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A Love Story HG Gauranga Das. Dasaratha Maharajas dilemma Ramayanam Material life is pleasure mixed with pain of unfulfilled desires.

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1 A Love Story HG Gauranga Das

2 Dasaratha Maharajas dilemma Ramayanam Material life is pleasure mixed with pain of unfulfilled desires

3 Method of counteracting Karma is called Yajna, Dana & Tapa Dasaratha Maharajas dilemma

4 Sumitra drank last so that she will get sons who will serve the Lord & His devotees Samskaras of mother affect the sons Service attitude begets service attitude

5 Reasons for Ramas Descent 1. Demigods prayers When we approach Lord for help, we should have humility to accept solution. 2. Protect Rishis 3. Solitude with Sita 4. To worship Lord Ranganatha

6 Significance of names RAMA – who gives pleasure to one who sees Him Darshan of Lords form purifies and inspires BHARATA – Material prosperity without Lords association is like a burden LAXMAN SATRUGHNA

7 Viswamitra arrives at Palace Love is tested by selfless service Future fortune may appear as present misfortune One may misunderstand instrument of future fortune Spiritual masters instructions are for our welfare – however inconceivable Aspiring disciple may try to avoid instructions if they test our attachments

8 Viswamitras anger Vasishtopi: In service to the Lord, once must cooperate and adjust differences of opinion Serving Gurus order is the duty of disciple OBIDIENCE is life of disciple

9 Tataka vadha Gurus order is sometimes difficult to follow – may make us unpopular, but Gurus grace is more critical than public disgrace. Tataka – Ignorance of spiritual identity = Avidya

10 Marica, Subahu Marica was chased & Subahu was killed Sins before surrender – destroyed and burnt to ashes Sins incurred by devotee in the future – chased away by the Lord

11 Rama and Ahalya Touch of Lords lotus feet melts hard hearts Service to vaishnavas fills heart with love


13 Logic of Lords consort Viswamitra & Sadananda rishi One must address needs, interests and concerns to get attention Story of Mahesa chapa First class disciple understands heart of spiritual master

14 Lord Rama denies garland Accepting hands of a lady cant be done without permission of Dasaratha One cannot take major decisions in life without permission and blessings Womans expectations for man – bravery & expert speech

15 Rama finally puts garland Etiquette is adjusted according to time, place & circumstances Janaka tells Rama Sitas hands placed over Ramas

16 Dasaratha maharaja decides to coronate Rama Leader must always consult experienced and well wishers even after many years When someone excels in service and becomes more popular, one may experience insecurity, fear and feeling of uselessness about ones own insignificance Inferiority complex is different from Humility

17 Manthara inquires about celebration Kaikeyi was pure hearted and considered Rama to be son Association of envious blasphemy poisons heart Hearing blasphemy makes us lose respect for a person Why kaikeyis heart got corrupted?

18 Dasaratha begs kaikeyi

19 1.Vaishnavas concern 2.Transcendental vacation 3.Set example of obidence 4.Reveal dualities of material world



22 Rama meets Sita Heaven and hell is based on perception Perception of reality Lords association and service is divine and separation is misery

23 Rama meets Laxmana Service attitude is greatest wealth

24 Sumitra meets Laxmana Love means service without selfish considerations Service means pleasure of master, not selfish joy

25 Dasaratha leaves body

26 Rama and Guha Devotion not dependent on birth Lords quality – sausilyam – one who is held high in society, who is supreme and wants to identify with common man Fate of taking Lords darshan is ones material complacency Love increases in separation

27 Sita, Rama, Laxmana walk through forest Husbands duty is to give shelter physically, emotionally and spiritually

28 Rama meets Bharadwaja Character is what you are when no one is watching

29 Rama travels through Chitrakoot Servant must be conscious of needs of master and learn skills and organize accordingly

30 Bharata returns to Ayodhya Even most powerful king cant control his destination Misplaced compassion can be dangerous Intention is not sufficient, knowledge is important Nature of this world is it can simply trap us in complexity We have to pay the price for the mistakes and blunders of our close associates Choose association carefully Tolerate the results of blunders as a price for the association

31 Bharata returns to Ayodhya It is our duty to proactively clarify circumstantial misunderstanding and doubt created in others minds our intentions and actions Procrastination in communication leads to biased perception We must judge others by their intention, judge ourselves by our actions and not vice versa.

