cayes Why are These Islands so Valuable? Why are Atolls so Special? Overwater Bungalow Resort Concept A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Further Details and Info


5 What’s an Atoll, Anyway? An Atoll is a seamount rising from deep oceanic water situated in the earth’s tropical zone. These seamounts rise to just below the surface of the sea, and with the warm tropical waters and bright sunlight in the shallow waters, CORAL can grow and create a reef surrounding the edge of the seamount. An Atoll with a Coral Island It is important to make these clear distinctions: Islands are NOT Atolls Atolls are NOT Islands But, YES Islands do Form Upon Atolls

6 Atolls Can Come in Many Forms
Tetiaroa Atoll, “Brando Island” - French Polynesia Aitutaki Atoll in the Cook Islands Kayangel Atoll, Palau A Small Atoll in the Maldives - (no island formed) To see more on how Coral Atolls are formed click here

7 An Extraordinary Opportunity for the Perceptive Resort Developer

8 Where in the Caribbean? - Belize
A 2 Hour Flight from Miami, Houston, or Dallas More akin to Caribbean Islands than to its Central American neighbors Has the practical benefits of being a part of mainland Central America

9 Belize in the Western Caribbean
Similar in culture to Jamaica, Antigua, and St. Vincent with friendly Latin influence. Former British Colony (British Honduras) Stable Parliamentary Government Up and Coming Tourist Destination Rainforests on the Mainland Mayan Indian, Carib & British Heritage English is Primary Language Well educated population (90% literacy, 35% bi-lingual) Spectacular Water-World Houston Gulf of Mexico Miami 2 Hr Flight 2 Hr Flight Belize

10 The Water-World of Belize
The Highest Concentration of Islands and Reefs in all of the Americas 180 mile long barrier reef runs along the entire length of the country 3 unique offshore Atolls outside the Barrier Reef Known for spectacular fishing, diving and great cruising waters 183 Islands and Cayes sprinkled throughout the atolls and reefs

11 Where in Belize are Northern Two Cayes ?
Map Key Shallow Water Deep Water Land & Reef Crest Where in Belize are Northern Two Cayes ? On Lighthouse Reef Atoll 40 Miles offshore of mainland Belize The eastern-most Atoll of Belize Secluded yet very accessible 20 minute plane ride from the mainland Surrounded by deep oceanic blue waters. (3000 to 4000 feet deep)

12 Where are Northern Two Cayes Located on Lighthouse Reef Atoll?
At the Secluded North End of the Atoll Only 8 miles from the world-famous Blue Hole 16 miles away from Half Moon Caye National Monument and marine reserve Just inside of a major reef opening - this channel allows for excellent access to the islands by sea

13 What’s Special about Lighthouse Reef?
A “must visit” in the travelogue, One Thousand Places To Go Before You Die Northern Two Cayes Made famous by Jacques Cousteau when he explored the Great Blue Hole in 1973 Cousteau found additional world class wall diving at Lighthouse Reef which is still widely visited today Excellent saltwater fly fishing inside the reef and deep sea fishing outside of the reef Marine reserves and booby bird sanctuary keep the reefs preserved and development in check Waters within the reef are shallow and calm but still navigable for boats up to 140’ South End of Lighthouse Reef looking North

14 The Two Islands Together
As They Lie Within the North End of Lighthouse Reef Atoll The protective reef of the Atoll gives outstanding shelter to the Islands and shields them from occasional storms and big ocean waves. - Meanwhile - Northern Two Cayes The deep surrounding waters outside the Atoll constantly bathe the lagoon with crystal turquoise waters.

15 Northern Two Cayes – Nature’s Playground
The solid reef structure endows the lagoon of the Atoll with calm waters, which in turn provides the two Islands with: Approachable Beaches Calm Boat Harbors A Perfect Environment for Swimming and Water-sports The Most Beautiful Setting closest in nature to a South Seas Tropical Paradise

16 Northern Two Cayes – A Dynamic Pair
Together these Gorgeous Islands have a Synergy that Adds Value to Both Therefore, they will only be sold together as a pair because: This will maintain precious & ultimate privacy for both Islands The big island provides the necessary support for the small island The little island gives an additional playground and dimension to the big one Nowhere else can you find two islands so well suited to each other

17 Northern Caye – The Big Island
Blessed with Beautiful Natural Assets Two Miles of beautiful sandy Beaches Abundant Fresh Water underground with 2 proven wells Turquoise Waters around the perimeter - full of marine life Calm Interior Lagoons with navigable waters (great for a marina) Profuse Palm Trees from former Coconut Plantation ( ) Massive amounts of natural Mangroves providing beautiful habitat for fish nurseries.

