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Ando-it-yourself droid Praveen Kumar Pendyala. Outline Brief intro to the Droid developement Setting up the Life saviors - Development tools Hello Droid.

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1 Ando-it-yourself droid Praveen Kumar Pendyala

2 Outline Brief intro to the Droid developement Setting up the Life saviors - Development tools Hello Droid application Application structure Intelligence and beauty – Java code and UI (XMLs) Our best pals – APIs, In-built libraries Group chat app UI and Java code OnclickListeners Intents Multithreading Network actions Changing views from Java code Permissions Exporting and signing your application Web app code

3 Intro Why Android ?

4 Intro Android versions and Stats VersionCodenameAPIDistribution 1.6 D onut 40.2% 2.1 E clair 72.4% 2.2 F royo 89.0% 2.3 - 2.3.2 G ingerbread 90.2% 2.3.3 - 2.3.71047.4% 3.1 H oneycomb 120.4% 3.2131.1% 4.0.3 - 4.0.4 I ce Cream Sandwich 1529.1% 4.1 J elly Bean 169.0% 4.2171.2% 5.0 ? K ey lime pie ?-

5 Development tools - Intro Eclipse Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Like an advanced notepad/Gedit you used for C/C++ A general development tool for Java programming (not limited to android) Android SDK Contains the necessary tools to create, compile and package Android application ADT (Android Development Tools) A set of components (plug-ins) which extend the Eclipse IDE with Android development capabilities

6 Development tools - setup JRE Run and install the JRE software that came with your bundle What about Eclipse, ADT, Android SDK ? Lucky you are… Google now bundled everything and gives you as a package which can be used directly after JRE installation ! (You may not appreciate this, as you havent been through earlier setup process)

7 Hello Droid application In eclipse, 1. File New Android Application Project (or) File New other Android Android Application Project

8 Hello Droid application Enter these values Application Name : HelloDroid Project Name: HelloDroid Package Name: com.myfirstapp.hellodroid Website of your application in reverse Press Next twice………………..

9 Hello Droid application Play with the Names, Images and Shapes. I suggest, you select your fav pic, for feel Press Next twice again….. (Yeah you have to select BlankActivity)

10 Hello Droid application Leave the values as they are for this session Finish…… Simple…..Isnt it ??

11 Application structure All Java code All images used The UI design elements All the words you see in the app and colors that appear Your application details -Name, What should come 1 st, Version, Services used -Permissions that are needed, Activities (IMPORTANT !!)

12 Manifest.xml This is what gives an Idea of what your application is, what it uses and ….What not ? Almost every info

13 Strings and colors

14 UI design

15 Java code, Libraries, APIs API – Application Program Interface

16 Groupchat application - UI res layout activity_main.xml

17 Groupchat application - Strings res values strings.xml

18 Groupchat application – OnclickListeners & Intents src Now lets setup an action for our button. Going to a new screen on click

19 Groupchat application – Creating new XMLs and classes Lets now create an Activity and corresponding Layout XML for messaging 1.Goto res layout Right click on layout New Android XML file Name it messaging.xml and finish 2.Goto src com. Right click on package New Class Name it Messaging and finish

20 Groupchat application – More on UI res layout messaging.xml Add these two as childs to the main LinearLayout

21 Groupchat application – Starting threads src Lets receive the Nick and do some settings

22 Groupchat application – Multithreading src Network activity always on a background thread No UI changes in this thread !! (IMP)

23 Groupchat application – Network data reception src

24 Groupchat application – Network data sending

25 Groupchat application – Changing views from Java code src

26 Groupchat application – Extras (Special characters support) src

27 Groupchat application – Activities, Permissions src Is that it ? Will it work ? Of course not…. Add Internet permission Declare your class as an activity

28 Groupchat application – Ready to go…. src Just seconds away to see it live…. In package explorer Click on your project Click Run Android application Select your device (or) Start emulator Problem ?? Device not detected ?? Just explore to the bin folder in your application. Copy and transfer.apk file to your device

29 Export and signing your application By default when you press run apps are signed using debug key Debug key signed apps not allowed in the market To Export your application for publishing in Android market File Export Android (Export And…) Create a Keystroke Create an alias Save the apk Finish

30 Groupchat application – Web end putData.php

31 This is just the beginning... I look forward to see awesome apps from you all…Please do keep me posted if you make an app in future Hope you all enjoyed Thank you

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