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ON SPEAKING TERMS Produced By Gloria W. Gillette, Director Northeast ABLE Resource Center Project coordinator Author, Section I Chia-Min ChenMary.

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6 ON SPEAKING TERMS Produced By Gloria W. Gillette, Director Northeast ABLE Resource Center Project coordinator Author, Section I Chia-Min ChenMary Ann WilliamsJean Olsen Cleveland Public SchoolsMadison ABLEParma City Schools Co-author, Section IIILake Erie CollegeAuthor, Section III Co-author, Section II, Illustrations Jill HugginsAnne SiebertNancy McKay Ashtabula J.V.S.Cleveland Public SchoolsEuclid City schools Author, Section IVAuthor, Section VEditor Virginia GarrettMary Pasquale Sinclair Community CollegeEuclid City Schools Technology coordinatorLayout and Typist

7 Special Thanks To... Jim Bowling, Assistant Director of Vocational and Career Education, Adult Basic and Literacy Education, and his fine staff of consultants. Delores Tocco Tekieli, Director of Community Education, Euclid City Schools and Project Administrator. Virginia Garrett, Sinclair Community College for CD ROM and Web Development, Qiong Wang, Michael Atkinson, Joanne Moore as technical advisors, and Joan Fahringer for voice recording. And of course, Mary Beth Quinn, Northeast ABLE Resource Center Assistant, who will have the word schwa indelibly etched in her heart forever.


9 ARABIC ARABIC Difficult Sounds ch(chin)th(thin) g(go)th(then) ng(ring)a(man) p(pot)e(egg) r(red)i(sit) sh(ship)o(hot) t(ten)u(up)

10 ARABIC Ted had better head west. Put the peeled potatoes in a pot. She is doing the washing this morning. The boys enjoy their toys. Its a pleasure to meet you. Richard is roller skating with Chuck this Thursday. Gigantic garlic and green grapes grow in the garden. I sing songs every evening in spring. The three brothers birthdays are this month. Charlies dishes were chipped when they arrived at the china shop.

11 CHINESE CHINESE Difficult Sounds d(dog) l(lip) r(red) th(thin) th(then) z(zoo)

12 CHINESE This is the thigh bone. Rory ran a race. I have a very bad headache. The garden grows bigger in August. Paul has ham and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Harry has half a hamburger. Jack usually drinks orange juice in the morning. Measure the beige garage. There are thousands of these things to think about. She sells seashells by the seashore.

13 CROATIAN/SERBIAN CROATIAN/SERBIAN Difficult Sounds c(cent)a(man) r(red)e(egg) th(thin)i(sit) th(then)o(hot) w(water)u(up)

14 CROATIAN/SERBIAN Zach has a black cat. We got the best egg from the red hen. Max hums happily along with the music. Put the poster up on the other wall. In winter, the wind whistles form the West. Both boxes arrived on Thursday, not Tuesday. Thelma thinks these things through. Please put the lid on that pot. They stopped and picked up better vegetable. They met the photographer at the theater.

15 CZECH CZECH Difficult Sounds d(dog) g(game) j(jet) th(thin) th(then) w(water)

16 CZECH The fat cat sat on Fathers hat. Let the yellow Jell-O set. Which way will Willy wander? Ted had said that Fred was in bed with a cold. The dog dug at the frog in the bag. Just the edge of the page was damaged. Dad, father, and pa mean the same thing. Jimmy saw the vet get the dog wet. Stuffed turkey is a favorite for Thanksgiving. Thelma thinks these thighs are thin.

17 FARSI FARSI Difficult Sound d(bad) finalth(then) g(game)initialw(water) i(sit)e(egg) ng(ring)o(hot) s(sad) plus other consonant th(thin)u(up)

18 FARSI Please stop at the post office. He sawed the wide rod in two. He will have a wonderful voyage. Gary, hold out your hand. She saw a school of cod under the net. Wayne wants Willy to wait with Wendy. This Thursday is Heathers third birthday. Gail gave me a great gift before Gary did. Theyre both wearing gold wedding rings on their fingers. Did Bob find a big bug under the bed?

