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Common Advertising Strategies for Kids Mrs. Fridays Fourth Grade Classroom.

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1 Common Advertising Strategies for Kids Mrs. Fridays Fourth Grade Classroom

2 Ideal Kids Strategy Commercials and magazines show kids who seem a little more perfect than anyone else. They are really attractive, smart, and/or athletic. Advertisers want you to think you can be just like these kids if you buy the product. Tony the Tiger Commercial

3 Heart Strings Advertisers know we want to buy products that make us feel good so their commercials have scenes where everyone is happy, getting along, and having fun together. Fruit of the Loom Commercial

4 Amazing Toys Many toy commercials show their toys in life- like fashion, doing incredible things. Airplanes do loop-the-loops and cars do wheelies, dolls cry, and missiles hit enemies dead in the chest. Toys do amazing things they never really do once you buy them! Slinky Commercial

5 Life Like Settings Advertisers use backgrounds to sell toys by adding things like beaches, outer space, and rugged or beautiful outdoor scenes. It looks great but you cant buy it with the toy! GI Joe Commercial

6 Sounds Good Advertisers use music or sounds to set the mood they like. Toys will talk when they really dont. Products will have catchy songs to make you remember them. Oscar Mayer Commercial

7 Cute Celebrities/Characters Advertisers use celebrities like Brittany Spears to sell pizza or the Pillsbury Doughboy to sell pastries. They want you to be able to identify with the product and remember it. Cottonelle Commercial

8 Selective Editing This strategy is used in every commercial but even more so in ads for athletic toys like Frisbees or footballs. The ad shows perfect throws and brilliant passes that lead you to believe you will able to perform like that if you have the toy. Nerf Football Commercial

9 Family Fun Many commercials show parents having fun with the childrens toys as if buying it will bring more family togetherness and happiness.. Game of Life Commercial

10 Excitement In these ads children are so excited. They are all smiles and never bored. They make you think you must have the product because it is so great and you will have so much fun with it. McDonalds Rap Commercial

11 Star Power Sports heroes and television/movie stars tell you what you should buy to play with, eat, and wear. You have to realize these people are paid to do the commercial. In many cases, the star has never even used the product. David Beckham Pepsi Commercial

12 Bandwagon This strategy is supposed to make you want the product because everyone else has it and you dont want to be left out. Advertisers want you to jump on the bandwagon or join the crowd. MJ Pepsi Generation Commercial

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