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Thai Brand Development Centre Cape Town – South Africa.

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1 Thai Brand Development Centre Cape Town – South Africa

2 The Group - Cape Thai Holdings

3 Group Simply Asia Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd Cape Thai Restaurant Holdings (Pty) Ltd Simply Asia Kitchens (Pty) Ltd Simply Asia Kitchens – Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd Simply Asia Marketing (Pty) Ltd Nature of Business: Franchisor - Restaurants Wholesaler Agent Formation: 1993 Directors : C Lekcharoensuk (Thai) T Schirduan (German) P Chetty (South African) S Jirachareonkul (Thai)

4 Divisions Franchising WangthaiChai YoSimply Asia Development PlanningNew Business Project Management Manufacturing Quality AssuranceSpices and SaucesProduction Logistics ProcurementWarehousingDistribution Corporate Planning & Forecasting ITHRFinanceLegalImmigration

5 Brands – Wangthai – 4 – Chaiyo – 2 – Simply Asia – 25 Competitive Advantage – Authenticity

6 Group Performance Store growth – 14 planned Store performance - 26% Turnover growth – 33%

7 Copyright 2009: Fernridge Consulting Store & DC Network 3 DC + 5 0 DC + 23

8 Medium Term Strategy National Growth – Organic – Existing stores – New Stores – Acquisitive Business Diversification – Vertical integration Backward - Manufacture Forward - Retail and Wholesale

9 Copyright 2009: Fernridge Consulting Proposed Store Network 3 + 3 5 + 7 0 + 5 23 + 3 Total = 49

10 Current Thai Imported Product Range Food & Related – Frozen – Ambient – Dry Goods – Herbs and Spices – Kitchen Equipment & Machinery Liquor Exclusive distributor of Singha beer

11 South Africa

12 Highly developed first-world economic infrastructure and a huge emergent market economy has given rise to a strong entrepreneurial and dynamic investment environment. Economic powerhouse of the African continent, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of R1,9 trillion (US$283bn) - four times that of its Southern African neighbours, and comprising 30% of the entire GDP of Africa. Amongst the highest ranking developing economies and surpasses countries such as Hungary, Italy, Brazil.

13 Transport and Logistics Infrastructure Boasts one of the most modern and extensive transport infrastructures in Africa. Infrastructure plays a crucial role in the country's economy and is depended on by many neighbouring states. Recent large-scale upgrading of the country's infrastructure, as well as investment in new infrastructure. Costs of doing Business Compares favourably to other emerging world markets. Lowest electricity prices in the world and despite looming challenges in this sector Labour costs are significantly lower than those of other key emerging markets. Favourable corporate tax rate compared to other emerging markets. Macro-economic stability Level of macro-economic stability not seen in many years. Solid foundation for increased investment and growth Financial Infrastructure One of the world's favourite emerging markets, offering investors sophisticated financial infrastructures and exceptional investment opportunities.

14 Key Financial Indicators - SA Outlook Foreign investment – encouraged Foreign Trade – Exchange control relaxation 9.00% 5.50% Feb 12 - 6.10% Jan 12 - 8.90% Dec 11 -3,20%

15 Outlook 2012 Global recession compounds challenges – Economic slowdown – Weaker commodity prices – Weaker external demand Global trade – shrink by 2%

16 SA Imports/Exports from Thailand – All Products SOURCE : DTI Ranked – 13/204 Proportion: 2.3% R000s

17 PREPARED FOODSTUFFS; BEVERAGES, SPIRITS, &VINEGAR; TOBACCO & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO SUBSTITUTES CountryIMPORT (R 000) R a n kProportion 2012 Annual Growth 201120102009200820122011%TotalCum.2012-2011 ARGENTINA3,073,5642,720,5002,809,0462,979,4401113.60% -19.30% UNITED KINGDOM2,216,4041,907,5391,641,6141,849,2592210.00%23.60%-17.30% CHINA980,223840,148796,559614,971349.20%32.80%70.90% THAILAND831,786851,3001,138,527907,807466.60%39.50%45.80% BRAZIL1,222,244825,1571,452,3271,060,366536.60%46.00%-1.60% UNITED STATES940,025797,853730,010794,550655.30%51.40%3.20% ITALY622,313471,119477,976487,1077104.80%56.20%41.50%

