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By Six Art Categories.

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2 By

3 Six Art Categories

4 Mary Griggs Some Moments Monson PTSA Monson Film Production 1 st Place - Senior

5 Literature 1st Place - Senior Mary Griggs Magic of a Moment Monson PTSA Monson 1st Place – Special Artist Shyla Gagne The Magic of a Moment - Christmas Monson PTSA Monson

6 Literature Middle/Junior First Place Michela Michielli Night Lights Holliston PTSA Holliston National PTA Award of Excellence Winner! Second Place Sarah Kang Daydream Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

7 Literature Middle/Junior 3rd Place Allison Barnes The Magic of Darkness Monson PTSA Monson Honorable Mention Caroline Wauters The Magic of a Moment Poem Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

8 Literature Intermediate 1st Place Tara Joshi The Second Sight Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton 2nd Place Marvi Ali Natures Magical Moment Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

9 Literature Intermediate Third Place Hannah Ianelli Youre A Star Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton Honorable Mention Sabino Bilotti My Magical Moment Monson PTSA Monson

10 Literature Primary First Place Paul Kang Friendship is Magical Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton Second Place Ailene Barry The Brownie Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton Third Place Ailene Barry Eating A Brownie Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

11 Musical Composition Middle/Junior 1st Place Eamonn Powers Magic of a Moment Holliston PTSA Holliston 2nd Place Matthew Paolucci Finding Yourself Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

12 Musical Composition Intermediate 1st Place Katherine Roberts Learning to Play the Piano Monson PTSA Monson 2nd Place Renee Torio The Magic of a Moment Holliston PTSA Holliston Primary 1st Place Andrey Leshchiner Holiday Moments Daniel Butler PTA Belmont

13 Photography

14 1st Place – Middle/Junior Jonathan Katz Unexpected Discovery Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

15 2 nd Place – Middle/Junior Serina Bowen The Magic of a Moment Monson PTSA Monson

16 3rd Place – Middle/Junior Abigail Furlong Heights You Can Climb To Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

17 1st Place – Intermediate Sarah Furlong Magical Sunrise Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

18 2nd Place – Intermediate Andrew DAlleva Raindrops Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

19 3rd Place – Intermediate Olivia Skerry Rainbow (Gods most beautiful creation) Holliston PTSA Holliston

20 1st Place - Primary Gabriel Meyer-Herron My Brothers Chubby Ball Daniel Butler PTA Belmont

21 2 nd Place - Primary Emily Falcao Magic of a Moment Holliston PTSA Holliston

22 Visual Arts

23 1 st Place - Senior Helen Gao Remember It While It Lasts Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

24 2nd Place - Senior Victoria Feng A Sparkle in Time Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

25 3rd Place - Senior Emily Katz Dress Shoes Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

26 1st Place – Middle/Junior Sarah Kang Forest Sunset Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

27 2nd Place – Middle/Junior Grace Ruchala Paradise Bagnall Elementary School PTA Groveland

28 3rd Place – Middle/Junior Emma Meek I See Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

29 1 st Place Intermediate Shivane Pratap My First Orchestra Daniel Butler PTA Belmont

30 2nd Place Intermediate Justin Lin The Magic Moment of Discovery Bridge School PTA Lexington

31 3rd Place – tie Intermediate Haley DeLuca The Nutcracker Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

32 3rd Place – tie Intermediate Emma Torgenson A Magical Sunset Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

33 1st Place Primary Todd Kiley Happy the Snowman Holliston PTSA Holliston

34 2nd Place Primary Ailene Barry Seeing a Rainbow Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

35 3rd Place – tie Primary Kyra Torgenson The Dolphin and Kite Hopkinton PTA Hopkinton

36 3rd Place – tie Primary Rachel Schubert Baby Pigs Bagnall Elementary School PTA Groveland

37 2014 Reflections theme: Believe, Dream, Inspire

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