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Let the little Children Come to Jesus. Fronts of attack ToysGames Video Games SchoolTelevisionMoviesInternetFriendsDoctorsParents?

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1 Let the little Children Come to Jesus

2 Fronts of attack ToysGames Video Games SchoolTelevisionMoviesInternetFriendsDoctorsParents?

3 Themes of attack Fascination with supernatural ViolenceHatred/Vengeance Outward Beauty ImmodestyFlirting/LustDancingLazinessGender-BlendingGamblingEvolutionRebellionPrideGreed/covetousnessEmotionalism

4 Toys Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings Cave Troll Hammer slamming Spear jabbing Troll roaring actions

5 Toys

6 Games

7 Games Password That-Start in the back row of the stadium with your own secret password and elbow your way through the crowd. Collect all the members of NSYNC to form your band, and if your first, then go up on stage. GIDDY UP! Keep moving toward the stage and approach a security guard. If your password matches his, say BYE,BYE,BYE to the other fans…You get the Backstage Pass and you WIN!

8 Video Games





13 School None Dare Call it Education –A wake up call National Education Association (NEA) –Agenda promotes homosexuality, gender- blending, cross-dressing Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) –Partners with NEA promoting normalization of homosexuality on school campuses

14 Television Feel the Joy Commercials Music Videos Nickelodeon Magazine Continuous Cartoons

15 Movies Fantasia (evolution taught clearly) Ice Age (millions of years ago) Dinosaurs (millions of years ago) Land time forgot Harry Potter – sorcerers stone

16 Internet # 2 use for the internet is Pornography!

17 Friends Peer Pressure

18 Doctors OVER analyzing OVER diagnosing OVER drugging OVER labeling

19 Parents? Are you part of the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION?

20 Themes of attack

21 Supernatural Toys Wild Thornberrys prayer to idols HerculesGodzilla Casper and the Angels Super-Friends Justice League

22 Supernatural Final Fantasy The Spirits within Fantasy becomes reality

23 Supernatural Butt Ugly Martians Age 4 and up Lets get UGLY!

24 Violence A solitary Shamam of the Northern wilds, this brooding mystic is the ruler of the forest. Having command over the elements as well as the power to transform himself into vicious creatures, the Druid is the embodiment of Natures Fury.

25 Hatred/Vengeance Quench your thirst for Battle. – From birth you toiled in the fields, poor yet proud. But the evil Krugs destroyed it all: your farm, your family, your friends. As something inside you dies, something else awakens – a warrior with a burning need for revenge. As you battle your way through a vast world of mountains, deserts, ice caverns, and dungeons, youll forge a fearsome party to fight the faces of evil. But beware, as your power increases, so does the intensity of the combat.

26 Outward Beauty

27 Immodesty/Indecency

28 Flirting/Lust

29 Flirting/Lust

30 Flirting/Lust Ashley Twins on how to flirt with boys

31 Dancing

32 Laziness Cartoon – Restaurant owner closes to go surfing and sit on the roof for drinks – 3 times in one show. Winnie the Pooh – eats, mooches honey

33 Gender Blending NEA & GLSEN agenda Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head –Lots of combinations of looks

34 Gambling Many, many cartoons include as background filler scenery and plot Even PB&J Otter has raffle tickets where they call out the winners for prizes just like the lottery

35 Evolution MoviesToysGamesCartoonsSchools

36 Greed/Covetousness Sponge Bob Square Pants hunting treasure chest Sponge Bob Square Pants House Party Sweepstakes Rocket Power cartoon boy hunting buried treasure in his backyard PBJ Otter (poodle) buying all the raffle tickets to win the prize

37 Rebellion Pride Emotionalism

38 Let the little Children come to Jesus

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