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CACHA & Prevention Through Empowerment TANZANIA OBSERVERSHIP 2013.

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1 CACHA & Prevention Through Empowerment TANZANIA OBSERVERSHIP 2013

2 The Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA) is a humanitarian organization that seeks to improve population health and provide HIV care and education to remote African communities. Childhood education, water and sanitation, women's rights, income security, housing and nutrition. CACHA

3 Pamoja Tunaweza Womens Center opened in June 2007. PTE is a partner project of CACHA. Our vision is to support marginalized women in the Kilimanjaro region who suffer from poverty, gender based violence and, who may be infected with or affected by the impact of HIV/AIDS. PREVENTION THROUGH EMPOWERMENT

4 Womens health clinic & free medications HIV testing Womens health Sexual & reproductive health Business training and microfinance loans 12 week program Emergency shelter Guest house (income generating project) PREVENTION THROUGH EMPOWERMENT

5 Day in the life of a Queens medical student in Moshi, TZ Stay at PTE guest house, breakfast included Day at womens centre could include seeing patients with British, Canadian, and Tanzanian physicians; public health outreach; home visits to surrounding villages; support and counselling; mini projects around centre, etc. Evenings: students may cook dinner together or dine out at a restaurant in Moshi; use of wireless internet at guest house; watch a movie with DVD player at guest house; enjoy local night life, etc. PREVENTION THROUGH EMPOWERMENT


7 Students will spend 4 weeks at the womens centre in Moshi, in pairs (with potential overlap with the next pair for project continuity). Total price will range from $3500-$4000, depending on airfare. More accurate price breakdown will be available in early 2013. Students are encouraged to travel the surrounding area, but travel CANNOT occur during placement. Leisure travel must take place either before, or preferably, after the placement. WHEN? HOW MUCH?

8 Full application package and details available online at DUE FEB 22, 2013 Separate application for CACHA/PTE Tanzania pre-clerkship observership or clerkship elective (email DUE January Students will be notified within 2 weeks of their application status The Office of Global Health will run a Pre-Departure Training session APPLICATION PROCESS

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