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1 The Morning Report for Jewelry Stores Its EASY!

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2 1 The Morning Report for Jewelry Stores Its EASY!

3 2 Ron Martin is Hawaiis Premier Sales Resultant. He formed Success Dynamics, Inc. in 1991 to cure the lack of good selling systems in retail stores.

4 3 He quickly acquired an impressive list of clients

5 4 Wrote four books and in the summer of 2001 created the now famous Morning Report®

6 5 I have spent my adult life motivating salespeople to try harder and sell more.

7 6 If there is something you want to impact, measure it. If you want to increase the impact, measure it more often.

8 7 In this regard, nothing has had the impact of the Morning Report®.

9 8 The Morning Report® started with one client.

10 9 It worked so well that through sheer word of mouth it arrives at more than 450 different retail locations, in 28 states and Canada, every day.

11 10 The Morning Report® generates friendly competition and teamwork at the same time. It makes goals the boss and drives everyone on the team to strive for excellence.

12 11 The Morning Report® is customized for each company. Heres a general look at how it works and what it can do to maximize results for YOUR business.

13 12 ITS EASY!

14 13 The Morning Report® Maximizing results for your business. Every Day

15 14 What is a Morning Report®? Its a Daily Motivator It delivers dynamic Current Results It really excites Salespeople It arrives Before The Rooster Crows Every morning. Rain or Shine Its Cool

16 15 What Does The Morning Report® Do? It gets your staff focused on GOALS It generates more SALES It institutionalizes RECOGNITION It provides CONTESTS and PRIZES It increases your PROFITS It Works!

17 16 How Do I Do It? It's easy. You send us the numbers at closing time We process them overnight We e-mail or fax your Morning Report to you Every Day!

18 17 Why a Morning Report®? What do I need another sales report for? Some People Ask… Not Like These I have spreadsheets...

19 18 Everybodys got spreadsheets…

20 19 But NOT like The Morning Report®! It recognizes yesterdays Heroes The good news becomes Headlines Top salespeople get Rewards The others get needed Motivation Every Day

21 20 Industries Using The Morning Report® Jewelry Stores Art Galleries Furniture Stores Clothing Stores Time Share Sales Bike Shops Surf & Dive Shops Gift Shops Attractions Car Dealers Real Estate Restaurants Who Are They? And Many Others

22 21 Clothing Retailers Chanel Corsa JMR Noa Brighton Collectibles Nicky Shoes Del Sol XCEL Wetsuits It Fits Hawaii And Mainland USA

23 22 Jewelry Stores Wesche Jewelers Wedding Ring Shop Jones Bros. Pave Fine Jewelry James & Sons Haimoff & Haimoff Warwick Jewelers Relios Hawaii And Mainland USA Dazzling!

24 23 Surf – Ski – Bike & Dive Desert Surf Hawaiian Island Creations Midwest Mountaineering Surf-N-Sea Blue Planet Surf The Bike Shop Blue Hawaii Surf Hawaii And Mainland USA Surfs Up!

25 24 Art and Furniture Stores Wyland Galleries Pictures Plus Patrick Ching – Naturally Hawaiian Britton Art Gallery INspiration BoConcept America's Mattress Célébrités Hawaii, Canada and Mainland USA Who Else?

26 25 Attractions And Accessories Arizona Memorial Marriott Vacation Honolulu Coffee Company Lahaina Scrimshaw Martin & MacArthur Sunterra Vacation Club Activity Stop TCA Wireless Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park Hawaii And Mainland USA

27 26 Testimonials Morning Report users say it best when it comes to talking about the results! They Crow About it

28 27 Four Stores on Maui As seen in Pacific Business News… Fifteen art galleries 20 Clothing Stores Even Controllers Love it Surf & Sales Both UP

29 28 Jewelry Store Example Honolulu, Hawaii A Jewelry Store owner recently shared his success using the Morning Report® with a national jewelry association. He agreed to share it with you here… What A Guy!

30 29 I used to get to my office, get out my magnifying glass and look through my spreadsheets to see what was going on. Whats Wrong With This Picture?

31 30 Opportunity Knocks Ron Martin dropped by my store one day to show me his latest motivational creation; The Morning Report®, and it changed my world.

32 31 Now, I get up in the morning and go to my computer first thing. A Better Way

33 32 I open up my Morning Report® and see what happened both yesterday as well as month to date in a variety of ways. Its always fresh and dynamic. Every Day

34 33 Yesterdays Stars Typical Average Size Jewelry Store I tell Ron what I consider to be a Star Day. The Morning Report® salutes those Stars, and adds some motivational comments.

35 34 Month To Date Rankings Typical Average Size Jewelry Store The Standings Page gives me a ranking every day in terms of both total sales and sales per hour, along with the current leaders in other established categories.

36 35 THE BOSS Sample Goal $180,000 The Boss was copyrighted by Ron in 1966, and appears in all of his books. It gets everyone on my team focused on the monthly goal EVERY DAY, and rewards them for going over it with a shared bonus pool based on sales over the goal.

37 36 Personal Boss Cards Sample Goal $20,000 Individual Boss Cards establish monthly goals with each salesperson and we all get to see their daily progression to and above the goal. This really gets my salespeople goal oriented.

38 37 Manager Comments My manager posts the Morning Report® along with her fun, motivating comments.

39 38 The first thing my salespeople look at every day is the Morning Report®. Staff Reactions

40 39 My calls while driving to the office are now to congratulate rather than discover. Information Is Power

41 40 End Of Month Awards I no longer need to re-invent the wheel every month with new confusing contests.

42 41 Cash Talks! Nothing excites salespeople more than cash awards. The Morning Report® allows me to structure meaningful contests that they get behind every month.

43 42 The best part of all is going to the bank to make BIGGER deposits! Money in the Bank

44 43 Incentives For Success Salespeople want to know… Whats In It For Me (WIIFM)? The Morning Report gives them the answer… More $ for more Sales

45 44 Team Morning Reports Sales per hour Sales by store Sales over goal Or customize your own! Selling cost $ per hour by store $ per transaction Goal Rankings Units per Sale Endless Possibilities…

46 45 Lets Get Started! 808-947-7500 or Toll Free: 888-979-3279

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