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Welcome to Oral English Class! Week 1 Made by SFl SIAS.

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1 Welcome to Oral English Class! Week 1 Made by SFl SIAS

2 Kristy Syllabus 12 weeks Icebreaker Sounds( minimal pairs, sentences, tongue twisters) Idioms One topic/ each week Useful vocabulary Function skills ( group discussion, skit, etc. ) Oral report/homework

3 Classroom Expectations Youd better come here 3-5minutes earlier; switch your phone to silence mode; not sleep; encourage each other(group work); speak English here; prepare a pen and a notebook.

4 Vacation How do you like your winter vacation/ break? What did you do? good, fantastic, interesting, amazing, exciting boring, so-so, awful

5 More questions: Finding Someone Who During the break, did you… -------- set off fireworks or firecrackers? -------- read a book? Do you like it ? Why? -------- do any sports ? What sports? --------travel somewhere? Where did you go? --------visit relatives? -------- miss being at Sias? --------go to a wedding? Whose wedding? --------get a new cell phone/computer? --------see some friends and make a new friend ? -------go to KTV? What song did you sing? Did you learn a new song? -------watch CCTV Spring Festival Gala on New Years Eve? -------help your family to make dumplings? -------learn how to do something new?

6 Idiom

7 Idiom: phrase or sentence whose meaning is not clear from the meaning of its individual words and which must be learnt as a whole unit; use of language that is typical of or natural to speakers of a particular language

8 Idiom let the cat out of the bag

9 Can you guess the meaning of it? Garfield

10 let the cat out of the bag to tell something that is a secret, often without intending to. ( ) E.g. Amazingly, not one of the people who knew about the surprise let the cat out of the bag. Task: making up a sentence using this idiom correctly.

11 Vowels and Consonants

12 Long Vowel Sounds and Short Vowel Sounds

13 Long Vowel Sounds AMIPA Long Aa/ei / Long Ee/i:/ Long II/ai/ Long OO/əu/ Long Uu/ju:/

14 Short Vowel Sounds AMIPA Short Aa/æ//æ/ Short EE/e//e/ Short II/i/ Short OO/ɔ//ɔ/ Short Uu/ʌ//ʌ/

15 short E and short A /e/ and /æ/

16 Articulation Chart upper lip lower lip upper teeth lower teeth nose tongue alveolar ridge hard palate soft palate

17 Short E /e/ How to pronounce it?

18 Words edge frequent enter September excellent education Internet generation

19 Short A /æ/ short A How to pronounce it?

20 Words habit manner thank fantastic family January trash satisfaction

21 Minimal Pairs end/and guess/gas bed/bad wreck/rack gem/jam flesh/flash peck/pack lend/land mesh/mash

22 Tongue Twister Freshly fried fresh flesh. Ann sent Andy ten hens and Andy sent Ann ten pens. Fred fed Ted bread, and Ted fed Fred bread. Jack sat near the track. Cat, cat, catch that bad rat. Do you dare to have a try?

23 Vocabulary Spring Festival firecrackers fireworks Spring Festival couplet New Year paintings happiness lucky money red packets New Years Eve propose a toast family reunion dinner dragon/lion dance / lanterns Lantern Festival Tomb-sweeping Day (Qing Ming Festival) Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Double Ninth Festival

24 Interview Could you tell me some customs of Chinese Spring Festival? What do people do during Spring festival? Which festival do you like best? Please share your reasons.


26 Bye!

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