19 FRENCH FRENCH Difficult Sounds ch(chin)t(tent) final h(hand)th(thin) j(jet)th(then) ng(ring) e(egg) r(red) i(sit) s(pots) final u(up) t (jacket) final after vowel

20 FRENCH Who took the history book? Have a happy thirtieth birthday. George is a judge. The boys enjoy their choice of toys. Would you tell us how long the line is? Swimming and sailing are enjoyable things. Charles cashes his check each Thursday. Thelma thinks these things through. Susan thanked him for the theater tickets. Jack usually chooses orange juice and vegetables for lunch.

21 GERMAN GERMAN Difficult Sounds b, d, g(tab, bad, bag) final ng(ring) s(sad) plus vowels s(spot, stop, slow) plus p,t, l th(thin) th(then) w(water)

22 German John is going swimming. This was Steves razor. Join the youth group. Slowly step on to the street. Which way will we walk? The womens choir is singing with the ringing bells. The coach watched the Chargers score a touchdown. Does her apartment have three bedrooms and a bath? Heather says there are three zeroes in one thousand. Mr. Smith slowly scraped snow from his window.

23 HINDI HINDI Difficult Sounds ch(chin)w(water) f(foot)x(extra) ng(ring)a(man) p(pot) e(egg) q(queen)i(sit) th(thin)o(hot) th(then) u(up) v(vote)

24 HINDI Peter picked purple plums. Frank fixes fine furniture. Bring the ping pong ball. Set those three thick tree trunks on the truck. Chelsea shouldnt choose chocolate shakes. Which show will we watch? Put the pot of peppers on the back porch. Martha thoroughly thought these things through. I wouldnt want to wear wool in warm weather. Does he pet the cat on the head or the back?

25 HMONG HMONG Difficult Sound b(boy)th(thin) d(bad) th(then) d(bed) finalw(water) k(kind)a(man) k(sack) finale(egg) p(pot)i(sit) p(map) finalo(hot) t(ten)u(up) t(pet) final

26 HMONG Cats are the best pets. Elizabeth won three prizes. What size is the garage? I will leave at twelve oclock. Bob read the paper to Dick. The weather is bad through the winter. I rarely go there. Bring the broom into the other room. Beth gave me big blue violets. Bob said he would take a walk this evening.

27 HUNGARIAN HUNGARIAN Difficult Sound j(jet)a(saw) r(red)e(egg) th(thin) i(sit) th(then) o(hot) w(water) u(up) a(man)

28 HUNGARIAN Jane jumps for joy. This leather is smooth. Which way is Washington? Matthew has three brothers. Park Jerrys car near the yard. Have you used these new running shoes? Robert rode the red raft in the river. That fat cat sat at the back of that very hat rack. Willy wondered why Warrens watch was wet. Thelma thoroughly thanked thirty thin weathermen.

29 JAPANESE JAPANESE Difficult Sounds c(cent) l(lip) r(red) th(thin) th(then) v(vote) w(water)

30 JAPANESE Matt sat near the pet cat That thin man is Arthur. Carol carries cartons of crackers. We want to wash in warm water. Gil likes lots of little clams. Cheryl wears pearl jewelry. Sue said she sees the sailboat in the center of the sea. Ruths thirteenth birthday is April third. Valerie ran to the grocery store for celery. The doctor urged her to leave work early.

31 KOREAN KOREAN Difficult Sounds b(boy) h(hope) j(jet) l(lip) r(read) th(thin) th(then) w(water)

32 KOREAN Show me the saw. Lets all listen. Barbaras baby boy is beautiful. Those three men are his brothers. Larry plays Little League baseball. Jeb just jumped into the jeep. The heavy handle hit Harolds head. The willow leans slightly to the left. Blend blueberries and butter in the batter. Jans car is parked near the curb on Brown Drive.

