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WESTERN (WWOW) Meets in 17 NORTHEAST (NIRF) Meets in 15 SOUTHEASTERN (SERF) Meets in 16 HEARTLAND Meets in 17 ROSES Meets in 15 ARIZONA Carol Friesen.

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2 WESTERN (WWOW) Meets in 17 NORTHEAST (NIRF) Meets in 15 SOUTHEASTERN (SERF) Meets in 16 HEARTLAND Meets in 17 ROSES Meets in 15 ARIZONA Carol Friesen CANADA Millie Dick - Central Janet Fountain - East Open – West ALABAMA/NW FL S. Ellen Rawls GREATER KANSAS CITY Karen Yount GREAT RIVER Barbara Driscoll CA.NO./NV NW Paula Bishop CAPITAL AREA Kay Slonaker FLORIDA Kitty Polk (President) ILLINOIS/WISCONSIN Vickie Nevius (President) OKLAHOMA Cathy Clark (President) CENTRAL ROCKY MTN. Lenna Fajerman (President) MICHIGAN Sarah Simonds (President) GEORGIA Betty Brewer-Calvert INDIANA Cheryl Cloar SOUTHWEST Karen Stevie Linn (President) IDAHO, S. Linda Dealy NORTHEAST Nontrell Taylor KENTUCKY Linda Jones KANSAS Barb Runge SOUTHWEST CONVENCION Maria Martinez MONTANA Jean Muir OHIO LaTaunya Bynum NORTH CAROLINA Valerie Melvin MID-AMERICA Wanda Hedenberg (President) MISSISSIPPI CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY CONVENTON Ruby Howard NORTHWEST Sandra Messick (Reg. Min.) PENNSYLVANIA Linda Stiles (President) SOUTH CAROLINA Gloria Gilliard NEBRASKA Teresa Olberding TEXAS CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP Sally Green OREGON Cathy Myers Wirt WEST VIRGINIA Mary Uhl TENNESSEE Julia Keith UPPER MIDWEST Wende Bristow Barrett PACIFIC SOUTHWEST Susan Gonzales Dewey NORTHEAST CONVENCION Annie Rodriguez Ohio Hispanic representation VIRGINIA Donna Webster MIDWEST CONVENCION (without Ohio & Colorado) Rossy Castillo Riccart PACIFIC CONVENCION Carmen Lopez plus Colorado Hispanic representation Arizona Hispanic – Lori Tapia CHURCH OF CHRIST (DOC) (Washington DC & Norfolk VA) Claudia Griffin Pearson SOUTHEAST CONVENCION Milca Riveria MIDWEST NAPAD Soo Yun WEST COAST NAPAD Ely Obilo HAITIAN CONGREGATIONS Martine Saint-Vil KENTUCKY MISSIONARY CONVENTION Deborah Garr, KY PIEDMONT MISSIONARY CONVENTION Joann Washington

3 PURPOSE: To develop leadership skills for women serving on Regional Disciples Women Cabinets / Commissions / Constituencies and women identified with leadership potential to provide the knowledge and resources which will enable persons to enter into leadership and fulfill their responsibilities with increased effectiveness. TIME AND PLACE: Held every four years over a Friday evening through Sunday noon. The staff of the interregional group determines which region/constituency will host the event.

4 PLANNING COMMITTEE: Staff of participating regions/constituencies and staff of Disciples Women. Planning begins in Interregional groups at Staff Fellowship. The staff member of the hosting region/constituency is responsible for registration and housing arrangements. Another regional/constituency staff person works closely with the DW staff person to plan and implement the program. The event is devoted to program introduction and training and skill development, led by DW staff. Church Finance Council, Global Missions and Christian Church Foundation also make staff available for educational training at these events. Regional/constituency persons provide leadership in worship, community building/sharing, small groups and other areas of interest/need which may arise. Disciples Women currently budgets $500 per region and constituency group for such events The planning committee decides how the budgeted amount will be divided.

5 Interregional groups can meet every four years (skipping the QA year) on alternating schedules so all groups have an opportunity for a training event. Several options for consideration are: Apply budgeted amount towards expense of meeting site (rooms/meals/on- site costs). Regions and constituencies then pay for their travel plus any additional costs for on- site expenses. Equally divide the budget ($500 per region/constituency) between participating regions and constituencies who would decide how their portion is to be used (e.g., travel costs, scholarships, etc.). For example, If you are having a resource person other than DW staff, you should consider paying those expenses out of common fund c.Build budget to include: on-site room/meal costs per person, audio- visuals, printed resources, needed beyond quantity for attendees or beyond general staff budget. d. Reach agreement on how money is to be used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 The planning committee should consider: 1. Compiling a list of needs from participating regions and constituencies well in advance. 2. Creating a to do list of assignments, with responsibility and completion dates assigned. 3. Modeling a variety of presentation methods, educational models, group processes and technology applications. 4. Sharing leadership in the planning and execution of the event. 5. Using Disciples Womens Leadership Council meetings, General Assembly, and other gatherings as opportunity for long-range planning for this leadership training. 6. Conferring early with DW staff, regions, and constituencies to determine desired dates and times for training. 7. Building an email list for easier communication

7 EVENT MODULES Opening Gathering (usually Friday evening): Orientation/ Community Building/ Sharing This is an opportunity to get acquainted, introduce staff, outline the purpose of the meeting and break the ice for newcomers. The design should provide for maximum sharing of joys, frustrations, events, accomplishments, designs, disappointments, and visions. Small groups may build on such questions as: What questions, concerns, expectations, do you bring? Whats exciting in my region/constituency? What do I hope to leave this event with? It is helpful to include some activity which builds relationship and includes laughter. Sharing by the Disciples Women staff may be included either here or early the following day. This can take place in a panel format, an informal discussion, or a fish bowl design. DW staff do not necessarily have to be in the first segment, but it is helpful to include them early in the program.

8 Central Blocks of Time There are several methods for accomplishing the goal of this event: 1. Divide into three or four workshops according to office held, interest, skill training, etc. Two major portions of the time (4-5 hours total) are allocated for in depth work in these groups. The third major block is divided into two or three ½-1 hour mini-workshops where participants get an overview of the workshops they did not attend. At the end of the event everyone has experienced all of the topics, but has majored in one.

9 Decision makingEffective leadership (evaluating, goal setting, developing long-range plans Conflict management/resolution Creative problem solving Putting action to good ideas Using new technology New models for ministry How to resource events How to be an apostle (creating excitement, promoting ministry) Stewardship Communication methods (email, newsletters, web sites, etc.) Worship planning Spiritual styles Leadership development (recruiting, training, etc.) Workshop development Retreat planning/models Service and social action Bible study Just Women Bible study Visioning Intergenerational Discovery Woman-to-Woman experiences 2. Series of workshops (2-2 ½ hours each) where participants may choose which ones to attend. Possible topics to consider:

10 EVALUATION: A written evaluation at the event is requested to assist in future planning. The method of evaluation should be determined by the planning committee. The DW staff will compile the evaluations and mail a copy to each of the participating regions/constituencies.

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