32 Bharata misunderstood By Kausalya, Vasishta, Guha, Bharadwaja and Laxmana Integrity is the test of persons character If you want to test mans character, give him power Leaving association of Lord can lead to powerful consequences beyond imagination Devotee really respects identity of others as devotee

33 Laxmana doubts Bharata Lord doesnt tolerate offense to devotee

34 Rama – Bharata meeting Person of character values obedience over expedience

35 Bharatas vow

36 3 places where Lords supremacy exhibited in Ramayana Jatayu Vibhishana Vanara sena – setu bandhan


38 Bharatas emotions


40 Glory of Lords footwear Devotee should never leave Lords lotus feet Paduka favored Bharatas prema to Ramas dharma Paduka is more merciful than Lord Rama Lords consorts Bhu & Sri devis are more merciful In the absence of consorts, Lords foot wear does the job Svarupa gata dasya & Guna krta dasya

41 Viradha vadha Illicit sex leads to misery Lords lotus feet leads to purification Hatred to Lord and neglect of dharma can be conquered by service to Lords devotees

42 Lord and Sarabhanga ashrama Nothing within material world is worth achieving in temporary human form of life Success in human life is attainment of spiritual world

43 Lord meets Agastya muni

44 Lord enters Dandaka Lord is always eager to protect devotees

45 Lord reaches Panchavati Concern: Servant knows masters mind and carries out command to give full satisfaction Competence: Acts with confidence based on previous experience and displays competence Character: Alert and aware of his duties and only cares for Lords pleasure 3 pillars of trust worthy servant

46 Lord reaches Panchavati Servants only joy is smile on Lords face Souls constitutional position is eternal service Devotees happiness is not in his service but in the satisfaction of the Lord Devotee can neither feel proud nor happy about his service If Lord is happy about the service, then since Lord is pleased devotee can feel happy Service is for satisfaction of master, not for happiness of servant.

47 Surpanakha sees Lord A gentleman expresses his minds feelings straightforward

48 Surpanakha sends Khara & Dushana

49 Ravana sends Marichi Lust burns like fire

50 Jatayus moksha Caste and age is no barrier for devotional service Bhakti is not about being the best but doing your best Rama went through reversals to teach us precarious position of conditioned souls in material existence

51 Lords attempt to hide Himself as a human exposed when He awarded moksha to Jatayu Even sincere servants may have to go through harsh realities of material miseries Jatayus moksha




55 Patience is a great virtue in devotional service Sabaris seva is under order of spiritual master, so Lord accepted

56 Rama goes to Pampa sarovar

57 Sugriva sends hanuman


59 Valis killing Lord does not tolerate Vaishnavaparadha Any service done to Lord never goes in vain

60 Ramas anger on Sugriva Even sincere servant may sometimes get deviated It is duty of vaishnavas & Lord to bring him back to track Lust creates obstacles in service to Lord by distracting one towards sense gratification Forgiveness is the foundation casting relationships

61 Sugriva orders to find Sita One may discipline someones deviation without discouraging them

62 Rama gives Hanumanji His ring Current limited experience may make it difficult for us to understand others viewpoint Success follows empowerment

63 Reasons for Sita to throw straw before Ravana

64 1.Etiquette – idam asanam 2.Creates formality – we dont welcome intimate friends 3.Barricade – married woman & other man 4.To hell with your wealth – it is like this straw 5.Straw – not listen to me, you also 6.You are equal to straw Reasons…

65 7. My life is insignificant straw, dont threaten me 8. Jnena hina pasubhih samana – You animal, eat straw 9. Rama burns, destroys Lanka, use straw to make hut 10. Rama can appear from straw as Narasimhadev appeared from pillar 11. Used by Vamanadeva to blind Sukracharya Reasons…

