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1 Accountable governance Danielle Morley Freshwater Action Network

2 Freshwater Action Network A network of change-makers A link between local and global A platform for dialogue and influence A forum for sharing learning and experiences

3 Freshwater Action Network A major network of civil society organisations Implementing and influencing water and sanitation policy and practice. Our members, from around the world, are respected for their unique skill, experience and perspective. Our strategy is shaped by a consortium of CSO networks in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

4 Our Mission FAN works to improve water governance by strengthening the role of civil society in decision- making, linking the environmental and developmental agenda, for the realisation of the right to water and sanitation for present and future generations.

5 NGO closing CSD13 A better way must be found to facilitate international discussions if their expense is to be justified. The multilateral process is crucial and must be supported – Not more expert meetings and conferences No reference to a right to water & sanitation Need tools for action – the who where when o No accountability – the missing element –Upwards reporting –Downwards accountability to citizens

6 Accountable NGOs Are NGOs active at international level working closely with communities? Ensure that issues are understood by the communities How international forums support and promote that Digital divide

7 Accountable Government Right to Water and Sanitation Removes political patronage Human rights principles Non-discrimination targeted action plans States held accountable


9 Responsive governance Governments are always accountable even if responsibility for services is devolved The representative democratic environment is under-developed Breakdown of social contract between people & government for services People need to understand their rights (entitlements) in order to negotiate Right to water provides such a binding framework


11 Social Accountability Community mobilisation, alliances, networks Overcome data gaps Community collects information about services, entitlements & responsibilities Community engages in consultation, participation, negotiation, redress –Citizens Jurys –Community scorecard ranking services –Mapping distribution of services –Report cards to assess satisfaction –Citizens water observatories

12 Governance & Transparency Fund Purpose: To improve the accountability and responsiveness of governments and service providers in the water and sanitation sector in Asia, Africa and Central America To increase the capacity of civil society in 16 countries in Asia, Africa and Central America to engage in effective evidence-based dialogue with decision makers

13 Conclusion Right to water builds up the Support UN Human Rights Council & Special Investigator on Water & Sanitation Integrate water, sanitation in other development global forums Who, When, Where of ACTION Strengthen the accountability chain: global – national – local - community

14 Thank you!

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