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Centre of Technology & Entrepreneurship Development (CTED) An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Development Organization Jagdishpur, Amethi (U.P) STATUS OF LEATHER.

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2 Centre of Technology & Entrepreneurship Development (CTED) An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Development Organization Jagdishpur, Amethi (U.P) STATUS OF LEATHER BASED ACTIVITY AT JAGDISHPUR LEATHER CLUSTER, AMETHI

3 ORGANIZATIONAL DETAILS About CTED:- Centre of Technology & Entrepreneurship Development (CTED), formed in 20 th March,1997 by a group of development professional, Non profit Development Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act 21, 1860 at Faizabad & Registered as ISO 9001:2008 (Vide No. SISBEL-KYS-0143). Mission: Ensuring livelihoods of poor communities by providing development services, in particular through entrepreneurship development. No. of states covered4 State (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & Chhattisgarh ) Number of Programme District/ Branchs35 districts No. of Villages covered3800 Number of Beneficiaries covered under the programme58,000 Number of person trained & linkage self employment and jobs10,000 above No. of Advisor & Consultant & No. of staff strength4 Advisor & Consultant / 38 Full time & 22 Part time staff strength No. of Common Facility Centre & No of Marketing outlets 02 CFC (Common Facility Centre - Leather & Amla and 04 Marketing Outlets Registration of 12 A12A- 58-59/60/2006-07/2637 Registration of FCRA & Pan Card and Service tax No 136720037 issued in the year 2008 Pan card No. AAATC7465R & Service Tax No. AAAAC9156CSD001 Availably of Master Trainers12 dedicated trainers Organizational Capacity:- Training facilitiesThe CTED has its own training Building at jagdishpur with a built-up area of 10,000 Sq. ft. spread over 20000 Sq. ft. The training facilities have residential accommodation for 100 inmates at a time. Community Level Groups1. No. of Leather Artisan Linkage in Leather CFC:- 250 2. No. of Amla Growers & Processors linkages in Amla CFC:- 400 3. SHGs Groups: 26 4. Women Skill Development Groups (WSDGs): 13 5. Total Farmers club: 45 (Womens- 15 & Mens- 30) Annual Turnover for the last 3 financial year - 2009-10:-Rs.17038443.00 (170.38 lakhs) - 2010-11:-Rs.21153340.50 (211.53 lakhs) - 2011-12:-Rs. 43652509.00 (436.52 lakhs)

4 NO. OF TRAINEES TRAINED IN ETHNIC FOOTWEAR Name of Program me DetailsPlace /LocationTrained No. of Participants Placement (wage / Self Employment) SDPSkill Development Programme Sultanpur, Haidargarh, Jagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster 180110 G- STSTSkill Development Programme Jagdishpur, Nihalgarh Leather Cluster, Jamo 9038 W- STSTWomen Skill Development Programme Jagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster 9026 REDPRural Entrepreneurship Development Programme Sultanpur, Haidargarh, Jagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster 180150 Participat ory based Leather Cluster Develop ment program me Skill Upgardation Programme (SDI) Jagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster 15060 One Day Awareness CampJagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster, 1200 Product Development Workshop Jagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster, 1100 Exposure VisitIISTEM-Unnav, NID- Ahmadabad, CFTI- Agra 600 Buyer Seller MeetJagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster, 300 Trade FairSultanpur, Jaunpur, Allahabad, Bhuwanhwar, Delhi, Amethi, Pratapgarh, Agra, Lucknow, Fiazabad, Jagdishpur. 220 Brand PromotionJagdishpur- Nihalgarh Leather Cluster, 550 Emporia & Marketing Outlet Jagdishpur, Pratpagarh, Lucknow, Allahabad 010


6 LOCATION & STATUS OF CLUSTER BEFORE INTERVENTION A.Cluster is confined to three Blocks – Jagdishpur, Jamo & Gauriganj. B.250 Families had been selected. C.Artisan belonging from 18 to 50 years had been selected. D.Must be performing leather based economic activity as whole / Part time for family wages / income.

7 STATUS BEFORE INTERVENTION 1.No. of Artisans:- 500 2.Item Produced (Shoes- Nagra & Normal footwear's), Chappls, Ladies Sandals. 3.Raw materials purchase from local market. 4.Market- Local market and Neighboring weekly village market and urban market of Musafirkhana, Gauriganj & Kumarganj etc.

8 TURN OVER 1.Annuals Sales of Jagdishpuri Nagra- (40x10,000)=4.00 Lakh/Month 2.Turnover for 250 families in general- (250x30,000)=75,00,000 Increased the Turnover of 250 Families (leather artisans)

9 TURN OVER OF ETHNIC FOOTWEAR INCREASED THE TURNOVER OF LEATHER COMMON FACILITY CENTER (CFC) S.NS.N FINANCIAL YEAR SALESSERVICE CHARGE GROSS PROFIT 1FY 2009-10375650.003750.00119750.00 2FY 2010-11425750.005875.00172610.00 3FY 2011-12575000.006750.00203500.00 Note:- Nominal Service charges of Leather CFC

10 LEGAL STATUS & EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastructure:- 1. No. of machines, only with small toolkits. 2. Pattern / design for very limited products. Legal status: - - Registered under the Societies Registration Act 21, 1860 at Faizabad Date and year of incorporation of the enterprise: - Registered No.:- 1514/2008-09 Nature of business (s) of Community Enterprise: - Non Farm Services

