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Franchise Project on Jet's Pizza.

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1 Franchise Project on Jet's Pizza.
By: Pavel Shuvalau

2 Background of Jet's Pizza
Eugene Jets and his brother John Jets opened the first Jets Pizza in 1978 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Fourteen years later, after opening and operating several successful jets pizza stores, a corporation called jets America was formed with business partners Jim Galloway, Jr. and Jeff Galloway.

3 What does Jet's Pizza sell?
Jets Pizza mostly sells Pizza, submarine sandwiches, wings, and salads.

4 How well is the company doing?
Jets Pizza is across America but the most popular locations are in Florida and Michigan. Jets Pizza is 145 place in the rankings. Jets Pizza has more than 200 franchisee locations in 13 states. The profit depends on how well the franchisees are doing. About employees per restaurant and the number depends on how big the restaurant is.

5 Future plans of Jet's Pizza.
The future for jets Pizza is make their popularity rise even more. They also want rapid growth around the world. They want to make their Pizza better then any other pizza in the world. Right now they have 200 stores but they want to double that in the future.

6 What does Jet's Pizza do to help the community donations.
Jets sometimes in a year gives out free Pizza when they reach a certain amount of buyers. Jets pizza also sells their Pizza to hospitals for a very cheap price to make the patients enjoy their tasty Pizza for less. Jets Pizza does not donate any money except Pizza and their food.

7 How to start your own franchise in Jets Pizza?
1.Completely read through the Franchise Information Package found online at their website. 2. Fill out the Application and Financial Information Sheet and submit to the company or the franchisor. 3. If the application is approved an introductory meeting will be scheduled with the franchisor. 4. The Franchise Disclosure Document will be given to you. 5. And then you might be given the rules and you might start your biasness.

8 What would be the fees? Start-up Cost – The royalty fee is about 8,9,10 percent. Depending on the state and the site location, start-up costs are $370,000 and more. This figure includes the following: Initial Franchise Fee Lease Deposit Computer System Equipment, Fixtures and Small wares Package Exterior Store Signage Leasehold Improvements Insurance Beginning Inventory Architectural Design Grand Opening Advertising Misc. and Working Capital

9 What will your franchisor provide for this fee?
The Franchisor will provide a location but you have to pay a fee of 20,000 dollars for the location. He will help you a little getting started the first year but then you are on your own. The help is advise that can help you get more money.

10 What are the requirements of the owner who wants to start a franchise in Jet's Pizza?
A minimum net worth of $355,000-$425,000 is required per restaurant in cash, liquid assets, available financing, or a combination thereof. You have to build or buy a good location and the location has to be approved by the franchisor.

11 Where can you contact Jet's Pizza to find out more information about having your own franchise.
You can go to their website Or you can go to their corporation office “37501 Mound Road Sterling Heights, MI 48310”

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