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SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF-LOVE Rachel Navaro and Julia Mulligan TAMS.

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1 SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF-LOVE Rachel Navaro and Julia Mulligan TAMS

2 Self-Awareness Is: The ability to be consciously in touch with what is going on inside of your body on a physical/emotional level Sometimes referred to as body awareness, inner guidance or intuition A benefit of having boundaries and being grounded Is not: Your likes, dislikes or personality

3 Self-Love Is: The ability to love oneself without judgement Humble Unconditional Always uplifting A verb Is not: Arrogance or conceit Masturbation Punishment Something you have to earn A noun

4 Whats so important about self-love? It feels good – to you and others It effects your life on all levels It is essential for loving others in a healthy, unconditional manner It increases confidence and awareness of personal skills and abilities It helps you make good decisions

5 How can we begin to love ourselves? 1. Through increasing self-awareness: 1. Boundaries (physical) 2. Grounding 2. Through increasing thought-awareness 3. By choosing to think positive, affirming thoughts 4. Through the creation of new core beliefs

6 Self-Awareness: Boundaries Boundaries and grounding are essential for a healthy relationship with oneself and others Your boundaries define physical limits. They make clear the separation between oneself and others Boundaries are intelligent, like a cell wall (structural support, protection, and filter) they let in what is good for you and keep out what is not *Do activity

7 Personal Space Invaders

8 Self-Awareness: Grounding Boundaries and grounding are essential for a healthy relationship with oneself and others Your grounding cord connects you to the earth Grounding keeps you balanced between the energies of inspiration and imagination and the stable earth energies of intuition and instinct

9 Boundaries and Grounding Boundary Inspiration Intuition Instinct Grounding Cord

10 Thoughts have power There is no such thing as a useless thought. Each thought you have has power We have between 50,000 and 75,000 thoughts each day 90-95% of our thoughts are repeated each day We are largely unaware of our thoughts Most repetitive thoughts are negative (fear, judgement, depressing, rejection, scarcity and resentful) Thoughts do not just stay in your head, they extend out of you and effect others (saliva experiment)

11 Thought Awareness Start paying attention to the thoughts in your mind. This makes the unconscious stream of negative thoughts conscious, and also allows you to more easily choose positive thoughts Tool: Place a check on a notecard every time you notice a negative thought. Do not judge the thought for yourself, just notice it. Tool: Notice when your inner peace has been disturbed. Any disturbance can usually be traced back to a negative thought. Once you identify it, you can chose a different thought.

12 Making affirmations work Remember that you are creating something new and fresh, not trying to redo or change what already exists. Every moment is an opportunity to create what you desire. Try to believe that your affirmation can be true. Temporarily suspend your doubts and judgements Phrase them in the present tense, as if you already have it Phrase them in the most positive way you can. State what you want rather than what you dont want. *M & M activity

13 Common core beliefs that can be a problem: (check any that you believe) Im not OK, Theres something wrong with me, Im unworthy/undeserving Ive made mistakes in my life and deserve to suffer for them Its bad to think highly of yourself. Youll become obnoxious and brag about yourself Love comes from others, not self I will be happy and love myself when, I get all As, I have the right partner, get the right job, etc. People, including me, are basically bad, selfish, cruel, stupid, untrustworthy, sinful or foolish The world is an unsafe place Theres not enough ________ (love, money, happiness, food, etc.)to go around Life is pain, suffering, and hard work, its not meant to be fun I dont have control over what happens to me, Im powerless to do anything about my life or the state of the world Love is dangerous, I might get hurt

14 The most powerful thing you can do (and it is very powerful) to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people (especially yourself) and reality, and begin to act accordingly. Shakti Gawain

15 Thoughts to remember If you dont want to do it, become it, be it then dont talk about it Know your power, believe in yourself, and keep your core strong and safe

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