11 PROPOSED INTERVENTION A.To increase no. of stakeholder & artisans. B.To increase the turnover from 1.50 crore to 2.25 crore. C.To form an association. D. Identify at National level. E.Linkage of all artisans with bank & increase credit facility. F.To form a raw material bank at local level. G.To develop master trainer at local level. H.To increase capacity building by skill development. I.Market tie-up at state / national level. J.To develop a brand name. K.To provide medical facility. L.Education facility, facility to children. M.Involvement of female in cutting/ stiching. CTED Proposed intervention through- 4C Step promotion 1.Community 2.Capacity 3.Credit 4.Channel

12 SOCIAL INTERVENTION 1.Formation of SHGs 2.Mobilization of artisans 3.Community Empowerment - Mobilization of artisans to form SHGs. 4.Improvement of the standard- life of community 5.Formation of Consortiums - Manufacturers consortium - Marketing consortium 6.Covering Health, Hygiene, Education, Environment etc. 7.Insured under ICICI Lomboard scheme.

13 TECHNOLOGICAL INTERVENTION 1.Develop a small CFC with support from DRDA- Sultanpur 2.Design & Technology Up-gradation workshop with support IISTEM- Unnav & NID Ahmadabad. 3.Capacity building programme support from NABARD. 4.Training of Trainers through CLRI, Chennai or FDDI, Agra.

14 FINANCIAL INTERVENTION 1.Financial Interventions for credit linking. 2.Formation & credit linking of leather artisans. 3.Linkage of all artisans with bank- BOB / BEUPGB, limit up to 25,000 to 2.00 lakh. 4.To Provide the facility of Artisan Credit Card (ACC).

15 MARKETING INTERVENTION 1.Trade Fairs/Exhibitions: Participation 2.Organising seminar-cum-Exhibition. 3.Buyer-Seller Meets. 4.Exposure Visit. 5.Business development services- Including marketing support (through professional marketing agents) by way of linkages to traders, suppliers, corporate agencies, domestic and export buyers. 6.Marketing outlets:- DRDA supported SARAS Showroom Sultanpur & NABARD Supported Rural Mart.

16 PARTICIPATION IN DOMESTIC / INTERNATIONAL FAIRS Name of FairAwarding AgencyAward CategoryYear of Award SARAS MahotsavDRDA, SultanpurParticipation2008-09 Hast Shilp kala Pridarsani & Vikray mela Uttar Pradesh Mahila Kalyan Nigam Participation2010-11 Lucknow MahotsavNABARD, LucknowParticipation2008-09 International Trades fair Department of Science & Technology (DST)-GOI, New Delhi Participation2011-12 SARAS JagannathDRDA, SultanpurParticipation2008-09 SARAS Mela AgraDRDAParticipation2008-09 SARAS Mela DelhiDRDAParticipation 2008-09 & 2011-12 SARAS Mela RanchiDRDAParticipation2008-09 SARAS Mela LkoDRDAParticipation 2008-09 & 2010-11 SARAS Mela LkoDRDAParticipation2011-12 BIO Krishi MelaDRDAParticipation 2010-11 & 2011-12 SARAS Mela VaranasiDRDAParticipation2008-09

17 PROMOTION OF OWN BRAND The brand name CROWN STAR has been developed exclusive for the products promoted under scheme. The details may also see in website developed under project named as & Creating their Own Identity: - CROWN STAR In the process of developing new and bigger market the project realized that Leather Footwear have gone very generic and had a reputation of low quality – for most buyers the term Nagra evoked an image of cheap leather footwear both in quality and price. So in order to break free of this stereotype, it created their own brand, CROW STAR. This has given the artisans of Nihalgarh Usmaniya Kasba (Leather Cluster) a distinct identity. Increased market accessibility with the help of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs):- The better product needs better and bigger market. This is done through both the traditional marketing practices and use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). With the help of VHForge, the project has made a digital move by creating their own Web-site, & This is a big leap bringing the whole world with their CONNECTION WITH BIG BRANDS Connection with Big Brands:- 1.Future Bazaar (On the Process) 2.Liberty (On the Process) 3.FILA India (On the Process)

18 IMPACT OF THE INNOVATION Improvement of productivity of large, medium,small and household enterprises by 1.Improved production methods and processes. 2.Minimizing rejection. 3.Improved quality. 4.Reduction in cost of manufacturing. Improvement in safety and health front by :- 1.Minimizing operational hazardous. 2.Minimizing health hazardous. 3.Adopting environment friendly production processes. Improvement in basic management skills and entrepreneurship development through :- 1.Optimizing product – mix. 2.Networking within supply chain. 3.Production pricing strategy. 4.Distribution management. 5.Promotional policy. 6.Understanding competitors. 7.Achievement motivation Training.

19 CONT. Employment in rural area:- Sustaining employment change in a rural setting requires the competence for delivering and maintaining the technological elements in a rural setting. This required an organization that operates at the community level in the villages. Leather cluster and CTED jointly provided a holistic change package, an enabling change climate and a change sustaining support system. This was the critical element that made this project work. Both the organizations had enormous previous experience and approached the problem after looking into the managerial, technological, social, organizational and economic aspects of the change process. CTED spend considerable amount of time conceptualizing the process of change. Financial Return:- After new design and market development, the cost of product increased. All the participants get linkage with commercial bank and received financial support at the range Rs. 25000/- to Rs 200000/-. They have started getting raw materials on low rates.








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