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Clint Chan Lynnwood High School

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1 Clint Chan Lynnwood High School

2 Why Computer Science? Computer Science is not just programming CS and Math have the common goal of getting students to persist in problem solving Use computational thinking to support development of problem-solving skills, modeling, proof…

3 Computational Thinking Computational thinking (CT) is a problem-solving process that includes (but is not limited to) the following characteristics: Formulating problems in a way that enables us to use a computer and other tools to help solve them. Logically organizing and analyzing data Representing data through abstractions such as models and simulations Automating solutions through algorithmic thinking (a series of ordered steps) Identifying, analyzing, and implementing possible solutions with the goal of achieving the most efficient and effective combination of steps and resources Generalizing and transferring this problem solving process to a wide variety of problems Working definition from International Society for Technology in Education

4 CS Resources for Math Classes Last year was the first year I taught high school Computer Science (AP & Intro) Supplement existing math units In the past, Ive done introductory computer science units after AP Calc exam Could be used in a class, or in after-school club setting Due to the time constraints, well zip through a list of resources… find 1 or 2 to try later… My Top-10 list of CS Resources – literally, just the tip of the iceberg:

5 10. LightBot 2.0 I can see using this as a way to introduce the concept function in Algebra 1, or recursive definitions in Algebra 2…

6 9. CS Unplugged Learn about CS concepts, such as binary numbers, image representation, … Computer Science, without a computer… Activities for all levels and ages

7 8. Exploring Computer Science Middle School / Early High School curriculum Activities in 1 st 2 units good for group work or norm setting that can be used in math classes

8 7. AP Computer Science Principles Computer Science: Principles is a proposed AP course under development that seeks to broaden participation in computing and computer science.. Not just changing content, changing how CS is taught and in turn, who chooses to take it. Language-independent AP exam will include a portfolio piece Not a replacement nor a prerequisite for AP CS A Introductory course primarily for non-majors

9 6. UC Berkeley CS 10 & SNAP! CS 10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing UC Berkeleys version of the CS Principles course Scratch / BYOB / SNAP BYOB / SNAP is Scratch with the ability to do functions Focus on design and larger issues, while minimizing syntax errors

10 5. UW CSE 120 & Processing UW uses Processing for their version of the CS Principles course. 120/13wi/ 120/13wi/ Processing aims to make art and data visualization accessible Syntax still an issue for some students… but overall, more accessible (to start) than Java, in general.

11 4. Trinity College CS 110 & AppInventor Trinity College uses AppInventor for their version of the CS Principles course. Still under active development – meaning things (stability of system) can change from day, as I found out last year…

12 3. Blown to Bits & Other Books Current events / ethical and social implications Blown to Bits ( Program or Be Programmed ( programmed/) programmed/ Prisoners Dilemma ( Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government – Saving Privacy in the Digital Age ( crypto.html) crypto.html

13 2. AP Computer Science A Java 5.0 or better /teachers_corner/4483.html /teachers_corner/4483.html UW CSE 142 ( e142) e142 UC Berkeley (http://www- My class webpage (

14 1. CSTA / CS4HS CSTA: Computer Science Teachers Association ( Membership is free Receive announcements about workshops and events Attend local chapter meetings CS4HS: Computer Science for High School Workshops Watch for announcments Sponsored by Google in partnership with local universities Each event has a slightly different focus

15 Questions? Clint Chan

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