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Evin Robinson InspiRing 1 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage Chief Executive Officer.

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1 Evin Robinson InspiRing 1 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage Chief Executive Officer

2 Manufacturing retail company InspiRing is all about boosting young womens confidence and awareness of female empowerment through the symbolic messages associated with our rings The color of our stones along with an associated inspirational quote represents the symbolic messages. Business Profile 2 Courage (White)Strength (Blue) Independence (Red)Beauty (Pink) Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Failure is impossible. Love is the beauty of the soul StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

3 Qualifications I have been researching female empowerment since 10th grade Understanding pressure teens face Strong leadership skills making me confident and faithful in my product Empowerment is about inspiring someone 3 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

4 Legal Structure InspiRing is a Sole proprietorship business. I have chosen this legal structure because it allows me to have complete control over the future direction of the business 4 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

5 Economics of One Unit Definition of One Unit One ring including a gift box and a polishing cloth. Selling Price per Unit$6.OO Direct Labor per Unit $0.60 Materials per Unit $0.72 Total COGS Per Unit$1.32 Other Variable Costs (Commission) $0.00 Total Variable Costs$1.32 Gross Profit Per Unit$4.68 5 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

6 Cost of Materials/Direct Labor Definition of One Unit: Direct labor (wage per hour) Time (in hours) to make one unit Direct labor cost per unit ($) $5.007 min=.12 hr $.60 TOTAL$.60 Material DescriptionCost /QuantityCost per Unit ($) Gold Wire $2.50/ 200$.01 Gift boxes $.55/ 1 box$.55 Polishing Cloth $3.00/ 20$.15 Beads $4.00/ 750$.01 TOTAL$.72 TOTAL MATERIALS/DIRECT LABOR $1.32 6 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

7 Competition Competitive Advantage Our rings are unique and hand crafted Our product sends a positive message to young women and teenage girls which provides our product with a sentimental value. Competitor Price Quality Compared to my business (better, worse) why? Street Vendors$5.00 Poor Quality over quantity H&M$8.50 Good Greater selection Internet$4.00 Good No sentimental value 7 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

8 Consumer & Market Analysis Consumer Analysis: Market Segment: Young women and teenage females. Target Customer: Empowered females throughout New York City Market Analysis: Location: Events such as Avon Breast Cancer Walk Population: 10,000 per event Income: Wide Range Behavior: Already supporting female empowerment 8 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

9 M arketing Mix & Plan Price: $6.00 Place: NYC Product: InspiRing Promotion: Email, business cards and word of mouth MethodDescriptionTarget Consumer ( age, gender, location) Cost Business CardsOur business cards consist of our logo, name and slogan and a description of each ring and the meaning behind it 10-25 years of age Females School, S.E.O, Events free Email / InternetSend emails out to friends/family around certain holidays Also create an internet website to market product 10-25 years of age Females free Word of MouthSpeaking of our business in every opportunity 10-25 years of age Females free 9 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

10 Philanthropy Plan InspiRing would like to give 10% of its profit to Girls Inc, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring all young girls to be strong, smart, and bold Volunteer my time to help SEO organize an annual all day conference (The Emerging Leaders Conference) for females from the 8 th -12 th grade. This event is held annually and focuses on female empowerment as well. 10 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

11 Average Monthly Fixed Costs Type of Fixed CostMonthly Cost Entrepreneurial Stipend [hours x (minimum wage + $1] $ N/A Pliers (Depreciation) $.42 Ring mandrel (Depreciation)$2.50 Business Cards (free) TOTAL Fixed Costs$2.92 11 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

12 Monthly Sales Projections MonthUnits Sold January10 February30 March20 April20 May24 June25 July20 August26 September20 October15 November20 December40 12 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

13 Projected Yearly Income Statement 13 Selling Price Per Unit$6.00 # of Units Sold270 Total Sales$1,620 Less Variable Costs Total COGS$356.40 Other Variable Costs$0 Total Variable Costs$356.40 Gross Profit$1,263.60 Less Fixed Costs USAIIRD$35.04 Other Costs/Unforeseen$60.00 Total Fixed Costs$95.04 Profit before Taxes$1,168.56 Less Estimated Taxes @25%$292.14 Net Profit$ 876.42 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

14 Financing Strategy for Total Start-up Investment Source Amount Personal Savings$50 Relatives/Friends$60 Investor$0 Grant$51.50 Total: $161.50 14 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

15 Return On Sales Return on Sales (ROS) $876.42/ 1,620 x 100 54.1% For every $1 dollar of sales, my business earned : $.54 15 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

16 Start-up Investment Entrepreneurial hours needed for start-up Wage I pay myselfTotal start-up time investment 6 hrs $ 4 per hour$ 24 ItemWhere I will buy this? Cost of Item Ring MandrelJewelry store$ 15 PliersHardware store$ 5 CASH RESERVE covering 3 months of fixed costs $ 8.76 Estimated TOTAL START-UP INVESTMENT$ 52.76 16 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

17 Financial Ratio Analysis Monthly Break-Even Units (2.92/4.68) 1 unit Start Up Investment Doubling Years for my start-up investment to double in value $ 52.76/ $87.42 x 2.12 17 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

18 Return On Investment Return on Investment (ROI) (87.42/52.76 x 100) 1061.1% For every $1 dollar invested, my business earned : $16.61 18 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

19 Business & Educational Goals Business Use crystal beads and better quality wire to make our rings. Eventually, we would like to expand our business and began to make items for males. Teach classes for young teens showing them how to make our rings and talking to them about actually creating their own business Educational Take jewelry classes to learn how to make different designs. In college, attend entrepreneurship, marketing, and/or psychology classes that will help us expand our business. 19 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

20 Time Management Plan Business schedule for a typical week Entrepreneurship Hours: 18 hrs School Hours: 40 hrs Work Hours: 40 hrs Free-Time Hours: 22 hrs 20 StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage

21 Empower yourself by InspiRing others. 21 Thank you for your consideration of InspiRing StrengthBeautyIndependenceCourage InspiRing

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