18 SA Imports from Thailand – Food & Related SOURCE : DTI

19 Exchange Rate

20 African Economy (USD)

21 Can we ignore a USD 4 trillion economy?

22 Thai Brand Development Centre

23 Shareholding Cape Thai Holdings BYK Intertrade Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Formation: 2011 Executive Management : C Lekcharoensuk (Thai) T Schirduan (German) P Chetty (South African) S Jirachareonkul (Thai)

24 Objectives : – To leverage the existing internal and external relationships and infrastructure to improve Thai/SA trade – Provide access to the SA market for large, medium and small Thai companies – Establish a gateway to Africa for Thai suppliers

25 Partner Relationships TBDC Thai Govt Depts Thai Suppliers

26 Proposed Three Tiers Large Medium Small

27 MODUS OPERANDI Research & ConsultancyPromotion and Market AccessMarketingSupply Chain ManagementAdministrationLocal SupportBrand Protection

28 Research – SA/World Import Analysis Category analysis Product analysis Demand indicators Research – Asian/World Export Analysis RegionalThai Thai/SA export evaluation Category & Product Prioritisation CategoryPriceProduct Taxation & Regulatory Framework Customs & Excise Ad- valorem Labelling Manufac Stds Partner Identification & Evaluation ReputationQuality Global Footprint Pricing Supply consistency Negotiation & MOU Research – Proactive

29 Negotiation & MOU Research –SA/World Import Analysis Category analysisProduct analysisDemand indicators Customer Identification & Evaluation Market SizePricing indicatorsCompetition Consultancy – Reactive

30 MODUS OPERANDI Research & Consultancy Promotion and Market Access - Existing network - Sales Team Marketing TTDC Supplier & Product Specific Supply Chain Management -Clearing & Forwarding - Warehousing - Distribution Administration – from inventory control to collections Local Support Brand Protection

31 New Showroom, Offices & Warehouse - Aerial View 5 km from port 5 km from city centre Close proximity to railways

32 New Showroom, Offices & Warehouse - Aerial View Developing node Off Main Traffic route Vehicular Pedestrian Part of the broader City Improvement District

33 Model Marketing Fees Admin and support services to be provided by TTDC Margin from product sales Marketing –Thai Govt Depts TTDC and Suppliers

34 Proposal – New Showroom, Offices & Warehouse Relocate from existing premises Revamp, Renovate & Refurbish Re-launch – TTDC – Showroom – Warehouse

35 Proposal – New Showroom, Offices & Warehouse - Aerial View Adequate customer parking Sufficient loading space Warehouse facility and design is appropriate for intended TTDC activities

36 New Showroom, Offices & Warehouse

37 Good quality facility Ideal branding and advertising opportunities High visibility Ancillary business opportunities

38 TTDC – Proposed Structure MANAGING DIRECTOR - Chai Lekcharoensuk FINANCE & ADMIN T Schirduan Finance HR Admin IT Legal Planning & Forecasting DEVELOPEMNT Purshoth Chetty Special Projects New Business Development Planning Project Management GENERAL MANAGER Enzo Cocca Operations Marketing Brand LOGISTICS Somchart Jirachareonkul Procurement - Local & international Warehousing Distribution

39 TTDC – Staffing Structure Somchart Jirachareonkul Warehouse Supervisor x1 Despatch & Receiving x 1 Packers x1 Marketing & Sales x2Admin & IT x2 Assistant

40 TTDC – Marketing Plan Refer attached presentation

41 Guidelines – Contribution in ZAR DEPSuppliersTTDC Pre inception and establishment costsx Set up and Development Costsx Rental per month - total aggregate contribution for all suppliers x MarketingxxX Demo and display productsx Stockx Showroom rental (based on sqm)x Supply Chain costs Utilitiesx Opening Ceremonyxxx

42 Contact Details Web: – – – Physical: Unit 27bThe Waverly Business Park Koetzee Rd, Observatory, 7700, Cape Town, south Africa Ph:+27 21 447 8347 Fax +27 21 448 8791


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