18 Northern Caye – Lots of Acreage
The Perimeter Covers Approximately 950 Acres Including: 202 acres of surveyed, buildable high ground 100 acres (approx) of low ground 350 acres (approx) of interior lagoons 300 acres (approx) of healthy mangroves The former resort is located on 16 acres The current airstrip is 1900 feet in length A Future re-located airstrip could be up to 5400 feet High Ground

19 Northern Caye – Beauty with Utility
Varied Terrain and Good Waters Yield Excellent Functionality High ground for resort, private villas, restaurants and airstrip Low ground could be filled and used for support facilities Lagoons for an excellent boat harbor and marina Mangroves for fisheries habitat to maintain marine life Turquoise surrounding waters for recreation and overwater bungalows

20 Existing Improvements on Northern Caye
A former small resort, enough to house the staff to start building the real deal. Paved Air Strip – 1900 ft 5 Concrete Cabins 3: Two BR Suites Restaurant Building 2 Docks 2 Water Wells Maintenance Buildings Staff Quarters

21 Sandbore Caye – The Little Island
The Essence of the Perfect Tropical South Seas Island 10.2 acres of solid ground with a perfect swimming beach on the west side. Includes a superior natural boat harbor with depths to 6 feet. Located just 2/3's of a mile from Northern Caye.

22 Sandbore Caye – A Precious Islet
Featured in Islands Magazine Of all the 183 islands in all of Belize, Islands Magazine chose only one to showcase in the article on Belize… (Please Note: these beautiful coral-laden waters are, in fact, actually very navigable for boats with up to 6’ drafts )

23 Why are these Islands so Valuable?
Enough space on the big island for a 5400 ft. airstrip (enough for Lear or Gulfstream jets). A ¼ mile boat ride to world class diving and fishing. Two miles of white sandy Caribbean beaches. Excellent deep water access up to the shore for boats. It’s not just that they are beautiful, functional, and in the midst of great fishing and diving, but their rare location adds timeless value...

24 What Else Makes Them so Valuable?
Location, Location, Location: Only a 2 hour flight from the U.S. to Belize and these islands. Most importantly, their unique location on an ATOLL enhances their value above and beyond just any ordinary pretty tropical island! AND Because of this location ON AN ATOLL… a unique development opportunity, only possible on these islands, will make a huge success story for some astute and perceptive investors….

25 Where are these Atolls Located?
Depending on which scientific study you read, there are from 199 to 400 Atolls in the world. The differences in counts comes from differences in how one defines an atoll, but the lowest count includes only the most true form of coral tropical atolls with beautiful lagoons nearly enclosed by healthy coral reefs. (The white dots represent atolls in the World) Notice that there are very few atolls near the Americas…. Indeed, from 94% to 98% are in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, whereas there are only 2% in the entire Atlantic-Caribbean System.

26 And What’s so Great about an Atoll?
Privacy and Seclusion within the Haven of an Aquatic Playground The perimeter reef of an atoll protects beautiful calm waters inside the atoll, while deep oceanic waters outside continually bathe the atoll lagoon with crisp, azure waters The main lagoon of the atoll provides the environment for healthy coral reefs, mangrove habitats for marine nurseries, and private islands like our Northern Two Cayes

27 Yes, What’s so Great about an Atoll?
Lastly and Most Importantly... ... An Atoll offers the only feasible location for one of those spectacular Tahitian styled 5-Star resorts with romantic OVERWATER BUNGALOWS.

