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College Students Need Love Too Collegiate Ministry as Mission Outpost.

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1 College Students Need Love Too Collegiate Ministry as Mission Outpost

2 Mission Station Characteristics University a diverse community Manifestation of the Church on the university campus Welcomes everyone, meets them where they are Seeks to both witness and educate

3 Ecumenical/ Denominational vs Para-Church

4 Ecumenical/Denominational Associated with one or more mainline denominations Regional Judicatories may provide funding Many also funded via congregational or individual support

5 AdvantagesChallenges Critical mass of resources Models moderate to progressive Christianity (women ministers, values questioning) Open to inter-faith dialogue Operates from a position of love Campus minister spends 75% of time fund-raising Models Moderate to Progressive Christianity (not black and white)

6 Para-Church Ministries Not associated with any one denomination Raises support from all over Often teaches a specific doctrine

7 AdvantagesChallenges Can raise support from a wide range of people Good at large group events Can offer black and white answers Often discourages young women from leadership May use emotional manipulation More interested in saving souls than discipling students Not open to questions or seeking May denigrate academic commitments

8 How can our congregation find a campus ministry to support?

9 Ecumenical/Denominational Contact Dean of Students Office Call campus minister directly

10 How can we help? Offer to bring food for dinners or events Invite campus minister to present to mission committee or Sunday school classes Connect campus minister with possible strong board members from your congregation Offer finalncial support for retreats and/or mission trips

11 Responding to Para-Church Requests Ask specific questions about beliefs/practices. Ex: In what ways do you encourage men and women in leadership? and Do your students participate in community service? How? Ask to attend a meeting.

12 Congregation-Based Student Ministry Students Away at School and Students in the Pews

13 Students In the Pews Provide welcoming space. Be kind. Invite them to lunch. Do not assume they want to be your next youth volunteer or Sunday school teacher.

14 Specialized Student Programming Offer Sunday School class or free lunch after worship once a month. Get creative! How can you minister in ways that a campus ministry might not be able to? Try not to compete with a campus ministry. Be good partners.

15 Nurturing College Students from your Congregation Help them find a campus ministry or congregation. Get their new address and send them the newsletter. Finals care packages Birthday cards/encouraging notes

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