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Naive Art Autom. Brasil: Ana Maria Dias – A Time for Romance.

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2 Naive Art Autom.

3 Brasil: Ana Maria Dias – A Time for Romance

4 Costa Rica: Carlos Chevez – Ms Tonias Farm

5 Nicaragua: Celso Zamora - Market

6 Argentina: Eduardo Ungar – Laces of Love

7 Brasil: Edgar Calhado – Returning Home at Night

8 France: Henri Bruel - Bowling

9 Argentina: Eduardo Ungar – The Last Ball

10 Argentina : Maria Baratoz – On Time

11 Brasil: Ignacio Da Nega – Just Married

12 El Salvador: Edmundo mejia – Sugar Cane

13 El Salvadoe: Oramar – Village in Bloom

14 Italy: Cesar Marchasini – The White Horse

15 Serbia: Jan Glozik - Harvest

16 Belgium: Jean-Pierre Lorand – Sailors Lunch

17 Honduras: Jorge Ferman – Sisters Coming Home

18 Belgium: M.K. Baterdy - Grazing

19 Hungary: Magdalena Ban – Bread Day

20 Romania: Mihai Vintila – The Party

21 Guatamala : Matias Gonzales – The Banana Pickers

22 Guatamala : Mariano Chavajay – Watching Birds

23 Romania : M. Dascalu – Reaping the Wheat

24 Peru : P. Cruzalegui – Flowering Terraces

25 Brasil: Edgar Calhado - September

26 Argentina : Liliana Grunbaum – Games with my Grandpa

27 Brasil : Airton das Neves - Seacoast


29 About naive art: Naive art is characterized by a childlike simplicity. It is a gross oversimplification to assume that Naive art is created by people with little or no formal art training. The term naive art presumes the existence of an academy and of a generally accepted educated manner of art creation, most often painting. In practice, however, there are schools of naive artists. Over time it has become an acceptable style. The characteristics of naive art are an awkward relationship to the formal qualities of painting. Difficulties with drawing and perspective that result in a charmingly awkward and often refreshing vision, strong use of pattern, unrefined color, and simplicity rather than subtlety are all supposed markers of naive art. In naive art we find a refreshing innocence and the charming use of bright colors, child-like perspective and idiosyncratic scale. Naive art portrays simple, easily-understandable and often idealized scenes of everyday life. The naive artist treats us to a uniquely literal, yet extremely personal and coherent, vision of what the world was, is or should be. It offers us, often in painstaking detail, a timeless and optimistic depiction of an ordinary occurrence or current event, a special ceremony or daily activity. The naive painting bustles with color and excitement, brims with wry humor and candor, bubbles with unbridled empathy and love. CLICK

30 Music: Keiko Matsui – Favorite Full Moon

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