28 Lighthouse Reef – the Perfect Atoll
Home to Northern Two Cayes Northern Two Cayes at the North End THE ONLY Atoll in the Americas that can support a 5-Star overwater bungalow resort. Only a 2 – 3 hour flight from Mainland North America vs. very long flights to French Polynesia or to the Maldives Famous for water-sports, diving, and, fishing with incredible reef structure. The Entire Extent of Lighthouse Reef - 22 miles in length

29 Overwater Bungalow Resorts in the Maldives (Indian Ocean)
Four Seasons, W Hotels, and Hilton have several of the 26 Overwater Bungalow Resorts in the Maldives Maldives Maldives These are approximately 10,000 miles from Houston and 5200 miles from Paris (long flights) WHEREAS our islands are only 1000 miles from Houston and 5300 miles from Paris

30 Overwater Bungalow Resorts in French Polynesia (Pacific Ocean)
St. Regis, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, and Hilton have several of the 28 Overwater Bungalow Resorts in French Polynesia Moorea Bora Bora These are approximately 5000 miles from Houston and 10,000 miles from Paris (very long flights) WHEREAS our islands are only 1000 miles from Houston and 5000 miles from Paris.

31 The O-W Bungalow Resorts of the World
(Resorts indicated are only 4-Star to 5-Star Resorts with overwater bungalows) 4 Resorts 1 Resort 4 Resorts 26 Resorts 1 Resort 4 Resorts 1 Resort 1 Resort 1 Resort 28 Resorts 1 Resort Notice how these resorts are concentrated where the Atolls exist? (The white dots represent atolls in the World) Basically, this type of resort cannot exist anywhere but on an atoll….

32 Atolls in the Atlantic - Caribbean
There are Only 4 True Coral Atolls in the Entire Atlantic-Caribbean System These 4 atolls are located off the coast of Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula Because there are so few Atolls in this part of the world, there are virtually no, zero, first-class Overwater Bungalow resorts. The first and only one shall be built at Lighthouse Reef on Northern Two Cayes

33 Existing Overwater Bungalow Resorts of the Caribbean
Several Attempts have been Made … with Very Mediocre Results Cayo Espanto, Belize Coco View, Honduras Operators know these are very much desired by tourists, but the locations are just not right….. Punta Caracol, Panama St. Georges, Belize

34 Atoll Location is Essential!
Map Key Shallow Water Deep Water Land & Reef Crest Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiger Woods stayed at the Cayo Espanto Resort in 2005 and then bought an island nearby: Blackadore Caye They entered into an agreement with Four Seasons to build a first class resort, but unfortunately the folks at Four Seasons soon learned that this was not the right location – nothing like an atoll….. The project went nowhere. A 1st Class O-W Bungalow Resort requires crystal blue waters of an atoll and Northern Two Cayes has just that.

35 So, Here is Your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity !
Will this be your breakthrough in Resort Development? Be the SECOND entity to recognize the incredible potential of these tropical islands as the only location in the entire western hemisphere suitable for a 5-star Tropical Resort with those coveted romantic over-water bungalows which are currently only available far, far away.

36 “You build it and we’ll run it.”
Why Would You be the SECOND Entity to Discover this Incredible Opportunity? ….. Because ….. FOUR SEASONS HOTELS and RESORTS has already discovered these islands and is very interested in being a part of the development and management of the future resort. “You build it and we’ll run it.” To the left are some plans made by another entity, but they were unaware of the great value and popularity of overwater bungalows. They did not take advantage of the unique atoll location, nor did they plan an airstrip large enough to handle Lear or Gulfstream Jets.

37 Your Future Resort at Northern Two Cayes
Be a part of an exciting development that will “take off” the day it opens, AND SHALL REMAIN FOR DECADES TO COME AS the one and only resort of its caliber and type in the Caribbean.

38 For Further Info on Different Aspects of this Presentation:
Check out the following links to our comprehensive website: Overwater Bungalow Resorts of the World The Attributes of Northern Two Cayes Belize Culture and Government End of Presentation

39 How Coral Atolls are Formed
This animation shows the dynamic process of how a coral atoll forms. Corals (represented in tan and purple) begin to settle and grow around an oceanic island forming a fringing reef. It can take as long as 10,000 years for a fringing reef to form. Over the next 100,000 years, if conditions are favorable, the reef will continue to expand. As the reef expands, the interior island usually begins to subside and the fringing reef turns into a barrier reef. When the island completely subsides beneath the water leaving a ring of growing coral with an open lagoon in its center, it is called an atoll. The process of atoll formation may take as long as 30,000,000 years to occur (NOAA).

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