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Stephen D. Covey

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1 Stephen D. Covey

2 ASTEROID CAPTURE FOR SPACE SOLAR POWER: A PROJECT PLAN Assumptions Project Phases 1. Capture 99942 Apophis into Earth orbit 2. Launch mining & manufacturing tools 3. Launch construction shacks & workers 4. Construct & deploy Solar Power Satellites 5. Construct a worker/colonist habitat 6. Repeat 4 & 5 with remaining asteroid resources Return On Investment Areas for Research & Development Summary

3 ASSUMPTIONS Capture an Asteroid into LEO: 99942 Apophis Timeframe: Project start in 2027, Launch capture mission in early 2028, Orbit capture April 2030 Mining mission starts 2030 SpaceXs Falcon Heavy launch vehicle Pricing in 2011 dollars Worker launch costs $24M -> $1M/person Not included in budgets (addressed later): In-space worker salaries Most R&D costs Sales of energy funds everything

4 Capture Apophis into Earth Orbit The capture mission begins 2027: Assemble tugship in LEO Intercept injection via lunar slingshot Oct-2027 5 months to intercept 10 months of thrust to change Apophis orbit 3 month coast Earth slingshot - April 13, 2029 12 month coast Lunar slingshot & drop into Earth orbit, Apr-2030 Capture mission duration 30+ months

5 Tugship for Apophis Capture Launch into LEO: Core ship (crew quarters, life support, 50 t) Fuel/thruster assemblies (100 t) Solar panels (200m, 12 megawatts, 100 t) Total equipment: $1.5B, 250 tons 5 launches ($600M) Launch assembly crew & construction shack: $1.6B (with training, tools, supplies, 2 launches) Assemble (12-18 person-months) Launch mission crew & supplies: 1 launch @ $100M Total capture: $3.8B

6 LAUNCH MINING & MANUFACTURING TOOLS Solar power generator: 1 launch, $200M Mining facilities: 2 launches, $400M Solar smelter, gas refining, metals: 5 launches, $1B Steel production: 5 launches, $1B Rolling mill: 3 launches, $600M Finished metal product plant: 2 launches, $400M Silicon refinery, solar panel manufacturing (3 launches, $600M) Slag processing & handling: (1 launch, $200M) Total estimate: $4.4B equipment & 22 launches spanning 2030-2031

7 LAUNCH WORKERS & HOUSING YearWorkersSteel Production Tons/Day SPS Builds / Year Per Worker Cost Total Cost To Date 203036Setup$33M$9.4B 2031500100Setup$10M$14.4B 203215002001$5M$19.6B 203335004002$2.5M$25.0B 203475008004$1M$29.8B 20358008

8 CONSTRUCT A 5 GW SPS Solar panels (16 square kilometers) Steel support structures Microwave transmitting antenna (1 km) Microwave transmitter (from Earth) Protective shield Total mass 25,000 tons

9 DEPLOY THE SPSs Build near asteroid in HEO Deploy into GEO (2 km/s) Deployment fuel (1,000 tons) Install microwave transmitter launched from Earth Construct ground receiving station 10+ km rectenna $1 B (born by receiving electric utility)

10 KALPANA ONE HABITAT - DESIGN 100 meter radius, 130 meter wide cylinder Spinning at 3 rpm 10 t/m 2 slag shield (1.6 Mt) 1-inch thick steel shell (28 kt) 126 kt of interior steel structures Solar Power (6kw/person, 50 Mw total) Capacity 8,000 workers

11 KALPANA ONE HABITAT - FEATURES Lots of room (square feet): 5,500,000 agricultural: 2,500,000 residential (300 sf/person) 1,500,000 office, light industrial, retail 1,000,000 storage & overhead 50x130 meter core zero-G cylinder for research & industry 12 acre cylindrical park (100x250 meters)

12 REPEAT UNTIL RESOURCES EXHAUSTED 8 Year Plan 1 habitat for 8,000 people 15 five-gigawatt solar power satellites Over 90% of Apophis remains Continue Building 8 SPSs/Year Global Demand: 2 Tw (400 SPSs) More (& Larger) Habitats Near GEO LEO Mars?

13 RETURN ON INVESTMENT YearEventExpenseRevenueCash Flow (Sales of Electricity) Cash Flow (Sales of SPSs) 2027Launch$3.8B 2030M&M$5.6B$9.4B 20331 st SPS$15.6B$1.3B$23.7B$14.6B 20343 SPSs$4.8B$3.9B$24.6B$5.2B 20357 SPSs$1.6B$9.1B$17.1B$43.6B 203615 SPSs$0$19.5B$0.8B$82.0B 2037+$19.5B$20.3B+$40 B/yr

14 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Heavy lift (or super heavy lift) launch vehicles Space taxies / trucks (tugships) Long-term life support Zero-G mining, smelting, refining, manufacturing Manufacturing solar panels High-efficiency multi-gigawatt microwave transmitters / receivers Large-scale in-space construction techniques (of SPS and habitats) with limited resources

15 CONCLUSION 2036: Breakeven ($25B peak outflow) 2037: $19.5B/year Profits (10% Apophis) 2053: (assuming +8 SPS/year) 150 SPSs deployed $195B/year revenue 12 orbital habitats; 100,000 person capacity The asteroid Apophis is only a memory But there are more asteroids out there!


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