33 POLISH POLISH Difficult Sound j(jet)i(sit) th(thin)o(hot) th(then)oo(boot) w(water) u(cute) a(take)

34 POLISH Tom lost the golf ball. Willy wants to whistle. Put shoes and boots in your new suitcase. I like white rice. Jean easily eats green peas. This pitcher is filled with chilled milk. She wears a single ring on her finger. Matthews thumb thoroughly throbs. Wash the windows with warm water. Lillian leaned lightly against the little ladder.

35 PORTUGUESE PORTUGUESE Difficult Sounds ch(chin) h(hand) l(tell) final r(red)

36 PORTUGUESE Here is the helping of ham. Jim just jumped down. Wear your raincoat when it is raining. This Thursday is the third of the month. Did Charles choose cherry or chocolate cheesecake? There are swirls of curls in her brown hair. Jed picked baskets of peaches each morning. This big ship slips into the mist. He has hot dogs and hamburgers on holidays. The teacher watches each child choose their lunch.

37 RUSSIAN RUSSIAN Difficult Sound g(leg) voiced final consonants h(hand)w(water) r(red)a(man) th(thin)e(egg) th(then)i(sit) v(vote)o(hot)

38 RUSSIAN Beth bought a small hat. That bed is not bad for a cat nap. Purple birds chirp. The red cherries are riper than the others. Williams voice is weak. Her red hair is very curly. Rob worked hard in the warm weather. Who would like to sing a song? Swimming and sailing are wonderful things. She cooks turkey stuffed with dressing for Thanksgiving.

39 SPANISH SPANISH Difficult Sound h(hat)w(water) j(jet) z(zoo) r(red) a(man) s(sad)e(egg) sh(ship) i(sit) th(thin)i(mile) th(then) o(hot) v(vote)u(up)

40 SPANISH This chip dip is rich. Julie enjoys jelly and jam. Have a happy holiday. The clock stopped last night at school. That thin beef is the very best buy. Georgias peaches are big and juicy. Please park your car in the garage. Shelly showed the chair to Sharon. Does this jet stop in Mississippi? Southern cities have better weather in the winter than northern cities.

41 TAGALOG TAGALOG Difficult Sounds f(fan) j(jet) v(vote) th(thin) th(then) z(zoo)

42 TAGALOG Visitors favor the vast valley. John enjoys Georges jokes. Is this his business? Fat fish find fresh food. Thelma thinks these things through. I fly my kite on Friday night. Zeldas jazz band needs some pizzazz. Vivian buys very big vitamins. Did you pick this big gift? Five very heavy waves covered the victims.

43 THAI THAI Difficult Sound ch(chin)w(water) l(lip)z(zoo) p,t,k (top, mitt, pick) finali(sit) s(stop) s plus consonante(bed) th(thin)o(go) th(then)oo(book)

44 THAI Its not easy to study. Charles read a good book. Oh, Suzannah is a folk song. Samantha went with Elizabeth. Chuck chooses to chew the chocolate chips. The students step up to the school bus stop. Matthew thinks there are thirty-two teeth in his mouth. Laura kept thick books in boxes. Open that pop-top pack of pop, please. Wild flowers will wilt without water.

45 TURKISH TURKISH Difficult Sound b,d,g (tab,bad,bag) final th(then) k,p,t (cracker, upper, butter) media ng(ring)v(very) s (stop) initial clusters with sw(water) th(thin)a(man) e(ten)

46 TURKISH Stacy stands still. Ted had a very good dog. Stack the packages of butter on the upper shelf. Hank gets giddy when he drinks. Get them out of bed at ten. Where is the white vase kept? Harold thought these things were theirs. Why would Martha wear violet to the wedding? Swimming sends shivers down my spine. Stop at the stationery store for stamps.

47 VIETNAMESE VIETNAMESE Difficult Sound ch(chin)th(then) d(dog)a(take) l(lip)a(man) s(cats) finale(seen) th(thin)oo(boot)

48 VIETNAMESE Paid vacations are great. Both boys bought brown boots. This chip dip is rich. Think these things through. Charles checks which cheese I choose. Laura rarely writes letters. Have you seen Ruths terry cloth towel. Dad does the dirty dishes. Chew the chunks or you will choke. Sue slathers sunscreen on her skin when she sits in the sun.

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