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1 Are You (Click)

2 What is South Carolina has developed a consistent system for assessing, evaluating and developing more professional teaching in this state. That system is called ADEPT. (click)

3 Assisting Developing Evaluating Professional Teaching
This system begins with information in the first education classes in teacher preparation programs and follows those preservice teachers through their entry in the teaching profession in South Carolina. (Click) Teaching

4 SC State Board of Education Regulation
ADEPT Legislation SC State Board of Education Regulation R The ADEPT system is the result of this legislation (click)

5 ADEPT Standards apply to all contract levels
provide appropriate expectations for what all school-based professionals in South Carolina should know and be able to do. reflect fundamental principles of competent professional practice. are consistent with nationally recognized standards. So why do you have to know about ADEPT? Our goal is to help you really understand what is going to be an important part of your future as a teacher in South Carolina. (click)

6 Understanding the Terminology of ADEPT
Here are some important terms used in the ADEPT system (click)

7 Definition of Terms Contract
– the employment agreement between the school district and the teacher. The current levels are Induction contract Annual contract Continuing contract Diagnostic Assistance The Contract is a legal agreement signed by the teacher. It is binding and should not be broken lightly. (click)

8 Contract Levels Induction – First year of teaching
Annual - Second/third year of teaching Continuing – Highest level of professional teaching in South Carolina (similar to tenure in other states) *Diagnostic Assistance *May be Used if teacher has not been deemed acceptable on Annual evaluation

9 Definition of Terms Induction
First year teacher provided with mentoring assistance. One year only. The district may decide not to re-hire the teacher the next year. In this event, the teacher is eligible to seek employment in another school district at the annual-contract level. OR The district may elect to re-hire the teacher at the annual-contract level the next year.

10 (after Successful Induction Year)
Annual (after Successful Induction Year) Following the induction year, the teacher is eligible for employment at the annual contract level under one of the following two ADEPT processes, at the discretion of the school district: Annual Contract – Formal Evaluation 1 OR Annual Contract – Diagnostic Assistance A teacher may remain on an annual contract for up to four years. After two unsuccessful evaluations at the annual-contract level, the state must suspend the teacher’s certificate for a minimum of two years. The teacher also must complete a state-approved remediation plan before becoming eligible to return to the profession. Teachers at the Annual contract level are not covered under the Employment Act. They have no greivance rights (click)

11 Continuing (after Successful Annual Contract Year)
Teachers must pass the formal evaluation at the annual-contract level in order to be eligible to advance to a continuing contract and a professional teaching certificate. Teachers at the continuing-contract level must be evaluated on a continuous basis, either formally (with advance written notification) or informally (i.e., GBE). The teacher now has job security and is covered under the Employment Act. (click)

12 Teacher Contracts The contract level (i.e., induction, annual, or continuing) must be indicated on the teacher contract. This is a new regulation – previously all teacher contracts looked the same within a district. (click)

13 Definition of Terms Teaching Certificate
– the “license” to practice, issued by the State Department of Education. This is handled through a pecial office at the South Carolina Department of Education (click)

14 Definition of Terms ADEPT Process
– the type(s) of assistance that must be provided and/or evaluation(s) that must be conducted, as specified in the ADEPT statute, regulation, and guidelines. This is the “system” we have been talking about (click)

15 Definition of Terms ADEPT Process
(continued) The current ADEPT requirements include a formal evaluation process a diagnostic assistance process an informal evaluation (GBE) process Let’s look at these closer (click)

16 Definition of Terms Formal Evaluation
A summative assessment of teaching performance upon which high-stakes, consequential decisions are based. Used with Annual contract teachers. Formal evaluation is at the Annual contract level and during the diagnostic assistance level This is what most teachers mean when they say that they are “gong through ADEPT” (click)

17 Diagnostic Assistance
Definition of Terms Diagnostic Assistance ♦Annual (Contract) Diagnostic Assistance (ADA) replaces provisional contracts ♦Provided if needed at the annual contract level. ♦One year only; only once in career span. ♦For teachers who show potential but who are not ready for formal evaluation. ♦May be provided either after the induction year or after the first unsuccessful formal evaluation. This is a new program to help weak teachers who have displayed the potential to grow professionally (click)

18 Definition of Terms Informal Evaluation
– most often referred to as GBE (Goals-Based Evaluation). At this stage, experienced, successful teachers are expected to engage in self-assessment and reflection in order to develop goals that promote student achievement through continuous professional growth and contributions to the profession. There are fewer, if any, observations by outside people. Usually three goals are set by the individual teacher for a three year time span (click)

19 Definition of Terms Formative Feedback
– involves low-stakes assessments of teaching performance conducted for the purpose of informing, guiding, and improving practice. Formative feedback may be obtained from others and/or from self-evaluations. Formative feedback is an important component of the induction, diagnostic assistance, and informal evaluation (GBE) processes. Formative feedback is expressly for helping the teacher grow and is usually not part of the high-stakes formal evaluation. (click0

20 ADEPT Performance Standards
Definition of Terms ADEPT Performance Standards – the standards, or expectations, for competent practice. The ADEPT system includes separate sets of PDs for four groups of professionals, as follows: General and Special Education Teachers (10 PDs) School Guidance Counselors (7 PDs) Library Media Specialists (7 PDs) Speech-Language Therapists (10 PDs) (click)

21 ADEPT Performance Standards
The ten APSs for classroom-based teachers are grouped into four domains. Planning Instruction Environment Professionalism Each of these domains have key elements that must be met for a successful formal evaluation (click)

22 Courses at Winthrop teaching the ADEPT Standards
EDUC 110- Introduction EDUC 310/610 – ADEPT I EDUC 390/660 – ADEPT II EDUC 391/475 – Using ADEPT Evaluation in the field (click)

23 Web Site
Just in case you would like to see the total package that is the ADEPT system (click)

24 Are You To be continued in your 300 level classes! The End

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