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Android Programming Beomjoo Seo Sep., 12 CS5248 Fall 2012.

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1 Android Programming Beomjoo Seo ( Sep., 12 CS5248 Fall 2012

2 Contents Installation Example by a sample app, “Hello, CS5284” – Create an Android Project – Building and Running – Debugging General Topics – Fundamental Components Activity, Service, Content Providers, and Broadcast Receiver – Activity, Intent – UI : Layout, Menu – Thread – Misc: Media Recorder, HTTP Post, MP4Parser Sample Application

3 Installation Procedure Install JDK 5 or JDK 6 Install Eclipse IDE – Eclipse 3.5 or above Eclipse JDT plugin – Run Android SDK starter package – Install ADT plugin (ADT 20.0.3) Eclipse > Help > Install New Software … -> Add – Configure ADT plugin Eclipse IDE for Java (EE) Developers

4 Install SDK Packages From Android SDK and AVD Manager Via consoleORvia eclipse

5 SDK Version Mapping Convention Android 4.0.3 Platform – SDK Tools, Revision 20 – API Level: 15

6 Eclipse ADT Plugin Configuration Specify Android SDK locationIncrease ADT connection time out At Windows > Preferences > Android

7 Creating a Sample App, “Hello, CS5248”

8 Eclipse > New > Android Project

9 Main Activity Class

10 Graphical Layout Editor Update ADT plugin !!!

11 XML Layout File

12 Value Resources - Strings.xml


14 The Manifest file


16 Building App

17 Building Process Running

18 No Android Device ? Install USB Driver !!!

19 1.Install OEM USB Driver from ASUS website. and search by Transformer 2.Update Driver Software from Device Manager 3.Locate USB Driver folder 4.Enable USB Debugging at Transformer USB Driver Installation Update Driver software

20 Enabling USB debugging OR

21 After Successful USB Driver Installation /tools/ddms.bat OR

22 Running Sample App.

23 Sample Hello World Code

24 Editing Sample Code BE PATIENT Since Eclipse may not be responsive for a long time !!! Add id to main.xml Edit “@+id/helloId”

25 Let’s Debug the code

26 A Sample Code

27 App Failure

28 Always, Look at DDMS !!!

29 Correction

30 Debugging via Dalvik Debug Monitor (ddms) Log.e("Hello, World", "Hello, BJ");

31 Now, everything is ready

32 Application Components Android application –.apk : android package Four Application Components – Activity A single screen with a user interface – Service A background processing unit with no user interface – Content Provider – Broadcast Receiver Communication among components except Content Provider – Intent

33 Activity 1 Activity Lifecycle Implement Lifecycle Callbacks

34 Activity 2 Hierarchical View Architecture – ViewGroup (Layout) View ViewGroup (Layout) – View – … View ViewGroup – … Declare Activity in the manifest

35 Activity 3 Start an Activity Start an Activity for a Result – Caller Activity – Callee Activity finish Activities and Stack

36 UI – Declaring Layout Initiated when called setContentView() on onCreate() Use Visual Layout Editor for initial layout design. Edit XML file extensively. wrap_content or fill_parent

37 UI – Creating Menu Menu Types – Options Menu Appears when a user touches MENU button. – Context Menu – Submenu How to – Specify menu items in a XML resource menu – Inflate a Menu Resource – Respond to user Action At res/menu/game_menu.xmlinflate callback

38 UI – Handling UI Events onClick, onLongClick, onKey, onTouch, …

39 Thread UI Thread – “Main” thread per application responsible for interacting with UI components. “Application Not Responding” problem – If UI thread is blocked more than several seconds, ANR dialog appears. – Do not block the UI thread – Do not access UI components outside UI thread. modify

40 Use AsyncTask, Instead

41 Misc - Media Recorder Modify CameraPreview to see the video during recording.

42 Misc - HTTP Post Use HttpClient and HttpPost. Use “multi-part/form-data” to encapsulate segment. Do not allocate memory excessively.

43 Misc - Integration with MP4Parser Adding a jar file – Create its jar file. – Add jar file to the app. Build Path > Configure Build Path > Libraries > Add JARs. If you include source files directly, – Put to assets folder – Change getResourceAsStream(“isoparser-”) in PropertyBoxParserImpl to “/assets/”.

44 Misc - Connecting to NUS Wifi

45 Misc – Permission Issue Add following permissions to the manifest file.

46 Sample Implementation MainActivity RecordActivity Upload Service PlayerActivity Option menuContext menu Record Record Button Click Preview Item ClickUpload Item Click

47 Final Comment: Use ApiDemo !!!

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