66 Analogy – Sita & Jiva

67 Sampati Never underestimate anyone based on externals – anyone can be instrument in something glorious

68 Jambavan Leadership means empowerment and encouragement Leader takes pleasure in his students success and does not feel threatened by it

69 Hanumans 4 qualities

70 Hanumans Obstacles in Lanka Patience & Tolerance are important qualities in spiritual journey Hope in Lords mercy will uplift one from hopelessness during personal failures

71 Hanumans Obstacles in Lanka Prayer is a very important ingredient along with personal effort in Lords mission Success with material consciousness leads to Pride Success in spiritual consciousness leads to Humility If one begins serving Lords mission even with little faith, the process of pleasing the Lord and His devotees through devotional service completes the Gap in the faith.


73 Why Sita advising on friendship & not feet touch Our statements and how we do things must follow the mood of our Guru & acharyas

74 Hanuman pacifies Sita Servant must introspect possible repercussions of his activities

75 Sita questions hanumanji

76 Sita overwhelmed by the Ring Tadiya non different from the Lord Uddipaka creates remembrance of the Lord Sita recounts pastimes

77 Hanuman requests Sita to jump on Back

78 Husbands duty Promise to demigods Para dukha dukhi Dependence on the Lord Sita convinced Hanuman

79 Husbands duty Promise to demigods Para dukha dukhi Dependence on the Lord Sita convinced Hanuman

80 Hanuman meets Ravana Vibhishana gets Ajnata sukruti

81 Sita devi interrogates Only by Sitas grace, association of Rama is possible

82 Hanumanjis return When Rama-duta – Fire When Janaki-duta - Embrace

83 Vibhishana Saranagati

84 Surrender is the essence Definition Prerequisites for Saranagata – Akincanatvam Ananyagatitvam Prerequisites for Saranya Saralata Shakti 6 surrenders in Ramayana

85 Ravanas misfortune – Vibhishanas advice Give up anger Or perish All will benefit

86 Ravanas misfortune began by sin & completed by offence Sin of kidnapping Sita devi Offending Vibhishana

87 Ravana chastises Vibhishana

88 Vibhishana becomes fortunate by rejecting Ravana Srimaan – penniless materially, but opulent by surrender to the lotus feet of the Lord Better to join party where brothers words are respected

89 Vibhishanas last chastisement

90 Vibhishana comes to surrender Surrender must not be delayed

91 Sugrivas suspicion If Rama destroyed body without soul Vibhishana has only one weapon – gada – but he is holding it in the mood of humility and surrender – all conquering – fearful that Rama may be cheated by show of humility Vibhishanas action is clear but intention is suspect

92 Vibhishana further confirms his intent Dishonor is worse than death Why go quickly to inform Rama? Ramas mind never changes but my fickle minded demoniac nature may make me change my plans to surrender One cannot take inspiration to surrender for granted, it is a spark which ignites after innumerable births by causeless grace of Lords devotees

93 Sugrivas suspicion grows When we dislike, hate or suspicious of someone, we find fault with whatever he does & also exaggerate Suspicion Fauly finding & Exaggerated critisism Tendency to judge is due to speculation

94 Rama seeks opinion of other monkeys Supreme Personality of Godhead can assert His views but showing b y example Art of decision making by hearing opinions Leader must impartially hear all sides Differences of opinion are result of individuality Honesty is better than artificial humility

95 Mainda speaks Sugriva Again

96 Jambavan speaks

97 Hanumanji speaks Rama cant be cheated He is truthful Wants shelter, not kingdom Sign of good fortune Infamy

98 Rama speaks Supreme Personality of Godhead is so humble and gentle, seeks opinion and permission of monkeys Sometimes, difference of opinion may be between two well intentioned parties

99 Rama coronates Vibhishana Rama coronates Vibhishana by placing lotus feet – even before battle is over – absolute nature of Supreme Personality of Godheads desire – satya sankalpa

100 Thank you

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