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T-Flex Fitting Instructions 1 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012.

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1 T-Flex Fitting Instructions 1 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

2 What is T-Flex? T-Flex is a special flexitank designed to carry non hazardous liquids in trucks. Allows return loads of liquids when conventional cargo is not available. Robust design provides a stabilized load. 2 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

3 Preparations… Ensure that the truck is no older than 5 years. Ensure that the truck is in excellent condition. Ensure that lashing rings are in good condition. No damages on the floor or side walls. Food grade trucks only - free of odors. Sweep the truck with a broom carefully. Ensure that nails and other sharp objects are removed from the floor and the sides. Cover potential uneven areas on the floor with duck tape (thick tape). Ensure that nails and other objects that may damage/puncture the T-flex are removed or covered with duck tape (thick tape). 3 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

4 Fitting… Open the bag and ensure that the following are in the package; 1- T-flex 2- Warning labels, two cable ties 3- Protective carton boards 4 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

5 Fitting… Unfold the T-flex in the truck. Make sure not to step on the T-flex while unfolding. Make sure not to wear hard sole shoes during the fitting operation. Ensure that the T-flex is placed at the center of the truck. Line up T-flex with the edge of the truck as shown in the picture on the right. 5 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

6 Protection… Use provided carton boards to cover the sharp metals in the truck... Ensure that corners and tent frame pillars are well covered... 6 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

7 Buckling… T-flex needs to get fully fixed to the truck as shown in the diagram below. The main target of tying is to prevent the T-flex from moving forward & backward on the floor. In case of a sudden break, the movement towards the front of the truck is critical. Please observe the diagram below and ensure that the buckles are fixed to the lashing loops at similar angles as shown in the diagram below. 7 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

8 Buckling… 8 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

9 Buckling… Use the lashing rings on the truck. Ensure that they are robust and safe. 9 Some trailers have lashing holes on the side of the chassis instead of lashing rings. Use authorized metalic wires to generate a loop for buckles. Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

10 First Compartment Buckling 1… Left Side: Buckle the D-shape ring on the T-flex to the lashing ring on the left side of the truck shown with arrow. 10 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

11 First Compartment Buckling 2… Right Side: Slip the red belt through the lashing ring and buckle. 11 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

12 First Compartment Buckling 3… Right Side: Slip the white belt through the lashing ring and buckle. 12 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

13 Buckling… 13 Repeat the same operation for all the compartments. The belt shown with arrow is to avoid the T-flex to move backwards. Apply the same buckling procedure but at reverse direction. Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

14 Filling… 14 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012 READY FOR FILLING... Unfold the sides...

15 Filling… T-flex has 2 or 3 cam lock male valve. Use appropriate female coupling at your hose 15 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

16 Filling… Fix the coupling to the valve Use a light weight hose Suspend the hose 16 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

17 Filling… START FILLING… 17 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

18 Filling… WARNING: Ensure that the start up speed of pumping does not exceed 300 lt /min until the T-flex rises to an approximate height of 30cm (roughly the first 5-6,000 litres), then increase the speed up to 800lt/min. Please ensure that the filling stations follow this instruction carefully. 18 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

19 Filling… When the T-flex is loaded, remove the hose, Attach the cap of the valve and fasten it. Fasten the bonnet cover with a cable tie over the body of the valve. Twist the bonnet and make a swan-neck folding. Fasten with the provided second cable tie once again. 19 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

20 Fixing… Tighten the straps... 20 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

21 Fixing… READY TO GO… 21 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

22 Thank You for Choosing 22 Rev 02 - 23.10.2012

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